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  1. TriRozhka

    [223, 2232] RF Online Patch Maker + Source

    NewVersion increased automatically. Just be sure actual update.dll is accessible. If you have own launcher better to use some good updating tool not this one haha.
  2. 0.10.0 Released. Added NDLanguage.edf support. You can now purchase a license.
  3. TriRozhka

    [223, 2232] RF Online Patch Maker + Source

    I cant read peoples mind but i can definitely say that you dont even tried to make it work. Because people who try and meet difficulties, usually describes what they did and what goes wrong. Want to receive support? Good, provide me full feedback. Want something different? Well... this thread related to a certain software. If you want something different, this is no more related to this topic.
  4. TriRozhka

    Select character = closing program

    Client incompatibility may cause such problem. What client are you using and what nation trying to run?
  5. TriRozhka

    [223, 2232] RF Online Patch Maker + Source

    Thanks! Some kinda glitch of std::ofstream. Should be replace with std::endl. it works normal with 0D 0A endings. I just changed file writing function and got a glitch. Files updated.
  6. TriRozhka

    Select character = closing program

    Did you equipped GM accessories before logout? 2 GM rings can cause crash due to stats overflow....
  7. LINK Description: Used to create patches for default RF.exe launcher Requirements: Hex editing tools Web server Setup: Extract anywhere Install web server. Put files from 'www' to your web server's folder Using Hex editing tool replace IP address with your public (or local) IP address at RF.exe inside 'Launcher' folder. Edit IP addresses at ...\www\Update.dll and ...\www\Update\SeverConfig.dat Put your client files (initial patch to be able update any client to your version) into '!PatchFiles' folder. (DO NOT include these files to patch: .\R3Engine.ini .\Patchinfo.z .\ServerConfig.dat .\DataTable\GameSetting.ini .\DataTable\ClientDB.dat .\RF_Setting.ini .\RF.exe .\System\DefaultSet.tmp \CHLOG.TXT .\System\FileData.dat .\System\FileData.z Press buttons 'Refresh' and 'Start' (address of update.dll must be reachable from PC where you run PatchMaker. This file provides actual version of your client) '!Download' folder will contain zipped files of client. Put them to your 'download' folder at web server. '!BackupPatchFiles' - files you put to '!PatchFiles' earlier (with version control) '!BackupResourceFiles' - backup of files replaced with '!PatchFiles' contents (with version control) '!RFOnline' - latest updates of your client files 'Update' - Patchinfo.z (with version control). Put latest PatchInfo.z file to your ...\www\Update\ folder Replace Update.dll from your 'www' folder with new one You can run client now. Check updates before you put them to production! Make an empty update in case of PatchInfo.z error during update.
  8. Yes it works with both 223 and 2232. check settings at config.php and use corresponding gu_in (2232) or bsb_in (223) source folder
  9. I'm not good in video editing. So i put a text manual to release folder. Decompiler part still not translated, was tired. I will complete translation later. There are nothing special in compilers part: set path to input and output folders, change xlsx files, put ticks on files you want to build, press start.
  10. Name: RF Online script editing tools (TriRozhka's Parser) Price: 20 US dollars + payment system commission (ex: 21.50$ for PayPal) Payment type: Single Licensing method: per PC Transferable license: No Moneyback: No Updates: Free Trial: Yes 30 day Support: product related only Contact: Skype: trirozhka, Discord: Алексей (TriRozhka)#2788, Download HERE
  11. i recommend appserv 2.5.10. it may be unstable with other configurations apache + php How to install: put php2.8 to www folder edit config file config.php
  12. no, map editor is still private. cause it's kinda unstable script and tough in explanation. inaccurate handling can cause permanent data loss, so i refused from sharing it. I wiped my map data twice while developing it... Please wait for c++ edition.
  13. AppServ 2.5.10 PHP 2.8 Public edition XLSX Scripts RU XLSX Scripts EN How to use (Russian) I moved each part of project to separate archive, English scripts added too. You need to put your item.dat and nditem.dat to *_unpacker folder than run itemtotxt.php. After that you can get txt files from item folder. Import is manual: open txt file using Excel and copy paste only necessary data. In new version, which is almost done, reverse conversion is made automatically.
  14. TriRozhka

    Files and Guide review

    I've setup AOP few days ago on windows server 2019 and my Windows 10 pro with SQL Server driver with no problem (SQL 2012 standard) 8. I will try to investigate it.
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