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  1. DQS Thread Error?

    I've gone 3 days and counting without any crashes - honestly its weird that it suddenly stopped and I have no idea why. I have a patch this weekend and I'll turn on debug mode. Come to think of it, the other servers I dev'ed on all had debug mode on in their zone. Yeah I've been looking at ollydbg as well as the free version of IDA as well. Hopefully i learn something useful
  2. DQS Thread Error?

    I don't think I'm qualified to be an actual contributor since I have to study a lot before making modules / fixes, I've only done minor fixes so far. @Asteria has already created an add-on for it and would be a great mentor for us all. On a side note, has anyone heard of dragon-dev? they look to be licensing / selling zone protection with modules too but I'm afraid it just might be a yorozuya fork or a fork of this http://forum.ragezone.com/f479/release-zoneserver-protect-2-2-a-1050028/
  3. DQS Thread Error?

    With all due respect, if i knew what was going on i wouldn’t have posted about it right? I never said yorozuya was causing the crashes i was merely stating i was using yorozuya and saw these logs while investigating why the zone is crashing No where in any of my statements have i said that yorozuya was the cause of the error in the logs. what i DID say is yorozuya is crashing randomly. With that being said if you have any input regarding how to prevent the zone from crashing that would be good.
  4. DQS Thread Error?

    Prob gonna go back to yorozuya 1.4.2 imo it was a more stable version albeit in pre release. It’ll never go into prod anyway since the developer stopped. I’ll just edit and release my fixes in 1.4 to 1.4.2
  5. DQS Thread Error?

    I’ll try it out on my local. I also have reports coming where players upgrade items, logout and then their upgrade gets rolled back. Most likely their character was unable to push the changes to the database has anyone else experienced this? I didn’t encounter it when using yorozuya 1.4.2 only now when i used 1.4
  6. DQS Thread Error?

    As you guys are aware i'm using yorozuya 1.4 and much like the other people using this zone, sometimes i get random crashes of my zone server. The logs usually indicate an access violation which basically means the zone is trying to use a stale reference. At first I thought it was the zone itself, some .dlls but its odd that it would crash on its own randomly. I've been sifting through logs and i feel there might something happening where the game isn't able to update the database 0 07/14/18 21:19:31 : DQSThread.. DB fail.. account: -1, case: 149, ret: 24 1 07/14/18 21:23:53 : DQSThread.. DB fail.. account: -1, case: 149, ret: 24 2 07/14/18 21:24:55 : DQSThread.. DB fail.. account: -1, case: 149, ret: 24 3 07/14/18 21:33:26 : DQSThread.. DB fail.. account: -1, case: 149, ret: 24 4 07/14/18 23:32:18 : DQSThread.. DB fail.. account: -1, case: 149, ret: 24 5 07/15/18 00:40:13 : DQSThread.. DB fail.. account: -1, case: 149, ret: 24 There are some occassional logs like this as well: 0 07/14/18 21:02:06 : Socket(32): _PopRecvMsg : bMiss = close Has anyone experienced any of these? I'd like your input onto how to fix it, imo yorozuya is a decent zone protect but its odd why it would crash sometimes randomly
  7. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    What tool did you use to get the proper memory values? I've been looking for some docs on how to do this but couldn't find any. I would like to extend and create modules for yorozuya as well
  8. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    Update Yorozuya 1.4: 1. Made a proper fix for unknown potion related error: 9 for set effects - Previous fix removed all set effects, this new one removes the delay calculation for continuous pots (pots in the macro menu) This possibly breaks no delay pots but imo you shouldn't even be using those in the first place 2. Proper fix for moving through portals when in battle mode and being attacked Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/hfp2h29yp4wjckt/YorozuyaGS.dll/file
  9. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    No worries, I'll do what I can to help out this project. IMO private servers like this should be free to setup (except for server hosting). I feel like the community as a whole will grow if the barrier to entry, actually making a server, relied on your technical understanding instead of your financial situation. Plus reading through the forums really proves that everyone can benefit from learning from one another.
  10. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    Sorry for the double post but just letting everyone know that @Killerwoody tested my DLL and have confirmed the following have been fixed for yorozuya 1.4, we have a private DM where we talk about the project 1. HP Potion Error when getting attacked and using set effect items 2. ACC towers now being built properly and no longer throws "cannot place too many traps" error 3. Clairvo + BBL detection stack no longer causes the player actually not see any characters that are invisible For confirmation / further testing 1. Users should now be able to port while in battle mode and no longer receive the "cannot move when using siegekit error" - I recommend using yorozuya 1.4 client side bin for this as well. In case you missed it here's my .dll - http://www.mediafire.com/file/hfp2h29yp4wjckt/YorozuyaGS.dll/file
  11. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    That's a shame, reading through it it looks like a stale pointer. Given that there's a ton of timers in the .dll it might be one of those. I'll dig into the step_delay config and the loop milliseconds to check it out. by changing zone server, did you mean replacing the zone but still keeping the yorozuya dlls? Can you share which zone you ended up using?
  12. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    Okay checked windows event viewer, and found that there was an access violation i.e. Yorozuya 1.4 should have created a mainloop exception dump but did not. Anyone experience this before and have resolved it? This is an intermittent issue for me when i was using 1.4.2, switched to 1.4 and its still happening
  13. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    My zone crashed again today with no logs, the only thing i found worthwhile are these: 20 07/06/18 10:38:39 : CLOSE>> ForceCloseCommand Type: 5, ID: mark001 Reason : Account Server Command 21 07/06/18 11:15:33 : CLOSE>> ForceCloseCommand Type: 5, ID: idutjhes123 Reason : Account Server Command 22 07/06/18 11:16:28 : CLOSE>> ForceCloseCommand Type: 5, ID: idutjhes123 Reason : Account Server Command 23 07/06/18 11:21:27 : CLOSE>> ForceCloseCommand Type: 5, ID: jeffrox1 Reason : Account Server Command 24 07/06/18 11:22:10 : CLOSE>> ForceCloseCommand Type: 5, ID: jeffrox1 Reason : Account Server Command 25 07/06/18 11:22:42 : CLOSE>> ForceCloseCommand Type: 5, ID: jeffrox1 Reason : Account Server Command 26 07/06/18 12:10:20 : CLOSE>> ForceCloseCommand Type: 1, ID: juanito1 Reason : Enter world False Anyone familiar with it? At first glance it just looks to me like they were trying to login and then the server crhased so they were kicked out.
  14. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    I don't have one sorry, but feel free to DM me here
  15. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    Replied to your PM killer, can you check your global.json make sure accept_ip_check is false { "name": "fix.network_ex", "config": { "accept_ip_check": false } }