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  1. H4TE

    RF Fedor @ DevCorp

    I'm not sure if you can help or if anyone knows, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.. I recently purchased the RF Fedor over at Dev Corp. I noticed it has stopped writing to server history and to tbl_ServerUser_Log, so stats and such do not work now. Anyone know how or where to fix this?
  2. H4TE

    Launcher .dll hooking

    What's the best program to use with the standard RF launcher? Just trying to attach a .dll to the .exe for "auto updating". I've tried ILmerge and it starting spitting errors at me. same with .dll attacher, and Thamida doesn't seem to have an option for it.
  3. H4TE

    Pack RF Online Development

    Anyone have a working NPCLINKDATA str?
  4. H4TE

    Pack RF Online Development

    Password is wrong. -------- NVM derpped. It's correct.
  5. H4TE

    RF EDITOR 1.4

  6. H4TE


    Derp, sry!
  7. H4TE


  8. H4TE

    RF EDITOR 1.4

    enjoy! RF FUCKING TOOLS v1.5
  9. H4TE


    Seen a few of you where looking for this! And RF-Dev has helped me out so much. Glad I found a way to give back! RF_FUCKING_TOOLS_V1.5 aka RF Editor v1.4 Customize USE AT OWN RISK: Virus Total Scan Mirror 1: https://ufile.io/t5d0k Mirror 2: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=58583121764958092341 Mirror 3: https://nofile.io/f/TRUk0FwyB0d/RF_FUCKING_TOOLS_1.5.zip Mirror 4: http://www.filehosting.org/file/details/741100/RF_FUCKING_TOOLS_1.5.zip -ALL CREDIT TO PrinceRay
  10. H4TE

    Need Tutorial All Wipe RF

    Anyone getting "Error: Character Creation" after using this script? I restarted SQL and all was well again. Sry. <3 Ty for this.
  11. Yes it was my ODBC setting, and SQL 2012 I was using. I managed to get it all working together, had to switch to RU code in server ini's and rename LAUAccount to RFTestAccount and just deleted the original RFTestAccount in SQL. Also used (local) instead of and now everything is working as it should. Idk what it is about the TH account settings, but I coudn't get that to work with any rfonline.bin.
  12. Strange... Can't get the AccountSD server to connect to DB using these files. I used Nuna's DB files.
  13. Yeah Woody we've talked before , I'm not really sure what I want to do atm. I find alot of players wanting a mid rate, retail experience with out everything just givin' to them or being able to just buy it, and we agreed that this was the golden era of RF.. . I want to keep the cash shop as limited as possible but profitable enough to keep the server a float. I want it to take a full month of dedicated hard grinding to reach max level. And That's all I really have panned out atm. A vanilla RF if ya will, with out taking 2 years to each max level LOL !
  14. The NPCs in HQ are labled as GM-Weapons, GM-Armor ECT I believe the files I have magentix got a hold of first, as his name is on every NPC. I just need those changed back to default, along with their inventory. And yes the Akeron isn't working. They only thing I can offer atm is access to the server to a test server to use at your own dicretion for what ever you may want to develope.
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