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  1. Martin

    Looking for a working structure mapdata.strs

    Didn't find any file in my client that can be properly opened with structure, that was given by @rfonlinemyid Here is correct structures for server and client MAPDATA.DAT files https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ooiVc36fFEOowTud6Fc9e-iHyluNgqmI/view?usp=sharing
  2. Martin

    item race transfer

    Free solutions are: 1. RF Manager. 2. Manual replace in database
  3. Martin

    How to disable item sending in mail?

    Without any modules - only if you disable trading of any items
  4. Martin

    How to disable item sending in mail?

    Turn off mail system in server ini file
  5. Martin

    How to disable item sending in mail?

    You cannot send it if item not tradable or rental
  6. Martin

    Miracle Scammers aka Ravennvm

    Now you agree, that your service is shit? Because you sell files with bugged items, that you don't want to fix? Did you told to your customer about this? I think no. Or maybe it was written in description, as you said? Can you give proves? So I think, that now we need to talk not about your knowledge but about scamming, because you sell server files with items, that not work and which you don't want to fix. Only for cash. More broken items - more cash (or wait some years untill you have free time for this). Good scamming tactics. Very good. My proposition - ban this member because of scam.
  7. Martin

    Miracle Scammers aka Ravennvm

    Item type same with akeron, item subtype same with akeron, all item parameters same with akeron - so it is akeron (like: if it smells like shit, looks like shit - it is shit) I had read first post of topicstarter and your explanation and came to the only conclusion - you are incompetent man. As I see you think that if max level is 75 (or other) - all stuff before this level not exist. I could write a lot about your competence and knowledge of rf server/client side, but there will be enough one thing - you even don't know how to rename ready items. Otherwise I don't know the reason why it was difficult to rename ready items to Akeron. PS: You did not guess right 😃 Because I didn't (even) hear about him before this topic. But it doesn't matter at the end 😃
  8. Martin

    Miracle Scammers aka Ravennvm

    Check this codes in your "pure" files, noob =))) And you suddenly find not only normal and intence, but also type A and (OMG!!) type C launchers =))
  9. Martin

    Miracle Scammers aka Ravennvm

  10. If you want more - you can write your parser at any time 😃 Generally it is not so hard as it seems
  11. Martin

    Mau Has Double Head Parts

    Check UnitHead.dat. For unnessesary parts the level should be more, than max level on your server (usualy 100) so players cannot see this parts. For the second problem check DefFrame parameter on part in server and client sides. Seems like it not match.
  12. Martin

    Archon armors have no set effect

    Check SetItemEff.dat. Maybe this set is missing in this file
  13. Martin

    Looking For RF Developer

    I think there is lack of motivation in his message
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