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  1. Alyx

    RF Web-template

    Because you posted this in "Releases" and I moved it to software and services. He was just mentioning the fact it was in the wrong section originally.
  2. Alyx

    RF Game CP Full Source Code

    No where did I mention scamming, I simply pointed out a new account being created and swiftly offering software and services. How you interpreted that is down to you but anyone would be suspicious of a newly created account offering services without having any prior input into the community. The least I can do is point out that fact and let people decide for themselves. On the off chance it might mean 1 less person spams the forum over being scammed the better.
  3. Sounds about accurate to the bullshit I've witnessed from "official" servers. Removing game features from prior versions and implementing them as a dependance on the cash shop is the one that annoys me the most as half of that gimping can't be easily undone in later versions. Atleast not without a lot of effort.
  4. Alyx

    RF Game CP Full Source Code

    - 0 Reputation on the forums. - 2 Total posts on the forums (Both of which being software and services). - Joined the forums only 1 hour before posting. Visually no different to the intrepid web/aarons game CP that is used by plenty of servers.
  5. Alyx

    Wrong Mini Map Coordinates [HELP]

    You did read the post? It is mostly trial and error getting the exact map size, there might be an option in maptool that displays the map uint width/height but never looked for it. Other than that you can find structures for map.dat elsewhere on the site or Request it on the discord.
  6. Alyx

    Wrong Mini Map Coordinates [HELP]

    The width/height of each loaded map is set in the map.dat file client side. Each map data block contains the map width/height. As these vary from map to map they need to be adjusted to get the minimap to line up correctly. Did some work related to this back in 2019 when I was creating new minimaps images for the ones missing them.
  7. Alyx

    Getting Started: Structorian

    @Magnifico Be sure to read the section named "Localization: NDItem" if the client is using localisation files the name will be instead set in the NdItem.dat files not in the item.dat.
  8. Alyx

    Login closed

    Great to hear you got it sorted, and welcome back. We put a good bit of work cleaning up all the files and creating the tools needed for a smooth setup, so always nice to hear it worked as planned.
  9. Alyx

    [HELP] Copying NPC SHIELD to Character Shield!

    Always worth hopping on the discord and asking in the #support channel. With the current state of things, there are a lot of us online during the day.
  10. Alyx

    AOP 4.15 server files (Updated)

    With 7 total posts on the fourms, and only 1 reputation. It would be in your best interest to post some video evidence logging into the client, with the server and client setup. Anyone can offer to sell anything related to RF, but this is also the reason people fall for scams so easily. Also be aware most of the existing tools for private servers, won't work with AOP. And it only provides minor changes compared to 2232.
  11. Alyx

    LPServerInfo Help

    LPServerInfo.dat ? This isn't a file I recognise from the default game files, is this part of a custom launcher or something similar? The launcher we provide uses RFLauncher.ini for the config. Depending on if you have access to the code for it, you'd need to make sure a DNS lookup is done to resolve the hostname to an ip. In C# you can do this with the DNS class Dns.GetHostEntry(host); getaddrinfo() and getnameinfo() if you are using c++.
  12. All dat file changes wll require a restart. However lua scripts and lua events can be run live during server operation. More info of those can be found here
  13. Alyx

    Edit MAU Bless

    @jpecker Mau bless is a resource type item, so you can find it in the item.dat (client) resourceItem.dat (server) the item code is ircme55 [MAU_Blessing] which should help you find it in the server data a little easier. The resourceItem.dat data will contain all the settings needed to adjust the bonuses for it. Client side item.dat will be mostly for visual changes/popup text etc.
  14. Is your capslock key broken? There is little need to make entire posts in all caps. I'll rename the thread for now but if I see a huge list of posts in all caps, I'll just remove them.
  15. Alyx

    Cannot connect to server over the WAN/internet

    Starting with the default Game Files setup, you only need to change your GateIp to connect externally. You will need set your GateIP line in zoneserver\WorldInfo\WorldInfo.ini Along with forwarding ports and configuring your firewall. - 10001 (login server) - 27780 (zone server) [System] WorldName = RF_SERVER GateIP = <- Set to your public IP Then change the .ini file of the launcher to match your public IP
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