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  1. Hello, the language and Portuguese, in the description has everything translated into English
  2. Capiroto

    RF GameCP V2

    I have this source a few years already, I was already thinking of making it available because I do not like PHP and so I can improve and create new tools for rf online
  3. Capiroto

    RF GameCP V2

    I have tested and do not need IonCube only the mssql enabled in PHP.ini
  4. Capiroto

    Painel ADM by Capiroto

    Download removed by moderators. Please see latest response for more information. Using this tool puts your server at risk of being exploited. Do not use this tool. Original post below with download links removed. Download Painel GM Mundo RF Online V 1.6 7 [DOWNLOAD REMOVED BY MODERATORS] New Version V 1.6 New Converter Code New Create Eff File Writer New Loot Convert New New Account Search New Edit Normal Account New Create Normal Account New Delete and Edit GM Account New Launcher Built-in Panel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KBl9WxlemQ) New Guild Build New GM Command Table New Monster List Table Fixed Copy Char (Items Only) Fixed ADD CP (Contribut Point) New Version V 1.5 Fix add CP Adding language option New Version V 1.4 Fix bug DB Name Fix Add PVP Point Add CP (Contribut Point) If you have any ideas you can put on the panel leave your comment
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