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  1. Possible... I haven't explored this area, I can't know.
  2. This zone was (Accidentally) added by the Koreans in the auto-update of the client V1. 5 This is the latest release of the server also 2 localizations were removed in it. In the archive with the server, I have already deleted 2 cut server localizations( in the scripts *_str.dst) Move the script folder from and replace it with my scripts _str. dst and the server will start. The contents of the archive. Script_str.dst.rar ZoneServerUD_x64.exe ZoneServerUD_x64.pdb ZoneServerUD_x64.exe.intermediate.manifest P.S No offsets from fre
  3. Convenient, reliable software! Worth the money. The only drawback to the author is a weak protection (Themida) is unpacked for once or twice. and then open the license and view the code in IDAPro will not be a problem.
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