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  1. Sell Rate

    Wrong strs
  2. About AoE Mau

    Don't be lazy
  3. yes, but Age of Patron from Indonesia server their BIN already encrypted. that's why i cannot testing Age of Patron server. both of them has same structure, just some limited stuff in it.
  4. Tested few months ago. Working good on rf classic, not age of patron.
  5. Sell Rate

    Here the calculation: A = (Fixed Price x 50%) || (100.000 x 50% = 50.000) B = A x 10% || (50.000 x 10% = 5.000 Sell price = A - B || (50.000 - 5.000 = 45.000) So the sell price is 45.000 from 100.000 of fixed price. If you want 1M for 1 stock of GLI just set to 22.500 for 1 item.
  6. Sell Rate

    Check your booty item for fixed price and storelist for multiplier price (multiplier price is only for buying an item).
  7. here the code: [filemask="RF_Online.bin"] // Copyright Nuna, 2018 https://aurosgaming.com // STRS for RF Online Classic/Age of Patron struct RFOnlineBin { child "Enable Dual Login" [group="Dual Login", offset=(0x36B266), count=1]; child "Window Count" [group="Dual Login", offset=(0x36B1F7), count=1]; child "Verkey" [offset=(0x874DAC), count=1]; child "Display Chip HP for player" [offset=(0x16AF04), count=1]; child "Current RF Font" [group="RF Font", offset=(0x36B4BD), count=1]; child "Arial" [group="RF Font", offset=(0x36B620), count=1]; child "MS Gothic" [group="RF Font", offset=(0x36B504), count=1]; child "Lucida Console" [group="RF Font", offset=(0x36B592), count=1]; } struct "Enable Dual Login" [preload=1, tableview=1] { cstr [value=("84=OFF | 85=ON")] Information; x8 [tag="Change Here!", id=OnOff]; nodename (": "+OnOff); } struct "Window Count" [preload=1, tableview=1] { cstr [value=("Total of Window/Client | Ex=1/2/3/4/etc")] Information; u8 [tag="Change Here!", id=WindowTotal]; nodename (": "+WindowTotal); } struct "Verkey" [preload=1, tableview=1] { cstr [value=("Change Your Verkey Here!!")] Information; str[len=32, id=VerkeyCode] "Verkey Code :"; nodename (": "+VerkeyCode); } struct "Display Chip HP for player" [preload=1, tableview=1] { cstr [value=("75=OFF | EB=ON")] Information; x8 [tag="Change 75 to EB", id=WindowTotal]; nodename (": "+WindowTotal); } struct "Current RF Font" [preload=1, tableview=1] { cstr [value=("Paste RF Font Here!!")] Information; x32 [tag="Change Here!", id=Font]; nodename (": "+Font); } struct "Arial" [preload=1, tableview=1] { cstr [value=("Arial Font Code")] Information; x32 [tag="Change Here!", id=FontArial]; nodename (": "+FontArial); } struct "MS Gothic" [preload=1, tableview=1] { cstr [value=("MS Gothic Font Code")] Information; x32 [tag="Change Here!", id=FontMS]; nodename (": "+FontMS); } struct "Lucida Console" [preload=1, tableview=1] { cstr [value=("Lucida Console Font Code")] Information; x32 [tag="Change Here!", id=FontLC]; nodename (": "+FontLC); } Note: Age of Patron not tested, but basically both of them has same structure, and you need unencrypted BIN of them.
  8. Parser by Trirozka

  9. RF GameCP V2

    pointing your IP address to your domain. admin access inside config.php file, put your user account username there.
  10. RF Online Game CP for (GU)

  11. Parser by Trirozka

    I have age of patron client files, who wants?
  12. Error with web register

    The error is telling you what caused it. Try using login as "sa" account or windlws authentication . servername fill as "(local)".
  13. RF Online Game CP for (GU)

  14. Store_trade in StoreList.dat/Store.edf

    Limit item stored in SQL instance, not in script dat file. RF World > tbl_StoreLimitItem_xxx
  15. Setup RF Web Emulator with AppServ #1

    reinstall the package again.