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  1. RF Fedor @ DevCorp

    I fully agree with this statement and can confirm that Rayzer does ask for your db credentials, but thats not the worst of it. In reality not only does he ask for the DB credentials, but also the server host credentials as well
  2. SQL Stale Cursor Error

    The error looks to be caused by LoadKillerListImpl under PlayerEx_PvpOrderViewDB.cpp From what I gather what it does is it checks tbl_KillerList for the current character and inserts the records for new kills. And then it probably crashes while it loops because not all of the resources are cleared before the next loop iteration I commented this out and will let you know what happens - from what i tested i still get pvp points / certain points for kills even though its commented out.
  3. RF Fedor @ DevCorp

    In yorozuya there's a DTrade log but it only contains logs regarding dalant / gold and not items.
  4. RF Fedor @ DevCorp

    Game cp from Razr has this feature where he can pull trade logs per character / item ID you might want to check with him too
  5. SQL Stale Cursor Error

    It fails during this method: CPvpOrderViewDB::LoadKillerListImpl under PlayerEx_PvpOrderViewDB.cpp Haven't had crashes for 3 days but suddenly it crashed again with the same error. Running the query that errors out shows a null value, but i've had crashes where it does return a value: And then my theory is it crashes here although i'm not 100% Read this post regarding the issue https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1752548/invalid-cursor-state-sql-state-24000-in-sqlexecdirect It looks like the root cause is something to do with not free-ing up resources before the next query but for this i think it might be the part where it tries to close the cursor. If anyone is familiar with cursors and whatnot please chime in, lets try and build yorozuya.
  6. SQL Stale Cursor Error

    Yeah it looks exactly like the error i'm getting, also makes sense it would be a stale cursor since if the temp table has already been dropped or the index is no longer existing it wouldn't be able to call the next method. After you disabled it did you experience any issues regarding certain points?
  7. SQL Stale Cursor Error

    ODBC settings, although if there was an issue there would’nt it error out all the time instead of just sometimes.
  8. SQL Stale Cursor Error

    Yup i’ve disabled the modules that i don’t really use in order to reduce the load on loop() currently to no avail. I’m thinking it might be my odbc settings. I’ll post them in a bit
  9. SQL Stale Cursor Error

    I recently moved back to Yorozuya 1.4.2 which coincidentally provides better logging. I’ve now identified the logs and query that causes zone to crash Has anyone experienced this before? I tried running it on its own and the query returns fine so the zone might be running a loop and fails during that step. Edit: it only happens before cw, other times when people kill each other its fine
  10. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    What exactly are you asking help for?
  11. DQS Thread Error?

    I've gone 3 days and counting without any crashes - honestly its weird that it suddenly stopped and I have no idea why. I have a patch this weekend and I'll turn on debug mode. Come to think of it, the other servers I dev'ed on all had debug mode on in their zone. Yeah I've been looking at ollydbg as well as the free version of IDA as well. Hopefully i learn something useful
  12. DQS Thread Error?

    I don't think I'm qualified to be an actual contributor since I have to study a lot before making modules / fixes, I've only done minor fixes so far. @Asteria has already created an add-on for it and would be a great mentor for us all. On a side note, has anyone heard of dragon-dev? they look to be licensing / selling zone protection with modules too but I'm afraid it just might be a yorozuya fork or a fork of this http://forum.ragezone.com/f479/release-zoneserver-protect-2-2-a-1050028/
  13. DQS Thread Error?

    With all due respect, if i knew what was going on i wouldn’t have posted about it right? I never said yorozuya was causing the crashes i was merely stating i was using yorozuya and saw these logs while investigating why the zone is crashing No where in any of my statements have i said that yorozuya was the cause of the error in the logs. what i DID say is yorozuya is crashing randomly. With that being said if you have any input regarding how to prevent the zone from crashing that would be good.
  14. DQS Thread Error?

    Prob gonna go back to yorozuya 1.4.2 imo it was a more stable version albeit in pre release. It’ll never go into prod anyway since the developer stopped. I’ll just edit and release my fixes in 1.4 to 1.4.2
  15. DQS Thread Error?

    I’ll try it out on my local. I also have reports coming where players upgrade items, logout and then their upgrade gets rolled back. Most likely their character was unable to push the changes to the database has anyone else experienced this? I didn’t encounter it when using yorozuya 1.4.2 only now when i used 1.4