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  1. Update 22 Oct 2021: Stream Server V1.0 Stream service system Launcher service for default launcher (support update files) Cron scheduler with timer Launcher service included in this tool to help dev/server owner to run their launcher without installing any webserver like appserv/xampp. Its not a something new, but i think it can help you in other way. Preview: FAQ: Does this tool have anti ddos ? No, but you can using anti ddos system to prevent ddos attack, like BeeThink or using anti ddos hardware like OVH servers
  2. DeusEx

    Character status

    Use two tables and create your own function, you can take the log char selection under RF_World > tbl_characterselect_log_xxxxxxx
  3. DeusEx

    Character status

    use custom query logic for that, like: isOnline = lastlogintime > lastlogofftime ? true : false; SQL Query: /****** -- Author: ExDeus Dev -- Website: https://exdeus.dev -- Query: Check account is online or not ******/ USE [RF_USER] SELECT [serial] ,[lastlogintime] ,[lastlogofftime] ,(CASE WHEN [lastlogintime] > [lastlogofftime] THEN 'TRUE' ELSE 'false' END) AS isOnline FROM [RF_User].[dbo].[tbl_UserAccount]
  4. Update 14 Oct 2021: New payment channel for PH Card: Visa, Mastercard Direct Debit: BPI, Union Bank eWallet: GCash, GrabPay, PayMaya Retail Outlets: 7-eleven, Cebuana, ecpay Paylater: billease New payment channel for ID eWallet: QRIS, GoPay, OVO Existing global payment: PayPal Give Package to User: >> preview click here << Exchange Points: exchange one of/multi requirements (CPT Point, PvP Point, Temp Point) into Item (added as package) Kill Achievements Reward Module
  5. 1. Use sql query SELECT [Serial] ,Convert(varchar, [ID]) AS ID ,Convert(varchar, [PW]) AS PW ,[Grade] ,[SubGrade] ,[ExpireDT] FROM [RF_User].[dbo].[tbl_StaffAccount] 2. remove your ip in BlockIPList.txt in RF_Bin > Initialize > BlockIPList.txt or check your ip is listed in tbl_block_ip
  6. Start from $30/3 months. Future updates are free. Extra and custom module available. contact me at Discord: ExDeus#9915
  7. Introduction: We all know that default Login and Account exe cannot minimized by default, with change some offset you can unlock maximize, minimize, and resize function. Enjoy your easy day! Preview: How to: Account.exe Open with HxD Go to offset 0x00055214 Replace 68 00 00 80 00 with 68 00 00 CF 00 Login.exe Open with HxD Go to offset 0x00068CD4 Replace 68 00 00 80 00 with 68 00 00 CF 00 Offset by ExDeus
  8. Update 01 July 2021 Run with latest PHP 8 Increase query performance New user account dashboard UI Site Performance with Lighthouse by 01 July 2021
  9. Update 06 June 2021 New Character & Equipment Information Display
  10. CREATE need existing procedure deleted first, for better experience just change it to ALTER. yeah, the problem is about procedure
  11. Update 28 May 2021: Move character feature Event participant feature Fix character with error selection Chipwar new ui display with destroyer/chip breaker status Add equipment, inventory, bank list at history search feature Preview move character feature:
  12. What differences 1 year license with lifetime license? is that $99 for lifetime license?
  13. change your launcher procedure to make it work with tbl_rfaccount run thiss sql queryif you want to use tbl_rfaccount not tbl_RFTestAccount USE [RF_User] GO /****** Object: StoredProcedure [dbo].[pSelect_AccountPass] Script Date: 05/12/2021 09:09:35 ******/ SET ANSI_NULLS ON GO SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON GO ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[pSelect_AccountPass] @id varchar(13) AS DECLARE @curdate DATETIME DECLARE @birthdate DATETIME DECLARE @plusdate DATETIME DECLARE @AgeResult TINYINT SET @curdate = GETDATE() SET @birthdate = (SELECT birthdate FROM tbl_rfaccount WHERE ID = CONVERT(B
  14. USE [RF_USER] UPDATE tbl_StaffAccount SET ExpireDT = getdate()+366 WHERE ID = convert(binary, '!yourgmid') change 366 to your day value
  15. Update 29 April 2021: Support multiple server.
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