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  1. Zenobyte


    Hi guys just wanna ask how to properly config item combine, change combination materias , rewards, success rates etc. Thnx in advance๐Ÿ˜Š
  2. Zenobyte


    Hello guys can someone help me regarding WALKING MAU ANIMATION, the issue is both catapult and goli MAU walking ani is when you click to move into another position it wont budge its like moon walking and stays on the same spot. but if i use run mode it moves like a charm.. what should be the issue is? thank you in advance guys.
  3. Zenobyte

    Mau Alt Textures

    Never mind I already fixed it..๐Ÿ˜โ˜บ
  4. Zenobyte

    Mau Alt Textures

    That should be enough sir thnx..๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š..oh and one more thing.. How to fix invisible mau? Eff is working but texture became invisible for unknown reason.. Model ID and meshes are identical so idk the cause.
  5. Zenobyte

    Mau Alt Textures

    Uhm may I ask since i'm interested in mods, can u guide how to configure/change the EFF for MAU in unit.ini file i'm a bit lost in there.. thnx in advance
  6. Zenobyte

    [HELP] Edit Accuracy and Defense (ALL RACE)

    can i just edit the buff alone?
  7. guys how to edit the accu and def of all race? what file(s) should i modify? thnx in advance.
  8. Zenobyte

    [REQUEST] PlayerCharacter.str

    Hi guys I just wanna request to someone that has PlayerChracter.str I need it badly for my modifications thank you in advance guys.
  9. Zenobyte

    [HELP] Chip Not in Center position

    Yes it will still appear if you will not change its eff. But i guess ill just use that char thing model
  10. Zenobyte

    [HELP] Chip Not in Center position

    Sadly i dont have have 3dsmax atm
  11. Zenobyte

    [HELP] Chip Not in Center position

    Thank you bro, but I'm still kinda lost here, which file should i edit those coords bro? Is it on character.edf or other file. Thnx again
  12. Zenobyte

    [HELP] Chip Not in Center position

    Can someone help me how to reposition the chip? it is somehow not in the center of the circle thnx. see screenshot: https://prnt.sc/nad2g1
  13. Hi guys how to fix this? I know its on client side since my friend can doesn't have this error on his side. http://prnt.sc/n5nsxe
  14. Zenobyte

    [HELP] Failed To Create Empty Document

    fixed it bro at the ODBC, i miss configure the DB's there both user and system but now its ok thnx btw
  15. Zenobyte

    [HELP] Database Error On Launcher

    Well i guess the mistake comes fom ini files misconfigured.. But im checking it again all of the ip configuratiin etc. Ill let ya know the end results. Once again i thank you bro..
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