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  1. wooltestup2142

    [HELP ]Loot-boxes mesh&tex

    Thanks you Felix for your advice, file opening is working fine. I am facing one new issue, i tried to replace HP potion [loot on ground] to FP potions (Red -> Blue). 1) I have tried to repaint HP_255.RFT (to blue) located in ModelItem\Tex, not working. 2) I have tried to replace HP_255.RFT by FP_255.RFT, also not working. <- Copy file and change name to HP 3) I have tried to replace both [HP_255.BBX & HP_255.msh] (from ModelItem\Mesh) to [FP_255.BBX & FP_255.msh], also not working. <- Copy + name change I have tried 2) and 3) in same time, not working. Would anyone have an idea on how to achieve it ? Again, thanks for help !
  2. wooltestup2142

    [HELP ]Loot-boxes mesh&tex

    I have take ModelItem\Tex but i cannot open the DDS file : More explications : ModelItem\Tex\Com_weapon_hp_25.RFT -> RFT to DDS -> Com_weapon_hp_25.DDS but i cannot open the .DDS file. I tried with Armor\Tex\AKT00.RFS -> RFT to DDS -> AKT00.DDS and i can open it. Any idea ? Thanks!
  3. wooltestup2142

    [HELP ]Loot-boxes mesh&tex

    Hello guys, As title said i would like to replace the basical lootboxes (white glowing cubes) to something new, and i can't find the mesh and tex location, anyone can help me please ? (would like to do the same for excelciars and other items-loots) Thanks for help !
  4. wooltestup2142

    Developer Launcher - Binary & Source Code

    Hello ! I just had some free time, and so i spent it on this dev launcher source. At this time, many things have been corrected (error messages, saving options, ..). I would like to add the "multiple server connection" someday if i have time ! Thanks everyone for your efforts !
  5. wooltestup2142

    Developer Launcher - Binary & Source Code

    Hello and thanks for your answer, i am keeping an eye on it. I am facing a new problem and i hope you can give me some help, it is about client connexion to server. Server setup for LAN [192.168.XXX.XXX], client set on the same IP [192.168.XXX.XXX], All works fine, game start. Server setup for WAN [external ip], client set on the same IP [external ip], i am facing "Unable to connect to the server! (error code: 1)" and the server is not receiving any data, which means the communication between client and server cannot be etablished (working fine with basic launcher set on [external ip]). Can i have some help or informations on that ? Thanks a lot ! WTU2142
  6. wooltestup2142

    [HELP] Chip Not in Center position

    Now your problem is correctly explained. About the solution : - You can find a trial version of 3DSMax on internet, after installation, add the 3DSMax pluggins for RF (you can find it on forum and at this point you can edit). - Open the original clean Ship model and do not move it, open your new model and put it on the same place (coordinates and orientation), remove the clean ship and save your new well placed Ship. Test the new file in game. If the problem was "3D model position" it should be solved.
  7. wooltestup2142

    [HELP] Chip Not in Center position

    I see you have changed your 3D model so 2 possibilities : - 1 : Chip coords are wrong and you need to change the numbers from a clean file. - 2 : Your coords are good but the 3D model in not centered on the [X,Y]=[0,0] axes, so you have to : i] Adjust 3D position on [X,Y]=[0,0]. Or ii] Modify the ship location to make it looks well placed ("i]" solution would be the best).
  8. wooltestup2142

    Developer Launcher - Binary & Source Code

    After changing IP for a local test (192.XXX.XXX.XXX) : - Any wrong ID/PW combinaison is not showing a "Wrong ID or PW" message, any solution please ? (1) - After clicking "Start Game" button : if ID/PW was correct, "RF_Online.bin" process start and game show up. BUT if ID/PW was incorrect, "RF_Online.bin" process appears to be running but no any window is showing up (the game doesn't start) and i receive no any error message, any solution please ? (2) - I changed "RF_Online.bin" name to "RF_Onnline.bin", the procces don't start but the message "ERROR! RF_Online.bin not found!" doesn't appear , any solution please ? (3) -> The multiple game running detection is working, i get the "RF Online client is alrady being run." warning message. Thanks for your efforts and your time.
  9. wooltestup2142

    RF Parser Core sourcecode/project C#

    Thanks for the answer :).
  10. wooltestup2142

    RF Parser Core sourcecode/project C#

    May i have a decribed method on how to use it (i read the first post but didn't manage to make it work). Thanks.
  11. wooltestup2142

    Allow XP in MAU.

    Hello, I am looking to allow players to get XP in MAU, where should i look for this ? Thanks for helping me
  12. wooltestup2142

    AutoTarget and AutoLoot

    Keep pressing space_bar for autoloot. -> In case, i heard about autotarget function integrated to an old client (don't know which one), adding it to your client should require some HEX i guess. Can't provide more information, but i think someone gave the URL for the client.
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