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  1. Hades

    Add new line in .dat

    [RF GURU by Magenik]Tutorial - Adding Block Credits by Magenik
  2. Hades

    Help CSP ( Control Server Panel ) Eror

    You need copy script folder on control folder not on zoneserver folder if you still error on that files that means your files have extrabyte you need use datcutter to delete some extrabyte
  3. Hades

    [HELP] Cant find RFManagerTool download

    Copy your script folder paste on the manage tool folder ID: ccradmin PW: skfkrndy!
  4. Hades

    [HELP] Cant find RFManagerTool download

    ManageTool Default account and password
  5. Hades

    [HELP] Cant find RFManagerTool download

    all server files have it you will see it on ControlServer&GM_Tool or manage tools
  6. Hades

    Help CSP ( Control Server Panel ) Eror

    Go to zoneserver>rf_bin>Copy script folder Paste it to Control server
  7. Hades

    AutoUpdate with Launcher

    because launcher will update if your files date was updated i saw this but i don't know who is he
  8. Hades

    [HELP] Activate Default Fireguard

    because they made server protect it should be not run the old fireguard since its not work at all let say like this one if you set 0 new gameguard server side like devcorp or other gameguard release work if you set it 1 main fireguard of rf online work you will see it after you login have flash logo appear but not work it was useless
  9. Hades


    when your bin was encrypt it gives extrabytes and if you delete it bin will back to normal size and can open it using dateditor with strs still you can see it but even you change it was useless because server side verkey code need same with bin verkey code i guest you need to put max 32character
  10. Hades

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    There is no release yet or do it on your own many people do project using this source but no have update yet
  11. Hades


    use strs to open it
  12. Hades


    Verkey was part to avoid change your .bin have protect with your server using client "That was old school way to protect your server" You can find verkey on "RF_Online.bin using strs" and "WorldSystem.ini last part"
  13. Hades

    [HELP] Unable to connect to Server

    Go to login server type /open
  14. Hades

    [HELP] Unable to connect to Server

    check your firewall be off or you should open port web server port check your apache that is your problem only
  15. Hades

    I want to learn!

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