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  1. xmexi

    Edit or Add Icon RF

    thank you for reply sir appreciate it
  2. xmexi


    Good Day, Someone can help for sharing QuestNPCEvent.strs ? thank you for sharing
  3. xmexi

    Edit or Add Icon RF

    sir , i still can't edit or add my icon, when i save it , the file size changed to empty "0 kb" from 2MB i tried to save with extension , dtx1 - dtx5 , no result , the file size will changed to zero how it can be sir ? thank you
  4. xmexi

    Edit or Add Icon RF

    what do you mean about remove alpha sir ? i'm not sure about photoshop.
  5. xmexi

    Edit or Add Icon RF

    than thanks for your reply sir, but how to excatly to put icon on there ? just drag and drop ? and how size for make it work
  6. xmexi

    Edit or Add Icon RF

    Hai Guys, i want to add / edit some icon on my item.spr , i have spr to dds converter and nvidia photoshop plugin , but i dont have idea how to make its work.. someone can tell me how to edit / add some icon on item.spr , and how to save it via photoshop because too many option i confused to choose what. thanks for help , im so excited for your answer
  7. xmexi

    Intreppid and EQG GameCP full source

    do u test it already ? how its look like ?
  8. xmexi

    Intreppid and EQG GameCP full source

    Couldn't connect to user database server. how to fix that ?
  9. xmexi

    [Help] Summon Levels

    your clientprotect config .. check againn..
  10. xmexi

    RF Online Game CP for (GU)

    i already install ioncube but why if i open its show "Hacking attempt! Logged"
  11. xmexi

    CashCoin Regent /Level / Map

    someone can give sql procedure rf_world for below ? -- Executing Procedure RF_LogTime to Update Log. EXEC [RF_WORLD].[dbo].[RF_LogTime] @USerial = @GSerial, @UTimePlay = @GPlay, @ULevel = @BLevel