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  1. LoonyOwl

    RF Map Tool

    Great thanks, I will check it as soon as i can get back to PC. Will send you my feedback right after.
  2. LoonyOwl

    RF Map Tool

    It seems that path has not changed. I can even not edit the file.Just open bsp in RF Map tool, and just save the ebp, and the music disappears. And yeah, i dont know if this is important, but hash changes after editing.
  3. LoonyOwl

    RF Map Tool

    Hmmm...should i check the ebp file with Hex editor then? Because i save only ebp.
  4. LoonyOwl

    RF Map Tool

    They are. I can see them, and during editing, music is playing. But when i save my ebp , music disappears from the game. The most interesting thing is that only music disappears. Sound effects and sound of waterfalls for example are ok and i can hear them ingame, but not the music.
  5. LoonyOwl

    RF Map Tool

    Hello. Thank you for this tool, very useful! But i have a problem. I unpacked entity rpks, but when i finish editing barriers in Cora HQ and save ebp, theme music of Cora HQ disappeares from the game. What is the issue?
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