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  1. How to modify the gold trading limit?

    This is client side problem. Server don't have this limit
  2. Disconnect after hit a lot of mobs

    Too many loot on the ground
  3. Reload script without Quit Zone Server

    Unfortunattely no
  4. R3E

    Does anyone have r3e viewer to look on effects without running client?
  5. Client Sound Optimization

    Sound pack for Defcon client 1.5b [317 Mb] Google Drive Decreased folder size from 1.8 Gb to 400 Mb. Deleted all unused sound files Deleted all unused links on sound files in WaveList.spt Instalation process - same with Ron's 2232 Sound pack.
  6. HP Limits

    In this document you can find maximum HP values for each class on each level (1-65), that was calculated according to default values of Level, PT for each level and Class bonus HP parameter of each class. HP Limits.rar
  7. STRS From Useful offset For ZoneServer 2232

    I think it is for GvG ball, that you can buy in TOOL npc in HQ (script of siedge kits)