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  1. select at least last 2 rows, move mouse to bold dot at left bottom corner of selection frame, when cursor became thin cross, click&hold and drag down. check values of description id's at client sheets of item.edf since they might be predicted wrong during auto-fill operation
  2. Does my description is not clear enough? >Payment type: Single; Licensing method: per PC; Transferable license: No This means you pay once (not a monthly or annual subscription) and use it until your PC hardware specs stay same. If you change MB, CPU, HDD license will be void. You cant deactivate, reactivate or transfer it.
  3. if you have any troubles - contact developer directly. This is not a product support thread. More over... PHP? What? Tool presented in this thread does not use PHP at all.
  4. Quest.xlsx not related to quest triggering. Except you dong a quest chain. First quest in chain always triggered by some type of event. Check the QuestEvent.xlsx. Also there are no "missing" columns or "extras". This is a converter which convert data "as is". Server side of .xlsx files is completely unpacked server's .dat files. But client side slightly simplified. PS. If you want to know more about quests, please ask community, cause this is RF Online related question not tool itself.
  5. nope. it's paid software. and redistribution is prohibited
  6. Themida is not a weak protection. Author is a dumb who compiled code with NO_VIRTUALIZATION directive
  7. Better ask him to start with manual reading. Whole client sheet is green highlighted. Seems to be he messed up during data import from .edf files.
  8. I don't see any problem. Provided scripts have all necessary formulas. I suppose you did something wrong and corrupt data.
  9. NewVersion increased automatically. Just be sure actual update.dll is accessible. If you have own launcher better to use some good updating tool not this one haha.
  10. 0.10.0 Released. Added NDLanguage.edf support. You can now purchase a license.
  11. I cant read peoples mind but i can definitely say that you dont even tried to make it work. Because people who try and meet difficulties, usually describes what they did and what goes wrong. Want to receive support? Good, provide me full feedback. Want something different? Well... this thread related to a certain software. If you want something different, this is no more related to this topic.
  12. Client incompatibility may cause such problem. What client are you using and what nation trying to run?
  13. Thanks! Some kinda glitch of std::ofstream. Should be replace with std::endl. it works normal with 0D 0A endings. I just changed file writing function and got a glitch. Files updated.
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