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  1. alswill

    RF online early closed Beta from ~2002

    how? Was looking for that's why I ended up here
  2. alswill

    Clean PlayRF client

    I cannot launch the launcher any advice?
  3. alswill

    Error "Waiting for Server Response'

    I'm using windows 10 and already fixed it Go to Data table en-gb FG_CB and change the settings of USEFG from 1 to 0 ;; 0 = off, 1 = on [SETTING] USEFG = 0
  4. alswill

    Error "Waiting for Server Response'

    Have same problem can you help how to fix this https://prnt.sc/scq38q
  5. alswill

    Files and Guide review

    Was planning to follow the steps, but I think will skip for now
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