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  1. wafotopz

    Video Tutorial : Editing Archon/Council aura effects

    it's already in Pack RF Tools posted by Lews..
  2. 100% perfect tools. recomended! PS. Gonna make a tutorial using this tools, to make your life comfortable!
  3. wafotopz

    how to custumize council aura

    this one.. try
  4. Subscribe for more videos! Discord Group : https://discord.gg/JUv4mCX Pm me on discord if you have problem regarding tools or if you dont understand exactly. It's free to ask!
  5. wafotopz

    Cant connect from other pc

    dont put that Gate ip, erase it. just edit account ini to local ip
  6. wafotopz

    Testing in VPS

    just change the account ini to your VPS IP then change the launcher ip into you VPS ip.
  7. wafotopz

    Daily Quest Set-up

    Name: Daily Quest Set-up Price: $50 Description: If you like this post and have interest. Please Pm me on discord LastLy#7831 664084395099029513 My YT Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfyGEh_qYTtHBoDIjZ6hr6Q?view_as=subscriber Discord Group : https://discord.gg/JUv4mCX
  8. Hello again! I've been ask so many time about how to add a monster in a map that you want, so i decided to make a video about it. Check it out. You can request for a video tutorial. Just comment down Below! Like! Share and Subscribe!
  9. I've been reviewing this Protection since Felix(Beta) give me a chance to try this to local server to know what this protection can do..You have to try this too.. just contact him. Note: SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH, im not good at english speaking.
  10. wafotopz

    Looking for developer for a new project!

    can I apply?
  11. wafotopz

    Miracle Scammers aka Ravennvm

    just contact the legit dev..
  12. wafotopz

    Miracle Scammers aka Ravennvm

    Be careful next time with this scammas
  13. In this video you will learn how to hook the free gameguard, to RF-dev Zone Server. Part 1 : Part 2 : Thank You for the free GAMEGUARD. All credits belongs to them, I just make a tutorials. There are a lot of people don't know how to hook free gameguard, so i make tutorial. HVN Protection Mini is a free one, but the HVN full protect is not free credits to @PrinceRay
  14. This tutorial you will learn how to chanage mau skin in resource.dat, by changing the mesh. Follow what i did.
  15. Here's what i learn from Alyx and other Dev at discord, editing source code launcher by changing skin and putting a button.. this tutorial is just a basic one, Im not a pro. part 1 : part 2 : Part 3 : Thank you RF-Dev!
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