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  1. Small update to explain why there haven't been any updates. After time working on it I ran out of steam - a few weeks later for a change of pace I instead looked into the map .bsp formats. Using the same c# rendering engine I was able to build a map viewer and finally worked out loading dds textures with opengl. Hoping to migrate texture loading back to the animation viewer after taking a break. However shortly after I moved away from c# in favour of c++. C# enables rapid development with its script style language but proves challanging when working with memory, c++ in com
  2. [Double posting / Posting in the wrong sections] I've moved your post to the correct section.
  3. You can make this change in one of two places either in the .rep file itself before repacking or in the final .spr file. Both require using a hex editor - in the .rep file the value you are looking for is the first 4 bytes after the format type "DXT1" and the following 4 bytes (width/height). 00 02 00 00 = 512
  4. Alyx

    Animus can't call

    That is what is intended to happen. To summon an animus you must be a summoner on cora.
  5. "You are required to support RF-Dev members with any questions regarding your software or service via your thread and/or RF-Dev private message. All questions from RF-Dev members must be addressed in a timely manner, preferably within 24 hours. Feel free to redirect members to your own support channels but all messages via RF-Dev must be replied to timely. We may remove your ad if we see that you have gone inactive or if members are reporting that you are unresponsive." See https://rf-dev.net/rules/ Software & Service Advertisement Rules #2
  6. Unless you are a programmer and have experience debugging disasembler output there is little to no reason to need a PDB file. It is a program database for storing debug data for a compiled program. This lets a developer debug a function in the zone named "_buybygold_buy_single_item_setsenddata" instead of the disasembler output "sub_41A1B8" without it. Which makes it far easier to locate sections of the zoneserver code when working on things like (c++) game guards or modules.
  7. Glad to hear you were able to solve your issue. Its a common misconception you have to change every IP in the config files but as you can now see this isn't required for the client to connect.
  8. You can explain the type of developer you are looking for and the goals you are trying to reach without exposing the idea of a project. "Hi pm me your rates and details you are specialized." as your only pitch tells me you have no clue what you are looking for. For example, - are you looking for a experienced c++ developer to work on creating custom addons/modules for the game? - are you looking for someone with a background in php and web development to build custom website content / systems for the server? - are you looking for a graphics expert to design and cr
  9. @carlo213 You might get more serious replies if you outline what your goals for your project are. What resources do you have in place already. etc. Think of it as posting a job listing... What are the things that would make a developer want to spend their time to work on your project over another?
  10. Alyx

    Remove wanted

    There isn't. It will be stored as a flag on the database somewhere as it persists over a number of days between login/logout
  11. @ZeeZoia You have failed to follow the posting guidelines for software and services. Please look over them and ammend your post. https://rf-dev.net/rules/ see "Software & Service Advertisement Rules"
  12. .strs.dat isn't a fromat, it is likely an error in the file extension. For more info on the formats and how they work refer to this guide.
  13. @pepo And I want a unsigned cheque for a million dollars. If the guide doesn't exist then research it - In this case there is launcher source code in release section. Then create your own guide for others. It is very unlikely someone will spend hours of their time creating and editing a video because a single person on the internet asks for one.
  14. This will strongly depend on your programming skills, and how you approach it. However the core development team here won't assist you on this - although you have mentioned this is for a local/lan server it would be no different compared to a bot that worked on a live server. As such focus our efforts on learning about the game, the files and data formats used to keep the game active and alive for years to come. In your case you have a lot of conflicting statements "i have some skill and knowledge of C++ and C#" to "i am not very experienced in C++ C# ,i am noob". I would advise sp
  15. Alyx

    MSAA in ?

    Considering MSAA, Is Multi Sample Anti Aliasing which is a clientside effect. I don't see how this would even be related to a module serverside. Outside of that in engine MSAA was done for the RF Community project (Now ended development). However other people have done one of two things. Running a client side directx hook similar to SweetFX to add in the rendering effects (Most Likely) or Using a clientside module you could alter the code for the rendering pipeline to enable it. (Less Likely) Both options are yet to be publically released and only exist on servers who have a
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