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  1. pitbish

    [Release] MAU castom

    icic good work m8
  2. pitbish

    [Release] MAU castom

    looks a lot like a copy from the Russian good release tho m8 http://rf-skin.ru/product/317/
  3. pitbish

    New Dragon Skins

  4. pitbish

    New Dragon Skins

    sorry what?
  5. pitbish

    New Dragon Skins

    Weps and armors brand new 2019 made bye CCR released bye me @ rf rivals they have bin patched over 55 items codes inside enjoy...…. http://www.mediafire.com/file/cs4qmbnylcc2pgr/PAC32.rar/file click here to view some of them https://ibb.co/CvMNKqG https://ibb.co/VYFTP1M https://ibb.co/PzBt4BB https://ibb.co/120PY9f
  6. pitbish

    Corfokit RF tool 223

    ok then m8 if u say so
  7. pitbish

    Corfokit RF tool 223

    he did work on the web based and dint ever finish it know has made one for me offline https://ibb.co/M1pKJT9
  8. pitbish

    Corfokit RF tool 223

    I have the new editer from fish a lot better than cofo
  9. pitbish

    Corfokit RF tool 223

    cofo don't have client builder on he added that to the new editer 2232
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