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  1. erzon

    Map Tool for Mobs

    What i mean is where I can get the MAPtool itself is there any link?
  2. erzon

    Map Tool for Mobs

    where i can get the dummy editor?
  3. erzon


    Just a quick question is it possible to put weapon and armor in ores? when they process it instead of resource items?
  4. erzon

    RF Editor project *store edit* 2232

    Yes i know its open source.. what i mean is its ok if the main owner continues the project.
  5. erzon

    RF Editor project *store edit* 2232

    oh so sad that this project is discontinued. its a great project.. the only thing it needs is can paste and copy multiple row.
  6. erzon

    [HELP] How to host the GAMECP

    even your hosting is with mssql.. make sure its capable to do connection via odbc. make sure your hosting is with odbc connection activated since its different machine
  7. erzon

    Map Tool for Mobs

    Just want to ask i know there are some tool that can help to edit mobs spawn in map area.. or add.. is there any link to that or instructions how to do it?
  8. erzon

    RF Editor project *store edit* 2232

    Can this editor copy and paste at the same time ni multiple row?
  9. erzon

    Itemloots Problem

    Sorry but seems the itemloot is working just the settings in devcorp is need to be adjust. Thank you for all the answer now i have better knowledge of other things you need to check if this happen
  10. erzon

    Itemloots Problem

    I check other mobs it says nlooting=2 and dnlooting=1
  11. erzon

    Itemloots Problem

    is this server side or client side?
  12. erzon

    Itemloots Problem

    Yes item is exist. but not dropping. this mean if the mobs is off in this monstercharacter it will not drop anything?
  13. erzon

    Itemloots Problem

    This is for? loots? what about the Tc's in Chip? they don't even drop anything.
  14. erzon

    Itemloots Problem

    I don't know what is the problem with my Itemloots. All mobs drop are ok but some of mobs are not dropping any loots even they are supposed to drop. Like TC in craig mine not dropping Scanner even its activated in itemloots. Even Black sign or some mobs. Even I increase their percentage to 100% still nothing happen. Any idea about this problem? Why they are not dropping? Black sign supposed to drop T5 Gems TC in Craig supposed to drop HMS scanner
  15. erzon

    How to disabled BM Scroll

    yap i saw it already thanks. kindly close this topic
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