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  1. DeusEx

    Bypass RF Intro/Prologue Movie

    Yeah, there's many way to bypassing them, the guide from me is a simple way to do, hahaha. Thanks for additional information! I remember if you delete the wmv or ani file it will give an error, but client can run normally.
  2. DeusEx

    Bypass RF Intro/Prologue Movie

    i've tested it before, and it's same, nulling all of them can bypass the intro movie.
  3. DeusEx

    Bypass RF Intro/Prologue Movie

    i think someone from other planet want to bypass the RF Intro Movie, usually we press escape button for bypassing them. So there's a way to bypassing them without pressing any key at start game. How to: Open RF Folder > DataTable > en-gb ( you can select your rf language, example US // en-gb) Open CcrLogo.dat with Notepad++ Copy from code below and paste into CcrLogo.dat file Save. [PlayAvi] Logo=./ PlayedNum= 4 Play0=./ Play1=./ Play2=./ Play3=./
  4. DeusEx

    Tool rate!

    How to hex zone: Download HxD and install it Drag your zone/open it with HxD Press Ctrl+G and paste the offset (remove "0x") Change it by write it in hex window
  5. You can download this document here: https://mega.nz/#!rVtXSCiA!B5NyrbFzgL6R7o8AQahpoPz7OLE7l7YwlGOSw5WtvRM Copyright inside document. If you had any trouble just post it here.
  6. DeusEx

    Tool rate!

    ProductionAdvanced craft for all professionalsEnabling craft int and violet any specialist regardless of specialization.Server:BSB - 0x06393fGU - 0xadf7f0x75 Back to 0xebLikelihood of a successful craft equipmentUnfortunately, by default, can not be crafted any RF equipment - armor, shields, weapons - above 50.Server:BSB - 0x063f58GU - 0x0ae57DBack to 0x96000000 (=> 00 00 00 96 = 150) to your new value of the first constant successful craftBSB - 0x063f5dGU - 0x0ae582Back to 0x14050000 (=> 00 00 05 14 = 1300) to your new value of the second constant successful craftBSB - 0x06420cGU - 0x0ae8fbBack to 0x9090 0x7f34VERY IMPORTANT: Constants successful craft are not taken from the ceiling of what you want, but are calculated on the basis of the formula:See attachment 1where SuccessProb - the probability of success, all values less than 0 are rounded to 0, all values greater than 95 is rounded to 95;EquipLv - level created things (armor / shield / weapon);Pt - Fri craft weapons / armor of the character;A - The first constant successful craft;B - the second constant successful crafting.Example: When set to A = 120 and B = 7000, a chance to be crafted piece of equipment level 55 - 3.6%.[/CODE] Please read it carefully.
  7. DeusEx


    same with skill.strs, you can use it.
  8. DeusEx

    Collection of Guide/Release to Build RF Online

    Make sure you have dedicated public IP that you acquired from your ISP. if you're using dynamic IP, then you can't use the IP for public connection. Setup all IP into LAN IP, except Gate IP (set to your public IP).
  9. DeusEx

    Cash Shop and Cash Coin for

    glad to hear that.
  10. DeusEx

    Cash Shop and Cash Coin for

    make sure the 3 files "BILLING Cash_list, ItemCash.dat for server, Item cash for client" has same price.
  11. DeusEx

    Cash Shop and Cash Coin for

    It should using RU Nation code, unless it can't be working.
  12. Unknown/Unidentified crash and Potion error (8), this is current situation from this guard.
  13. DeusEx

    Cash Shop and Cash Coin for

    your server dat and client edf not match, solution is by using Matching Tools (CashShop Editor) Download link https://mega.nz/#!nRkwDaAZ!RF6tZtHkryBFu3qotBs7S6VdpQRVlkh9-enbMt_OuEY How to use: Create any folder name, and drag all files into it copy your CashShop.dat into that folder run the exe and press number 6. Now you'll get server and client files with SQL query. Don't remember who is the creator.