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  1. Zenobyte

    [HELP] Edit Accuracy and Defense (ALL RACE)

    can i just edit the buff alone?
  2. guys how to edit the accu and def of all race? what file(s) should i modify? thnx in advance.
  3. Zenobyte

    [REQUEST] PlayerCharacter.str

    Hi guys I just wanna request to someone that has PlayerChracter.str I need it badly for my modifications thank you in advance guys.
  4. Zenobyte

    [HELP] Chip Not in Center position

    Yes it will still appear if you will not change its eff. But i guess ill just use that char thing model
  5. Zenobyte

    [HELP] Chip Not in Center position

    Sadly i dont have have 3dsmax atm
  6. Zenobyte

    [HELP] Chip Not in Center position

    Thank you bro, but I'm still kinda lost here, which file should i edit those coords bro? Is it on character.edf or other file. Thnx again
  7. Zenobyte

    [HELP] Chip Not in Center position

    Can someone help me how to reposition the chip? it is somehow not in the center of the circle thnx. see screenshot: https://prnt.sc/nad2g1
  8. Hi guys how to fix this? I know its on client side since my friend can doesn't have this error on his side. http://prnt.sc/n5nsxe
  9. Zenobyte

    [HELP] Failed To Create Empty Document

    fixed it bro at the ODBC, i miss configure the DB's there both user and system but now its ok thnx btw
  10. Zenobyte

    [HELP] Database Error On Launcher

    Well i guess the mistake comes fom ini files misconfigured.. But im checking it again all of the ip configuratiin etc. Ill let ya know the end results. Once again i thank you bro..
  11. Zenobyte

    [HELP] Database Error On Launcher

    I configured all now, from prev error "Login connection Failure" now the launcher says "Database Error" when I try to log in. can someone please give me a hand?
  12. guys How to fix Failed to create empty document error? as i'm trying to open the zone it gives me that error. System Log says: 133 03/30/19 08:58:06 : Map Load Complete!! 134 03/30/19 08:58:07 : TimeLimitMgr::LoadTLINIFile(), Time_0 = 0, Percent_0 = 1.000000, Time_1 = 300, Percent_1 = 0.500000, Time_2 = 500, Percent_2 = 0.000000 135 03/30/19 08:58:30 : CashDbWorker::Instance()->Initialize() Fail!
  13. Zenobyte

    [HELP EDIT] Armor DSR

    Can you specify or just give me a hint bro? Ikanda only see defeffecttype .
  14. Zenobyte

    [HELP EDIT] Armor DSR

    Just wondering how to edit certain armor DSR? can please someone share it in here? thnx.
  15. Zenobyte

    Useful Queries For RF Online

    thnx.. i'm learning a lot in this site.
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