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  1. Are you serious? Perma lic for 60$ it's like gift, don't be greedy for you it's just selling few items to donor.
  2. bcz booties have 2 list (2 spr files instead of 1), u watching 2nd. You'll need get max icon from previous + current icon num from 2nd list. but u trying appoint booties sprite to resourceitem type - this is wrong
  3. [sarcasm]no, i'm already seen this source code. Only few people own it[/sarcasm]
  4. [sarcasm]Source like more than just rf online classic. More looks like RF Online Planet Wars. Where did u get this image? Price for source over 50 000$[/sarcasm]
  5. I mean decompile produce as header file from dissambler. dissam can produce .c file with pseudo code .c for 1.5a
  6. Sure, but honestly I don't understand why people who have 1.5A or AOP files, we are not talk about full server sure, couldn't release also .c file like some years ago released .h file (sure, they have all rights doing evertyhing what they would like). What about clientside feautures, I think that mostly can't make anything with share. Anyway, I think nothing will changed next few years, defcon 1.5A - 7 years ago released.☹️
  7. Sure, nothing personal only business.
  8. Martin, sure, limit yes, some bunch of bugs also. But it looks like that someone who are not programmer (like scripter Felix) have 1.5A server files, but other who could improve and make something - not. I'm tottaly convinced mostly of scripters have leaked 1.5A, but no one share anything, for example just decompile of 1.5A zoneserver (.c file), because some interesting parts of code like drop money interested. Just looking 10 years after, it's really sad, that update was pushed 7 years ago still private and never released till game die.
  9. So sad. 2 version is Caravan and Space from GameCampus. There all speak about not to distribute, but people who have this files just not using it. The same situation with 1.5 (defcon) all people have files who can't doing anything with it, because files not selling also. Meanwhile, GU version almost 10 years, but better just keep files on archieve, yes. Nvm.
  10. Typical trash server which calling new maps and monster the update of Lord master.
  11. Sir, there are SHA1: 0F39D6C3A688A02E5206B4C3A871F36E84DC21C2 SHA256: 982E35A36BF678F60A776270FF7ADE4C7329CA735C635100F1945B67FE065416
  12. Hi, looking for pdb file for ageofpatron server ^_^
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