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  1. Edit User Interface

    RF UI stored at RFFolder/SpriteImage/common and RFFolder/SpriteImage/en-gb.
  2. Help how to remove empty bytes

    Check your zone error log.
  3. [2232] Fix for display hunter point

    Wrong thread bro.
  4. [2232] Fix for display hunter point

    your BIN not pacthed successfully. if the program didn't work to you, fix manually with HxD. Take mine: https://mega.nz/#!rcNE2SKa!USOZ2j1ME1vUFeW_7ndHjcJQUb12ENxmGgD8KhoJQng
  5. Offset to fix GM access backdoor

    It's for AccountServerSD.exe
  6. Pack RF Online Development

    Link working good.
  7. Weapon Damage Error

    Compare your weapon with %max attack point command. It is your actual high damage. And %min.....
  8. Help Me Guys Edit Level Max Level RF OFFLINE

  9. IP Configuration With Router

    First, make sure firewall off. Then check your local IP (by connection properties). So by default local IP is 192.168.1.xxx or something like that. If you still doubt about local IP, try connecting RPD through local ip with other pc. Update your emulator config to your local IP. Restart apache. Open the emulator with other pc (usually like this: If success, it will prompt the connection config details. Edit your LC IP, observe with TCP View for LC connection.
  10. Share new chip

    Simple method using client files, copy mob target into chip monster code. Use this strs:
  11. Edit ItemLooting.dat with Ms. Excel

    Thanks @Ron.
  12. Edit ItemLooting.dat with Ms. Excel

    I have, I'll upload it soon, very busy with real life that all i can do now is replying with smartphone.
  13. RF GameCP V2

    RF Game CP by default using tbl_rfaccount, not tbl_RFTestAccount. Please check your register query again, where the account is stored. For superadmin user, just put your username only, and for multiple account just add coma after it.
  14. RF Online Website + Registration (Nice Web)

    All WordPress version is able to use. Its depend from your phpmyadmin and apache version. This is my old news system mechanism. Now im using my own CMS for my website page.
  15. [Help] Cash shop not working

    Cash dat, cash str, cashlist sql.