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  1. jojomojoaja

    GameServer Ram Neutralizer

    Wow cool just 500Mb RAM for running Zone..?
  2. jojomojoaja

    Making RF Online tutorial in youtube channel

    Woah.. I see.. long time ago when still many Population active player and CCR Developer still exist. Yeah understand, maybe now i think still same and still risk if official report it. but now i see still many tutorial setup RF Online Server still exist in the youtube.
  3. jojomojoaja

    [STRS] QuestNPCEvent.strs

    Thank's for share.. Bookmark first..
  4. Hi All, I want to ask about if we build a youtube channel just focus install RF Online/Offline, Yah.. dunno if in future have many viewer and make it monetize. I just concern if in future when our channel popular, and Official RF Online/CCR Developer will report to youtube because our channel is using not license/official to share/publish the Game RF Server tutorial. this not just about RF Online server maybe this will happen too to another Game Online server. maybe someone have experience about that?
  5. jojomojoaja

    010 Editor Guide + Example.

    very nice share bro.. i already uninstall this program because don't know how to use.. after i see this tutorial i will install again.. 🤣.. btw thank's
  6. jojomojoaja

    Editing Title Logo Start Game Windows

    I put white color for the text.. you can try another color for clear appearance. yes you can, this below i put RF Online logo from .PNG file:
  7. jojomojoaja

    Editing Title Logo Start Game Windows

    Hi All Just for share.. this guide how to edit Title logo when in start game windows. my reference from http://forum.ragezone.com/f972/editing-title-logo-931688/. may be somebody need it.. here we go: 1. open titlelogo.tga with Photoshop you can find it from folder system in client RF. (i using photoshop portable one :D) 2. just do duplicate layer the titlelogo.tga from photoshop layer menu, why need duplicate it, because default open locked by photoshop 3. then you remove the existing text or image or anything appear there (for me i using patch tool) 4. then create anything your idea there.. after done.. then save as with format Targa (*.TGA,..) i let the file name default. 5. then open/load the titlelogo.tga file you have been edited with TGA Tool (i download it from https://gamebanana.com/tools/4826 or https://www.dropbox.com/s/zram3vgnldwiwem/targa_tool_v30_Tuk Edit titlelogo.tga.zip?dl=0) 6. in right menu TGA Tool click create alpha channel then click create alpha template 7. then save/save as it from file menu 8. then copy file titlelogo.tga to system folder in your Client RF. the result: Test in 2.2.3 BSB Client
  8. jojomojoaja

    Dev Launcher (error fixed)

    Yes its works.. thank's for share..
  9. jojomojoaja

    [TOOL] Client Side to Server Side Code Converter

    Hi DeusEx, Reupload Pliss..Thank's..
  10. jojomojoaja

    RF Account Manager

    Thank you for share.. some any error message but still work for some menu like give item
  11. jojomojoaja

    Setup RF Web Emulator with AppServ #1

    Thank you for sharing.. Just question: - this emulator tutorial work with 2.2.3? - If i want to play the RF from LAN so the server IP or the IP LAN IP (ex IP Server: Thank you before.
  12. Thank's for file and tutorial sharing.. very nice..
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