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  1. jerome

    Creating Rental weapon

    hello guys i was a Gm stuff on a game and helping owner to have rental weapon on server. i edit TimerItem.dat,ItemTimer.dat item.edf and Weapon.dat. i already is isTime = 1 and still wont appear only on my client. is this need to be uploaded on server?
  2. jerome

    Set Effect Wont Appear

    i have setItemEffect.Dat and ItemSetEffect.dat both have same ability value. but the bonus effect didnt show please help me. thanks my effect rule is 0506 5 items 6 effect. my item grade is already lvl 10 = Red Name and my order is .3 3 2 4 4 5 6 = have question with this. what is order1 order 2 order 3 etc
  3. please if anyone can guide me on how to edit like shoeitem.dat file. and is there any guide like stats of each items in RF online. thanks
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