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  1. @SephGaming use Structorian go to File>Load Structures.. which is the file above, then go to Load Data File.. load your rf_online.bin file. Don't know how to use follow the guide below..👇👇
  2. rp71gc

    HP Status Bug

    Dude your in the wrong section.
  3. rp71gc

    Error: Character Selection when leveling

    You can try this DATABASE I used that right now so far I haven't encounter any errors/problems, just like Sir @ErlBinary said your database maybe have problems.
  4. rp71gc

    Buffme - Addon for Yorozuya

    Hello good day, @PC_Bro Sir can I ask how to add Life Conflict buff for Cora?
  5. This could help. Thank you @rfonlinemyid & @fullwar My Account Registration error solved.
  6. Here is mine on my dbo.tbl_rfaccount. I'll try to add column like yours on my tbl_RFTestAccount I'll feedback later if its gonna work.
  7. @fullwar Sir I did it all the changes unfortunately got errors. This error on account registration. I think the Account Registration need to modify, normal account is in dbo.tbl_rfaccount
  8. @rfonlinemyid Thank you my friend it works now. Sadly 😔 that's the problem I think, I can't login my created account in both GCP ("Sorry, we couldn't find an account with that username.") and In Game. Hope it will be fix. Thank you guys 👍
  9. rp71gc


    I just saw this query HERE somewhere, execute that code. Hope it help. Add your GM Account ID to your rf-server folder "account-login\RF_Bin\Initialize\Login_Filter_Dev.ini"
  10. I mean running it locally not in VPS or Dedicated Server.
  11. @fullwar & @rfonlinemyid hello maybe you guys could help me with this. When I click register this comes out. Can I ask also if my database.php config correct? I'm not that good at PHP Programming but I know basic. Thank you guys.
  12. Hello how to open in web? I finish the set-up and everything. BTW thanks for this release. 👍
  13. @rfonlinemyid Thanks mate I got it work. No more errors and I already figure out where the Map Number offset is. Thanks to Sir @TriRozhka 👍
  14. Yes, want sir It could help. Thanks by the way, I got some "inaccurate map information" error & crit error.
  15. Hello I'm just start learning on how to Dev/Edit on RF. Please teach me how to edit and find the offset of Map Number. Thank you & sorry I'm just newbie. This is the Bin i use. RF_Online.bin
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