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  1. H4TE

    RF GameCP V2

    lmfao indeed, I would have never figured that out! hahaha ty so much man. Using a new webserver and I think the PHP handler tried to eat it.
  2. H4TE

    RF GameCP V2

    Anyone know how to get this to chill out?
  3. H4TE

    Deleting Item equipped on character

    How about Rings and Amulets? ❤️
  4. H4TE

    Deleting Item equipped on character

    Ah, it appears i was looking at the wrong slot column in the table, did the same for EK1-6 and EU1-6 and it cleared it. ❤️ ty for the help saex!
  5. H4TE

    Deleting Item equipped on character

    still crit erroring, on login, hmm
  6. H4TE

    Deleting Item equipped on character

    tried a query to remove the item, query worked, but item is still on. UPDATE dbo.tbl_base SET EK3 = '-1' WHERE serial = 113;
  7. Hey guys! I summoned something that was broken, and now I crit everytime after logging in. Is there a query that i can use to remove items that are currently equipped on the character, like weapon or armor? Not remove from inventory. I can remove from inventory slots, but can't seem to find a way to remove it from the character it's self.
  8. H4TE

    Problem with ServerConfig.dat during update

    Found the problem, Apache didn't like the "localhost" name, had to change to my internal IP. Ty for quick responses guys!
  9. H4TE

    Problem with ServerConfig.dat during update

    No that's all correct. It's something on my patch emulator's end, or client. I don't need the zoneserver up for this.
  10. I had edited my ServerConfig.dat, but nothing I do will get it to download the new one, with new addresses. It keeps getting the old one with old addresses some how even though it doesn't exist? Tried restarting server, PC ect. Anyone had this problem?
  11. H4TE

    RF Fedor @ DevCorp

    I'm not sure if you can help or if anyone knows, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.. I recently purchased the RF Fedor over at Dev Corp. I noticed it has stopped writing to server history and to tbl_ServerUser_Log, so stats and such do not work now. Anyone know how or where to fix this?
  12. H4TE

    Launcher .dll hooking

    What's the best program to use with the standard RF launcher? Just trying to attach a .dll to the .exe for "auto updating". I've tried ILmerge and it starting spitting errors at me. same with .dll attacher, and Thamida doesn't seem to have an option for it.
  13. H4TE

    Pack RF Online Development

    Anyone have a working NPCLINKDATA str?
  14. H4TE

    Pack RF Online Development

    Password is wrong. -------- NVM derpped. It's correct.
  15. H4TE

    RF EDITOR 1.4

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