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  1. The one in here thats good to explore is yorozuya source . But need to learn much from the 1st .
  2. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    Check fix.network_ex . You need to ( False ) it .
  3. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    Its better way to compile these file to Yorozuya GG . Its lock the offset like rvshield modules in other forum ( I mean Rag#zon#) Yorozuya build his module with a structure like ida . *when u try to find with ida you will now .
  4. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    Sorry for @Roslaw , i think i dont have a much time to do that . but i will work for that if i have a free time btw . that source really amazing , but i dont have a test server for a better complain .
  5. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    i think if that about heavy , is not to heavy if you recode that source and still use credit from him . compile that file to one project , not 20 . if u do that you will know what i mean . in case fly , i think he just move some string and make some big problem . but if u know its good like u said . but i agree with u , speedhack alogarithm need to recode again and i do it . but at least , this source really good if you recode again and compile that to one like i do . i dont know why he release this source , but i think he really a goodman .
  6. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    @g00dw1n What a nice treasue . but in the Pre-released section 1.42 you did something wrong to PlayerMove Section and make some problem . I think that was a big problem . because i delete one string and make Fly still work . i don't know why or u just forget about that , but i cant tell that in here because if i think you did that for some reason . is that true w1n ?