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  1. Alyx

    Disconect from the server.Closing program

    Hi Pierge, Great to hear you were able to solve the issue you were having. If you wouldn't mind explaining a little how you came to fix your issue I'll be more than happy to move the thread to the solved section. This was anyone else that runs into your thread via Site or Google search can at least find some info on how to fix the same problem/mistake. Many thanks. Side note: In future post any support issues in the support section of the forms. This section is for posting server and client files for others to use.
  2. Alyx


    Premium service has since been fixed in build 10 of the client files, as it only required adjustments to the game launcher. Moving to solved section, if you are still having issues with premium feel free to open a new bug report thread.
  3. Is there any reason you want to use the now legacy 2232 Golden age files over using the rf-dev Game files? As those use 2232 as a base but have been bug tested and receive updates as new bugs are found and fixed.
  4. Alyx

    Getting Started: Structorian

    Hey Kralic, The item names generally rely on the localization files "NDItem.dat" I've updated that section of the guide to better explain it. If your NDItem file exists it will grab the names from there, if not it will get the names from the item data instead.
  5. Hey ironylife, Great to hear you were able to solve this one. Had a brief look but was unable to track down the list of language codes used. Going to move this to solved.
  6. Alyx

    Login Invalid (Solved: Expired GM account)

    Great to you hear you got everything working, I've added a tag to the post title so others can find it easier and move it into solved.
  7. Hello and welcome to the forums. The server files for 4.25 do not exist in the common domain, anyone who is currently running a 4.25 server has either modified the 2232 server to handle the extra packets the official game clients use or have acquired the server files elsewhere. Modifying the server to handle these extra packets is not a simple task, as thus the general rule is to stick to the 2232 files. We don't support the AOP files here for that reason and encourage people to use the 2232 file instead as more time has been spent learning and developing for them. Many of the tools and structure files that exist do not work out the box with AOP.
  8. Moved to solved as this issue was fixed in build 7 and above. Still having issues connecting to a normal player account with the latest build feel free to open a new thread.
  9. Alyx

    Red System Message Text

    The GM chat messages are from the debug exp messages the server sends. You can disable this by setting the server to Release mode in WorldInfo.ini [ServerMode] BuyCashItemByGold = false ReleaseType = Release ExcuteService = false The popup at the top of the screen is the 'announcement box' this is only being trigged from the exp debug messages, you'll see less of this with it set to Release The ore deposit box can't be hidden, however various skins have reduced the size of it.
  10. Alyx

    GM Commands Editing

    After additional people have also encountered this error it has been confirmed you are most likely running a Restricted dev/gm account. Ensure you have added your GM account name to Login_Filter_Dev.ini as per the starter guide. https://rf-dev.net/wiki/starter-guide/6-account-creation-r6/ A GM account that hasn't been added to the Login_Filters_Dev.ini will only have access to a limited number of commands.
  11. Alyx

    Can't connected to Server

    Issue was resolved. Server was trying to be run from C:/Users/XX/Desktop/RFServer/RF-DEV/... /[server files] instead using c:/rf/. As per the guide. Using a newly downloaded set of server files to rule out any changed config files, server booted first time without errors and was able to connect and login to game. SQL Install was normal, set as default instance. ODBC connections were setup correctly. Only error was server directory and possible file config changes. Moved to solved.
  12. Alyx

    Can't connected to Server

    At this point I have zero idea what you are doing wrong. I have installed fresh installs using the server files and guides many times on. Server 2012 R2, 2016, 2019 Windows xp, 7, 8 and 10. Using SQL Server 2008, 2014, 2016, 2019 As long as you configure SQL Server with the default instance and mixed mode, windows authentication + user/pass the files require no configuration at all. Just launch the Start_Server.bat and the server will start. So you issue must lie with either how you installed or configured your ODBC or SQL Server.
  13. Alyx

    Can't connected to Server

    If you are on later tonight 28/05 EST and have your Discord screenshare working again. No need for voice just screen I'll see what is going on with your SQL setup and configs.
  14. Alyx

    Can't connected to Server

    Good chance your SQL Server is not using the default instance, and rather a named instance. You can check this by the address you use to connect to SQL Management Studio. If you can login with only or localhost or . then you are running a default instance. If not, you are running a named instance which would be why the rfacc.ini won't connect as it expects the default instance. To use a named instance you would change it to localhost/SQLSERVERNAME
  15. Alyx

    GM Commands Editing

    Unable to reproduce the error you are getting, ensure you are using up to date clean, unedited files. If the problem persists post a reply to this thread.
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