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  1. Check your bin and Character.edf
  2. check your web emulator and client files
  3. DeusEx

    [AoP] Zone + Header

    Download link: https://exde.us/tools/freebies/aop/AoPZone+Header.rar
  4. DeusEx

    RF Local Server Setup Guide [Document]

    Fill with this: localhost (local) ::1 Your Public IP Address Chose one. If you're trying to access with public IP Address, make it sure enabled at MSSQL Config
  5. DeusEx

    [TOOL] Server Side to Client Side Code Converter

    Link and version updated
  6. Update Dec, 12/30/2019: Referral system enabled Multi-package donation ready ('InGame Item, VP, DP, etc) Multi-gateway payment BCA direct payment Invoice and payment details page Wheel of fortune/Lucky Wheel GameCP Addon Push Notification to Browser/Android/iOS All run by REST API, so more lightweight on your server. Preview:
  7. DeusEx

    Premium Service

    Use update sql query, its pretty simple.
  8. DeusEx

    Premium Service

    Lifetime? Why not add years on it, more easy.
  9. DeusEx


    no problem
  10. DeusEx


    we have all starter guide in this forum, just look around.
  11. USE [RF_World] UPDATE tbl_base SET [Lv] = 'Your new level' WHERE Serial = 'Character Serial' DELETE FROM tbl_NpcData WHERE Serial = 'Character Serial' This is all you need.
  12. Here some advices from me: 1. All version of SQL Server can be used, recommended 2008 R2 or later. 2. Use pure DB, dont use wipe DB 3. Ini config can caused your zone/login/acccount exe can load normally 4. Use short path 5. Just use string name without space (but i dont have any problem with space atm) All critical error caused by client files, sometime your item script or edf file not matched, corrupted map, missing files, or mismatch BIN version. Then, just use recommended setting from forum, @ErlBinary already releasing the server installer.
  13. DeusEx

    RF Local Server Setup Guide [Document]

    Yeah, RF only need RAM and Cores
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