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  1. raiNN

    RF OpenAPI - Open Source

    I've started building a open api to query RF SQL. The plan is to facilitate the development of any other tool. Repository Link The Project is still kinda raw but i intend to cover all necessary queries. For that i'm in need of a database with data so i can make real tests (You can make a default password for all users, i can write the query if needed, just let me know). Feel free to contribute, any help / ideas are welcome. Check the github page for more detailed information.
  2. raiNN

    Select character = closing program

    Check the tutorial in the starter guide section. I would recommend you downloading the files provided there
  3. raiNN

    Select character = closing program

    Try changing your database
  4. raiNN

    Accountsystem.ini IP concern

    If your firewall is configured, yes she / he will be able to play. But you need to update every .ini Imagine unlocking the door of your house, anyone could come in without you knowing. Thats the same for firewall. It doesnt mean you will be flooded with chinese ips but it can happen xd
  5. raiNN

    it is not class refine event period

    ZoneServer/RF_Bin/Initialize/WorldSystem.ini change it as you please [CLASS REFINE EVENT] ENABLE = TRUE START_DATE = 20101010 END_DATE = 20300101 LIMIT_COUNT = 3 search before you post
  6. raiNN


    There is no from zero to hero guide. But you can start figuring things out like everyone did, to begin with there is a video tutorial setting the server up locally, it is in pt-br but you can follow along. From there you can start to google all the things you need. also search before post
  7. have you managed to fix it? im having the same problem..
  8. raiNN

    RF GameCP V2

    usually xampp with 5.6 php
  9. raiNN

    RF GameCP V2

    You need to downgrade your php. For the error inside itemdb-sql-file theres a file that needs to be renamed and executed
  10. raiNN

    Deleting Item equipped on character

    in this case you probably deleted the wrong item try wiping out your char UPDATE RF_World.dbo.tbl_base SET EK0 = '-1', EU0 = '268435455', EK1 = '-1', EU1 = '268435455', EK2 = '-1', EU2 = '268435455', EK3 = '-1', EU3 = '268435455', EK4 = '-1', EU4 = '268435455', EK5 = '-1', EU5 = '268435455', EK6 = '-1', EU6 = '268435455', EK7 = '-1', EU7 = '268435455' WHERE Name = 'CHAR NAME'
  11. raiNN

    Deleting Item equipped on character

    EU3 = '268435455' set the EU to default value
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