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  1. Does this script work on Or do I need to modify the strs data?(Item2.strs)
  2. ironylife

    [FREE] RF Launcher Emulator Host

    how to download launcher.exe ?
  3. ironylife

    Edit Zone For Guild Grade 5,6 and 7

  4. I found the answer ^^ Use Client : rf-client- Rf-Dev Launcher : RF.cs File Edit 274: defaultSet.SetValue((byte)0xD7, 53); // Language packet. RU: D0, US: D4, Korea: D7
  5. I have client.7z and server.7z i Successful server operation. But Client is Only English.. how do i change the Client language?(Eng -> Kor) Sorry for not being good at English ^^;;
  6. How do I change the client language?(Eng -> Korea)
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