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  1. Nj/velo on potions? Or NJ for xClass

    Why you not use jetpack slot for the NJ buff, just add the new one. Maybe you can make it if xclass can not obtain any class skill.
  2. Query to reactivate player.

    SQL Query: USE [RF_USER] DELETE FROM tbl_UserBan WHERE nAccountSerial = 'YourAccountSerial'

    Maybe rename it like "My cute tools.exe" kkkkkkk.
  4. Premium Issue

    Nice, the problem is?
  5. Firewall ports on the host

    80, 8080, 10007, 10001, 27780
  6. Setup RF Web Emulator with AppServ #1

    PatchInfo.z Creator.
  7. Premium Issue

    I have try with both of DB's and it working perfectly. Also i using tbl_rfaccount. For you experience, try cross check with all those. Hahaha. Best Nation Code is RU.
  8. Premium Issue

    I dont know too, maybe there is something wrong in your server files configuration. Try clean db server and client first. Maybe @Ron know about this.
  9. Premium Issue

    Which one DB? And where the "premium" is stored ?
  10. Premium Issue

    What gamecp you're using? There a 2 db's. UserStatus or personal_billing. Check your gamecp Billing variable, which one is used.
  11. Client Patch Failure

    Make sure: Firewall is not blocking these port. ports 80, 8080, 10007 not used by another apps Check these ports are working with this: if you are running on public IP, just change it with your public IP. If success, it will displayed like this: "[Update] UpdateFileNumber=0" and etc. check the launcher IP and port. Observe this connection with TCP View. PM me, ill help you.
  12. Client Patch Failure

    check your emulator port and rf launcher.
  13. Setup RF Web Emulator with AppServ #1

    you need additional apps for it. Creating new PatchInfo.z with update files.
  14. Setup RF Web Emulator with AppServ #1

    If you have patch that included the Sprite, it will extracted to Sprite folder automatically. Just put to Download folder in webserver folder.
  15. Inserting Items to database

    Just explore $item_kind from your source. Usually from sql table (query). $item_kind = $item_code = $items['items_code'] so items_code you can find from dbo.tbl_code_xxxx from ItemsDB.