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  1. xmexi

    Age of Patron

    Good Day , I want to ask if someone has an age of patron file server? Is the age of patron file server the same as the gu version of 2232? thank you , really appreciate for any reply
  2. xmexi

    Source Code Launcher C#

    its work fine sir, thanks
  3. xmexi

    Source Code Launcher C#

    what is the problem sir ?
  4. xmexi

    Source Code Launcher C#

    Is it necessary to copy all the files in the release folder to Client RF? because when just copying the launcher, it can't open
  5. Hello, I'm looking for someone that can custom launcher design ? feel free to send me a message thank you
  6. can u make me custom launcher ? pm me
  7. xmexi

    How to disabled BM Scroll

    change the lv portal requirement.
  8. xmexi

    NDLanguange.edf help

    Good Day, i have trouble when edit NDLangaunge.edf , i want to change guild honnor title from 1st , 2nd , 3rd , 4th , and 5th to imperial , superior , etc. but total character of 1st is 4 in NDLanguange , so i cant type more than 4 word , and 1st will change just to = Impe not Imperial. my question how to add total character in NDLanguange.edf , because i try and doesnt work and its make my NDLanguange error. pls help me for this and thx for helping. apprreciate it. below the strs : // NDLanguage.EDF STRS for All Language // version // by [email protected] [filemask="NDLanguage.DAT"] ////////////////////////////////////////////// /// Start Structure /// struct NDLanguageFile { u32 NDLanguageCount; child NDLanguageData [count=NDLanguageCount]; } struct NDLanguageData [preload=1, tableview=1] { u32 n_dwIndex ; u32 totalChar ; str[len=totalChar] Description ; }
  9. xmexi

    Create Guild Cost

    thx a lot sir
  10. xmexi

    Create Guild Cost

    thank you for your help sir.. appreciate it
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