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  1. adisya1811

    Animus MaxLevel

    Yes.. Dont forget.. Rf_online.bin character.edf must same with script server
  2. adisya1811

    Animus MaxLevel

    I think server max hp animus 59 xxx k Try change same with lv 65.. And try use skill
  3. adisya1811

    Animus MaxLevel

    Lock at 59xxx k?
  4. adisya1811

    Animus MaxLevel

    Hhmm... What do you mean if the animus summon max hp error? If it's correct, check rf_online.bin ... Change level in animus to your server max lv ... Im use google translate sorry bad english
  5. adisya1811

    Animus MaxLevel

    Whats your mean sir? I not understand..
  6. adisya1811

    Guard Tower Accuracy

    GADst not for attack speed Sir ??
  7. adisya1811

    Guard Tower Accuracy

    hello all ,, han you help me .,. whats file at guardtower.dat edited for accurasy ??
  8. adisya1811

    Potion Effect Codes

    Okay sir.. Thank you sir
  9. adisya1811

    About AoE Mau

    Unitarm. Dat? Not at bullet sir?
  10. adisya1811

    HELP For Register Issue With PIN

    Hahaha.. You can restore rf_user. Bak again sir
  11. adisya1811

    Potion Effect Codes

    Sir if in server file edited is potioneffect. Dat.. If in client what file for edit?
  12. adisya1811

    Use SQL Disable Skill Master

    ok sir i will try disable sir
  13. adisya1811

    Use SQL Disable Skill Master

    all i want to ask .. i use query Max lv 66, 5 Bag, and disable Skill Master, But i try Use Patch SkillForce.edf Master Skill can be used .. is my query wrong ?? Lampiran.rar
  14. adisya1811

    Convert Code Monster in Quest Client

    sorry sir can you give me quest edf strs ??
  15. adisya1811

    RF GameCP V2 [Archived/Dead Link]

    i use a clean sir ,,, before Input The Item Can opened page after edit item shop , conection lost if i open page item shop
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