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  1. Dylan

    Daily Quest Set-up

    Legit ! At first I was hesitant to avail a service like this, but this man proved that not all dev in RF is Scammer. Very kind and helpful, He will teach you everything he knows. He won't stop until you really learned. He will also give you tricks on how to not get scammed by other dev. In my case, I have availed his service on how to customize armors, but he ended up teaching me almost everything about Developing RF. I highly recommend this guy, Worth trusting ! Keep up the good intention bro!
  2. Dylan


    Hello Can anybody help me on how to fix the status of chip ? I the of chip is not accurate and it is showing random numbers when hitting the chip.
  3. Dylan

    HP Status Bug

    HELLO Can anyone help me how to fix chip status? the number is not accurate and worst case the number is random when hitting the CHIP
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