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  1. I have yet to see any guide or release for that, even more so now AOP server files exist. People will use AOP server files long before they re-engineer server to work with the AOP client. To do it however you have to handle both the extra packets the AOP client sends and alter any existing packets they changed in AOP. You'd likely use wireshark and your own debugging tools to do this. Before the AOP server files were released, this was the way many AOP servers worked. server with an AOP client. But in reality there isn't a whole lot AOP adds to the game, unless
  2. You still won't be able to use a module from 2232 with AOP. Unless you are writing/have access to the module code itself and find all the offsets required by the module inside of the AOP zoneserver. If you are using Yorozuya, it was never built for AOP so you will have to rework it for AOP. Modules aren't compatible between different zoneserver files, let alone RF game versions.
  3. The files from AOP differ from the server setup of 2232. So will require a new installation. As we don't have an official RF-Dev release of the AOP files (only 2232). The starter guide although similar may not exactly match the setup for AOP.
  4. Start off with the starter guide if you are new to RF. https://rf-dev.net/wiki/starter-guide/ You also shouldn't be using the batch startup script from the 2232 files when using AOP files. Start each of them as admin seperately.
  5. Starting with the default Game Files setup, you only need to change your GateIp to connect externally. You will need set your GateIP line in zoneserver\WorldInfo\WorldInfo.ini Along with forwarding ports and configuring your firewall. - 10001 (login server) - 27780 (zone server) [System] WorldName = RF_SERVER GateIP = <- Set to your public IP Then change the .ini file of the dev launcher to match your public IP
  6. Alyx

    Mau movement

    Its possible but only via a glitch with the delay between switich modes.. Press the H key shortly after the boarding animation starts when entering the MAU. Done quick enough you'll be in keyboard mode in an MAU. You might have some sucess going through the assembly code of the game client and attempting to find and alter the assembly logic to do what you want.. But this is for adv users only as editing assembly language isn't a quick or easy task.
  7. You are working with source code.. Use a debugger, breakpoint in the area and check the results mid executing. "It doesn't work" doesn't give any indication on what doesn't work. Also if you are trying to use it with another bin that uses a non US/RU nation code you will need to use that instead. Helping others understand your problem in detail helps them, to help you.. fail to do that and you likely won't get anywhere fast.
  8. Alyx


    "RF Tutorial" has no affiliation with RF-Dev. Our official discord can be seen in the link below this message.
  9. Solved over on the discord. "Alyx — Today at 2:25 PM You needed to drag the .extract folder onto the repack.exe instead of dragging all the RFT files onto the RePacker.exe"
  10. Small update to explain why there haven't been any updates. After time working on it I ran out of steam - a few weeks later for a change of pace I instead looked into the map .bsp formats. Using the same c# rendering engine I was able to build a map viewer and finally worked out loading dds textures with opengl. Hoping to migrate texture loading back to the animation viewer after taking a break. However shortly after I moved away from c# in favour of c++. C# enables rapid development with its script style language but proves challanging when working with memory, c++ in com
  11. [Double posting / Posting in the wrong sections] I've moved your post to the correct section.
  12. You can make this change in one of two places either in the .rep file itself before repacking or in the final .spr file. Both require using a hex editor - in the .rep file the value you are looking for is the first 4 bytes after the format type "DXT1" and the following 4 bytes (width/height). 00 02 00 00 = 512
  13. Alyx

    Animus can't call

    That is what is intended to happen. To summon an animus you must be a summoner on cora.
  14. "You are required to support RF-Dev members with any questions regarding your software or service via your thread and/or RF-Dev private message. All questions from RF-Dev members must be addressed in a timely manner, preferably within 24 hours. Feel free to redirect members to your own support channels but all messages via RF-Dev must be replied to timely. We may remove your ad if we see that you have gone inactive or if members are reporting that you are unresponsive." See https://rf-dev.net/rules/ Software & Service Advertisement Rules #2
  15. Unless you are a programmer and have experience debugging disasembler output there is little to no reason to need a PDB file. It is a program database for storing debug data for a compiled program. This lets a developer debug a function in the zone named "_buybygold_buy_single_item_setsenddata" instead of the disasembler output "sub_41A1B8" without it. Which makes it far easier to locate sections of the zoneserver code when working on things like (c++) game guards or modules.
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