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  1. i recommend appserv 2.5.10. it may be unstable with other configurations apache + php How to install: put php2.8 to www folder edit config file config.php
  2. no, map editor is still private. cause it's kinda unstable script and tough in explanation. inaccurate handling can cause permanent data loss, so i refused from sharing it. I wiped my map data twice while developing it... Please wait for c++ edition.
  3. AppServ 2.5.10 PHP 2.8 Public edition XLSX Scripts RU XLSX Scripts EN How to use (Russian) I moved each part of project to separate archive, English scripts added too. You need to put your item.dat and nditem.dat to *_unpacker folder than run itemtotxt.php. After that you can get txt files from item folder. Import is manual: open txt file using Excel and copy paste only necessary data. In new version, which is almost done, reverse conversion is made automatically.
  4. TriRozhka

    Files and Guide review

    I've setup AOP few days ago on windows server 2019 and my Windows 10 pro with SQL Server driver with no problem (SQL 2012 standard) 8. I will try to investigate it.
  5. TriRozhka

    Files and Guide review

    I don't get it "...do nothing to teach" and "we are in this to educate". Is it some kind of contradiction? ok ok ok This database name is precompiled When in Internal mode it will create COINT_TEST_RU, another way BILLING. So any existing connection will be overwritten RF Online is an old game which developing since 1998 so it use old concepts and tool kits without any review. New versions of drivers can cause instability or even incompatibility with old applications. So that's why you should always use SQL Server driver and add ODBC with correct bit mode. You can find more about ODBC drivers versions more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/39440008/differences-between-drivers-for-odbc-drivers same as #6 Statement is same, game was not designed to use NT authority in ODBC. Changing authentication method can cause unpredictable reaction on different systems. Returning to #4 if zone started with admin privileges it will create own system ODBC driver connection with sql server authentication mode. And it will create it each time zone started and roll back any changes. It can cause conflicts with user odbc drivers. So that's why i recommend to add only Billing ODBC connection manually with different name. RF Online server configured to connect port 61433 by default. This setting is precompiled. Account, login and zone will not start if your SQL Server run on default 1433 port. So if you skip the step of port change i suppose you have changed it in account, login and zone by hexing it. ok ok ok ok HBK is not used at all. Forget about it. It was some kind of mechanism of saving players RAW in case of database crash i suppose. It's no longer functional. i always use short path c:\history The path is dynamic and max size is 63 bytes. it depends on date, time and player serial in database. More players in database - more characters in string. For example: F:\History\Item\20200506\17\2_173105.his this is already 40 bytes. ok
  6. TriRozhka

    Files and Guide review

    0. Making an installer for rf online server - a step to make people decrease their IQ. I'm already at database setup step and i still don't met any info about what game server version used as base (i understand that it's GU or 2232 but it's just because i'm rf developer for 11 years already) Why do you recommend to install SQL Express? It has limitations of database size and lack of tools. Install FULL version of MSSQL only or at least provide an info about express limitations. Databases should be generated with it's text scripts. Not restored from backups. It is not a mistake, It's same feeling like if you purchase a candy box and see that it was opened and taped with a duct tape, i mean was opened, not new, not clean etc. 2'nd reason i cant check that billing script is OK (bug report with non working premium was published already). I have to create new database, restore it and check scripts... Do not use BILLING as database name especially when running server under RU localization. Server will overwrite this setting with precompiled values. ODBC Settings wrong. You must always use SQL Server and never Native client. Or you get your database and server in read only mode. Logout will cause rollback to 1st level. ODBC x64 MUST be created for BILL and Wold databases. Zone server is a 64 bit application so it will never find these bases if you create them with 32 bit ODBC. ODBC x32 used for BILL and User databases. Yes, BILL db must be created twice: for 32 bit login server and 64 bit zone. More about odbc: If you run account and world with administrator privileges it will generate odbc for user and world bases. To connect base using this odbc you should add credentials (For RU settings it is login:rfrusaccount password:#rf%rusaccount and rfrusworld #rf%rusworld. These values are precompiled) and map them to corresponding databases. (This method of connection provided by original developers, why we need to connect using system accounts? What if you put a database on a separate PC? You cant connect with users account no more. You have to setup Active Directory first...) I don't find a 61433 port setting. It was edited in zone ? Ok... Server scripts are cleaned from unused files, that's good, but you missed to provide SystemGuardTower.ini file. Server will run without any system towers. GM account creation script is wrong. Sub-grade used only account with grade 2 and it can be 0,1 or 2. Until you provide gm commands with such grades by yourself. do not activate map view on zone main window while in production. It cause performance decrease. [FireGuard Use] Use = no Use = FALSE WorldInfo.ini: HistoryPath = C:\rf\server\log\History Path is too long it cause server crash. ;Address = ; Uncomment for port forwarding Not used ;GateIP = ; Uncomment for port forwarding Must be not commented and provided with correct white IP address. This address provided to client launcher (to default launcher) In summary i can say that this guide is not a universal rf setup guide. So people who involved in rf online developing can't help well to other people who met difficulties with this files, just because they don't know what was edited in %USERNAME%'s rf online repack. A lot of things was not mentioned. When a person, who used this guide, get real server files it will stuck forever with it's installation. I'm sorry for my criticism. This is only my opinion.
  7. Transaction completed successfully. New owner is horo. If you have any question about this tools you can contact him. Thank you everyone for participating this auction. This topic can be closed now.
  8. Are you sure? For an account joined 31 minutes ago it's kinda suspicious place such high bid. Can you prove your intentions to pay such fee? I suppose i have to moderate such bids. In order to prevent abusing auction mechanism. We continue with horo 530, until i get confirmation from kezjajkz.
  9. I've added a visual explanation for survive time on each interval of time during auction end. Until top bid's survive time is active you still can re-bid. Depending on time you put your bid, life time will be different. Refer to scheme on 1st post. If your bid survived - auction is over. If you are against this rules for some reason we can continue live auction in discord.
  10. I will repeat one more time: Requirements is not necessary. If you don't have server files or don't know how to upgrade your scripts, I will provide full support with all missing necessary files. Just download client please. Also the winner will get a license for my upgraded editing tools (when I'll complete them)
  11. I've added auction ending explanation. Please read carefully. If you have any questions - feel free to ask.
  12. New bid can be an any value more or equals current top bid + minimum bid. So, yes, you can rise more than $5.
  13. You can do whatever you want. Sell, share, anything. There are no limitations for a winner.
  14. Coming soon. New version of tool (WIP) Sorry for such a looong time. Main functions are ready, but i have to do something with licensing...
  15. I've added some extra description about what you can get beside working AOP. @RonThank you, but there are no need in this. I'm almost done with new version of script editing tools. Licensing service and security features takes too much time... I will make a new post about new tools when it will be complete.
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