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  1. wooltestup2142

    RF Parser Core sourcecode/project C#

    Thanks for the answer :).
  2. wooltestup2142

    RF Parser Core sourcecode/project C#

    May i have a decribed method on how to use it (i read the first post but didn't manage to make it work). Thanks.
  3. wooltestup2142

    Allow XP in MAU.

    Hello, I am looking to allow players to get XP in MAU, where should i look for this ? Thanks for helping me
  4. wooltestup2142

    AutoTarget and AutoLoot

    Keep pressing space_bar for autoloot. -> In case, i heard about autotarget function integrated to an old client (don't know which one), adding it to your client should require some HEX i guess. Can't provide more information, but i think someone gave the URL for the client.
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