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  1. Xamples


    inside class.dat there are also rewards for lvl1 class not only 30/40, like starter potions, hq scrolls
  2. is there any tutorial for converting existing dat files to use with parser?
  3. Xamples

    Potion Effects

    i didnt have good structure before, fixed it and found now thanks
  4. Xamples

    Potion Effects

    My server is 2232 GU, Im wondering how to edit Potion Special Effects in client side, i have done editing server side PotionItemEffect.dat but for client side i can only find EffCode inside item.edf, is there any other file to edit or where can i find those effects to edit? I have found thread with no answer im searching for. Thanks for any help.
  5. Xamples

    How To Edit The Potion's Time

    so potion effects are stored in skillforce.edf? 😮 i think i was looking for them long time ago bit failed on finding them client side
  6. Xamples

    Itemloots Problem

    arent you using dev corp gameguard with autoloot autosell? when you win cw, do you get quest complete? if yes then hms is dropping there you just cant see it becouse autoloot and autosell loot it and sell so you wont even see it, if its like that, just add hms code into the black list of autoloot ini
  7. Xamples

    Useful Offsets

    Thats it! Thanks alot setting title to nothing helped.
  8. Xamples

    Useful Offsets

    i have no problem with bin, problem is that launcher is not possible to open for the second time, using dev launcher dual login works, just cannot if i use original launcher with emulator
  9. Xamples

    Useful Offsets

    How can you open Launcher for the second time on windows 10? tried already everything that i found on google but always cant open launcher when one client is already running
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