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  1. blamonme

    Texture/Glow Tutorial

    i see i see, if i make a new folder for *spt files, should i change the entity directory to the new one? https://imgur.com/a/AkpfprT
  2. blamonme

    Texture/Glow Tutorial

    Just try it and yes its worked. need a lot of work to find the regular .eff in custom server 😅 but yeah thanks Anyway, i think i misunderstanding in the part of editing unpacked *rpk files, i try edit some spt files on that *rpk files and packed again the *rpk with the name same as before (p.s cheffentity10.rpk > unpacked > edit > packed again > overwrite the old one) but its make Critical error on the game. Can you make a clear way about this?
  3. blamonme

    Texture/Glow Tutorial

    hi. i just tried changing my flame thower skin, but the effect glow from the old skin still in there. how can i change the old effect glow skin with the new one? i've changed revanthane relics skin with fthrower 55 , fyi
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