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  1. UnityA3

    Changing NPC Model

    change fScaleRate in file NCPCharacter, if by default 100 you can make decrease to 10 or more.
  2. UnityA3

    RF Online Launcher Only For Local Host

    how to make that online?
  3. better unpack client side en-gb version to get translation
  4. UnityA3

    RF GameCP V2 [Archived/Dead Link]

    amazing share with decode script
  5. UnityA3

    RF Online Project Document by ODIN Team

    nice sharing bro
  6. UnityA3

    Files RF alveim ii pls

    Sorry I deactivating link file from RZ
  7. UnityA3

    Project Server Long Term RPG/PVP

    yeah 00a10307 is thrirozka excel code and 0703a100 is basic code
  8. UnityA3

    Pack RF Online Development #2

    kyk pernah liat ini query :v
  9. UnityA3

    Resource model code info

    Nice information, I only know resource code for armor and weapon
  10. UnityA3

    STRS From Useful offset For ZoneServer 2232

    Ball tweak, idk for that if you want to make dual login window, just edit the bin file.
  11. UnityA3

    223 And 2232 Item Codes

    nice share, ray +1
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