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  1. odd when i tried urs i got errors alot of them but then i used the other guys englush translate and worked so idk im gonna try urs again tho
  2. this english patch fixed my problem @Killerwoody ur english patch needs work it breaks every time.
  3. im having the exact same problem as xmexi can why did u solve it in pm? cuz this is suppost to share the solution to the issue. the parser keeps breaking my dat files. and item.edf breaks at loweritem
  4. msd_18

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    ive actually been working on this guard source to make it better so when i find time to finish the edits ill be personally posting and releasing the modded version.
  5. msd_18

    RF Online Game CP for 2.2.3 (BSB)

    this gamecp has sql injection problems
  6. msd_18

    Have anyone tried out alveim files?

    ive been working with the alveim files we made a ton of fixs to the files as well as alot of improvements.
  7. msd_18

    3rd job unlock offsets

    Use these offsets to unlock the third job. 223 Serv 0x0528c9 01 -> 02 Clt 0x015f3e9 0x015f36a 0x0dc4f2 02 -> 03 GU Serv 0x096c03 01 -> 02 Clt 0x015d1ea 0x015d269 0x0d97d2 02 -> 03
  8. msd_18

    BulletItemEffects 216-2232

    1 - Lowers opponent's defense 2 - Reduces the chance of critical hit 3 - Reduces accuracy 4 - Cancels the action of the positive forces 5 - Prohibits the use of the attacking forces 6 - Stuns the enemy for a while 7 - Reduces the attack power of the enemy 8 - Blocks restore SP 9 - It slows down the movement of enemy A - Gives protection backfire B - Blocks recovery FP C - Stuns and blocks the recovery of FP D - Blinds enemy E - Immobilizes enemy F - Blocks recovery FP 10 - Prohibits the use of any attacking force 11 - Changing the trajectory of the charge 12 - Rocket massive volley 13 - Therapeutic Effect 14 - Regenerating Effect 15 - You are covered with snow 16 - You have snowman 17 - The consequences of a nuclear attack 18 - Decreases the enemy's attack 19 - Reduces enemy's accuracy 1A - Reduce the rate of recovery and immobilize the enemy 1B - Opponent can not use their skills 1C - Reduce the rate of recovery of the enemy 1D - Isolation of the enemy 1E - The enemy can not evade the attack 1F - Decreases enemy defense 20 - Decreases enemy movement speed 21 - Disables the function FP, SP enemy 22 - The enemy can not use their skills 23 - Isolation of the enemy 24 - Reduces the possibility of avoiding strike 25 - Reduces the possibility of block 26 - Reduce the level of accuracy 27 - Reduces immunity
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