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  1. Asteria

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    In this case, I replaced the function GetTotalTol in the memory of the server, its function. To obtain data, for example, about resistances, the character created an object of class ATF :: CPlayer. Goodwin created an excellent framework, which I used. To understand how this or that function works, I used the IDA Pro disassembler, and created my own. The source code for the project is open, and documented, so using examples of already completed implementations to write modules is easy.
  2. Asteria

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    Hello everyone, I would like to express my thanks to the goodwin for the work done. I slightly rewrote the formula for calculating the elemental protection. For monsters the old combined formula is used, and for players new. Unfortunately at the moment there is not enough time to fully test it, so I ask anyone not difficult to write their comments. In my implementation, each unit of the element is equal to 1% reduction in incoming damage. In the settings, you can change this. Also, restrictions are added for players and Mau to avoid unnecessary reduction of spontaneous damage. In my opinion, the Mau began to work normally, because now they do not suffer from magicians and lan4ers. Unfortunately, I can not check with the players. I'll attach a link to the DLL and global.json. In the configuration file, in the "addon.defence_formula" section, you need to add the following fields: "mau_limit_tol": 0.76, "player_limit_tol": 0.35, "coefficient_of_division": 100.0 Thank you in advance ! DefenceFormula.zip