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  1. Martin

    Looking For RF Developer

    I think there is lack of motivation in his message
  2. Martin

    RF Online Source Code

    Is someone selling RF Online Planet Wars source code?
  3. Martin

    [Request] .pdb AgeOfPatron

    Anyway - I don't know about the price, because I'm not interested in money.
  4. Martin

    [Request] .pdb AgeOfPatron

    I don't think that someone have source files
  5. Martin

    [Request] .pdb AgeOfPatron

    I cannot say about all people, who have defcon 1.5a or 1.5b, but some of them payed for it, not get it for free. That is why they don't want to share it
  6. Martin

    [Request] .pdb AgeOfPatron

    You are not right. Problem not in share of server side, but in editing of client. If we could show new data in client items (like rank info in defcon items for example) - it could change very many things in gamedev of this game
  7. Martin

    [Request] .pdb AgeOfPatron

    The main problem of Defcon - online limit in 100 or 200 players. If more - they cannot connect to the server. And even after you solve this problem - you will have a lot of another. Several years ago we had opened Defcon server with increased online cap in 1000 players, but later close it because of a very big quantity of bugs. So without a big rebuild - this server version is not playable.
  8. Martin

    Greeting and happy holidays to everyone

    Happy new year to all
  9. Martin

    PHP RPK Extractor

    Simple extractor for *.RPK files, that I had write on php. Copy all to web, place all *.RPK files, you want to extract, to "rpk" folder and run "rpk.php". All extracted results will be in "unpack" folder. PS: I'm too lazy to extract each *.RPK separately with public RPKExtractor.exe DOWNLOAD
  10. Martin

    [Cerberus] Looking for comunity/concept manager

    Hi. Write me in PM what servers you had. We are not selling protection but may be interested in partnership, if your skills and knowledge are enough
  11. Martin

    How to add a MAU key to a player's backpack?

    I think they did it with the help of CP, but not ingame itself
  12. Martin

    How to add a MAU key to a player's backpack?

    I think it's not possible with easy way, because MAU key is not normal item like upper or resource. It is connected with unit tables, where written MAU key parts
  13. Martin

    "Addicted" Boxes

    The other reason - you try to open "race" box with wrong race
  14. Hi. Cerberus-games (you know us as Gamesprotect or Cerberus) looking for comunity manager to our servers, that we planing to open in Indonesia and China (1 manager for each country). The main task for managers is to create game concept document and comunication(support, feedbacks) with players on forum and Facebook group.
  15. Martin

    How to modify the gold trading limit?

    This is client side problem. Server don't have this limit
  16. Martin

    Disconnect after hit a lot of mobs

    Too many loot on the ground
  17. Martin

    Reload script without Quit Zone Server

    Unfortunattely no
  18. Martin


    Does anyone have r3e viewer to look on effects without running client?
  19. Martin

    Client Sound Optimization

    Sound pack for Defcon client 1.5b [317 Mb] Google Drive Decreased folder size from 1.8 Gb to 400 Mb. Deleted all unused sound files Deleted all unused links on sound files in WaveList.spt Instalation process - same with Ron's 2232 Sound pack.
  20. Martin

    HP Limits

    In this document you can find maximum HP values for each class on each level (1-65), that was calculated according to default values of Level, PT for each level and Class bonus HP parameter of each class. HP Limits.rar
  21. Martin

    STRS From Useful offset For ZoneServer 2232

    I think it is for GvG ball, that you can buy in TOOL npc in HQ (script of siedge kits)
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