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  1. Tenra

    New online database of RF Online

    Thank you very much ??
  2. Tenra

    New online database of RF Online

    Thank you all ? I found almost all db files already in excel Now I check their relevance, and try to understand the purpose of all the columns. For example, in a table with rings, these columns are not clear to me: KindClt FixPart IsAbr EffState IsUseableNormalAcc And where can I find models for effects (EffCode) and other things? Here is what I know about EffCode: '12' = 'increase movement speed ' '6' = 'increase all attacking abilities' '4' = 'increase ability to evade attacks' '5' = 'increase HP / FP ' '7' = 'increase protection' '17' = 'damage from attacks translates into HP' Excel img: https://ibb.co/bBDnQ2D
  3. Hello community! ? I want to create the most complete online database of RF Online. With all the information and links from any item or mob to everything connected with it. Also on this resource, server administrators will be able to register and post guides of their server and set the rates of their server, which at the output will give the correct data for all items and mobs. (It’s possible except drop, but this is not certain). In this regard, I have questions: Is there any tool that allows you to translate .dat files directly to sql or, as a last resort, to excel. (Yes, I know that through "010 Editor" you can convert to excel, but for him to do it correctly, you need to do a lot of actions before that, but unfortunately I do not have much free time) Maybe there are already merged bases of the type as on this site: https://info.cerberus-games.com/main/mob/00001
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