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  1. Alyx

    GM Commands Editing

    After additional people have also encountered this error it has been confirmed you are most likely running a Restricted dev/gm account. Ensure you have added your GM account name to Login_Filter_Dev.ini as per the starter guide. https://rf-dev.net/wiki/starter-guide/6-account-creation-r6/ A GM account that hasn't been added to the Login_Filters_Dev.ini will only have access to a limited number of commands.
  2. Alyx

    Can't connected to Server

    Issue was resolved. Server was trying to be run from C:/Users/XX/Desktop/RFServer/RF-DEV/... /[server files] instead using c:/rf/. As per the guide. Using a newly downloaded set of server files to rule out any changed config files, server booted first time without errors and was able to connect and login to game. SQL Install was normal, set as default instance. ODBC connections were setup correctly. Only error was server directory and possible file config changes. Moved to solved.
  3. Alyx

    Can't connected to Server

    At this point I have zero idea what you are doing wrong. I have installed fresh installs using the server files and guides many times on. Server 2012 R2, 2016, 2019 Windows xp, 7, 8 and 10. Using SQL Server 2008, 2014, 2016, 2019 As long as you configure SQL Server with the default instance and mixed mode, windows authentication + user/pass the files require no configuration at all. Just launch the Start_Server.bat and the server will start. So you issue must lie with either how you installed or configured your ODBC or SQL Server.
  4. Alyx

    Can't connected to Server

    If you are on later tonight 28/05 EST and have your Discord screenshare working again. No need for voice just screen I'll see what is going on with your SQL setup and configs.
  5. Alyx

    Can't connected to Server

    Good chance your SQL Server is not using the default instance, and rather a named instance. You can check this by the address you use to connect to SQL Management Studio. If you can login with only or localhost or . then you are running a default instance. If not, you are running a named instance which would be why the rfacc.ini won't connect as it expects the default instance. To use a named instance you would change it to localhost/SQLSERVERNAME
  6. Alyx

    GM Commands Editing

    Unable to reproduce the error you are getting, ensure you are using up to date clean, unedited files. If the problem persists post a reply to this thread.
  7. Alyx

    Can't connected to Server

    This issue should now be resolved if you are using Build 8 (the current version as of posting this message) of the server files. Download the recent update and see how you get on. If you are still having the issue ensure your network configurations are correct and the ports are open if you are connecting to a remote server.
  8. Managed to isolate and repeat the error, once we can confirm the fix is working we'll update the game files with the changes. Nothing related to the database needs changing so you can continue local development on GM accounts.
  9. Alyx

    [HEKP] Login Closed

    As per the Starter Guide in the wiki.
  10. As per the Starter Guide in the wiki.
  11. Introduction Having a brief understanding of changing item stats and names in game having read rf-dev.net/topic/1184-getting-started-structorian you probably would like to make those new items look unique. One way of doing this is setting a new item icon also called a sprite. Multiple sprites grouped together in a single image are called a sprite sheet. File locations and structure: SPR, DDS and DAT Sprite Image Files .SPR These are a packed collection of multiple sprite sheets that require unpacking to edit and re-packing to use them in game. Found in ... RFOnline\Client\SpriteImage\Common\ DirectX Draw Surface Image Files .DDS These are the images that can edited once they are unpacked from the .SPR collection. Client Data Files .DAT This is the data format used by the Game Client to store the data about the items in the game. Be sure to read rf-dev.net/topic/1184-getting-started-structorian to learn how to edit these files. We will only breifly cover where to make the edits and not how to use the tools used to edit them. Tools Used: Extracting the sprites First locate your item.spr file in RFOnline\Client\SpriteImage\Common\ drag this file on-top of the Spr2DDS.exe. I suggest creating a new folder for this as item.spr will be extracted to 38 new .DDS files. Extracted Files Along with the 38 new .DDS files you will also notice a .REP file item.rep this file will later be used to repack the .SPR. Keep this file safe as we will need it later in the guide. Editing Sprites Now we have successfully extracted our .DDS files we can open them with Paint.NET. For this example we will edit the sprite for the weapon we edited in rf-dev.net/topic/1184-getting-started-structorian . The sprite sheets used to edit this specific item is item-1-1.dds this is the sprite sheet used for all the weapons. Opening item-1-1.dds in Paint.NET we get the following sprite sheet Adding The New Sprite Using the tools available in Paint.NET draw your new sprite in a empty "NO IMAGE" block. Ensure you can see the checkerboard behind your new sprite so the background will be transparent in game. Our new sprite is seen below. Save your sprite sheet with File -> Save As. And save it as item-1-1.dds making sure to change the "Save as type" to use .DDS Change the format to BC1 (Linear, DXT1). DXT1 is used for the item sprite sheets however some other sprite sheets use other formats depending on how transparency is used. DXT5 is used on various parts of the game user interface. - Perceptual [✓] Generate Mip Maps [✓] Hit "OK" to save the file. Finding the Sprite Index Now the sprite sheet is saved we need to work out the index for the new sprite we have added. Starting from 0 we count Left to Right. When the end of the row is reached we continue on the next, sprites for items are in rows of 32. Our new sprite is located at index: 262 Repacking the Sprite Sheet Now the sprite sheet is saved and we have the sprite index we can proceed to repack it back into the .SPR ready for testing in game. In the same folder as the sprite sheets is the .REP file, Drag the .REP file on-top of the SprDDS.exe to repack the sprite sheets. You should now have a new file named item(new).SPR. Rename this to item.SPR and move it to the Client folder. RFOnline\Client\SpriteImage\Common\ Important Note! If you don't rename your item(new).SPR to item.SPR you won't see any changes in game. Editing the item.dat for our new Sprite Index All that is left now is to update our item with the correct sprite index. Open the client item.dat and edit the item to use the new index of 262. This is done by changing the value for m_nIconIDX. Launch your server and client and check for any errors. If all has gone well you should see the changes in game. 1) The "Dagger" or "Stabby Knife of Death" now has a new sprite image. Client change By now you should have a basic understanding of editing item data on the Server and Client along with creating custom sprites for those items. However there are a whole range of posibilities for your RF Online server by editing various files. But this should have got you started.
  12. Alyx

    RF Online Inventory Extension

    Release section is for exactly that, making public releases of tools, content for others to use. As no download link is present it doesn't belong in releases. As your aim is to sell it (if interested) you would post it in the 3rd party Software and Services catagory. Providing you adhear the post format rules. Thread moved to 3rd party and given 24 hours to update the opening post to adhear to the post format rules.
  13. Alyx

    Connecting to my server

    Depending on your network setup, You'd change the GateIP and Address in C:\rf\Server\Zone Server\WorldInfo.ini to match your public IP. Along with the launcher IP. Might be possible to set this to your LAN IP however this hasn't been tested. Once the minor bugs have been worked out we will look at putting together a guide for various network setups.
  14. Alyx

    Mau Has Double Head Parts

    Fixes have been made locally, once testing is complete it will be added into the latest build. Closing thread.
  15. Alyx

    Creating my 1st dev server

    This issue was fixed in build 3 of the Game Files. Be sure to use the latest release, and if the error still persists please do submit a bug report and we can look into it.
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