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  1. Update 08 Aug 2020: Upgrade web system Website template now switchable (default, helios, sanctum, etc) Support custom sql server port connection Auto Backup system (daily, weekly, monthly) SQL Query Log system; record all running query on your site HTML Editor for website template, you can edit html, css, and also js file! Update Lucky Wheel protection system GM/Staff Login Log One Click Abilities for character account (Combat, Crafting, Combat Skill, Force Skill) Preview:
  2. that step is little bit hard for newbie, try this simple launcher host: Steps: Signup Update server name, server ip, login port Add new version of launcher Download launcher.exe Done!
  3. Dashboard preview: Access: http://launcher.rfocp.net/dashboard/ Features: Manage Launcher/Patch version Unlimited patch size (split zip file max 50mb each by manually) Launcher firewall (block by IPs, countries or continents)
  4. DeusEx

    Crit Error (because of a Relic)

    4. Delete equiped item 5. Using dragon armor resource pack
  5. DeusEx

    Customize RF Launcher With Auto Update

    Nice, i must have one 😎. Good feature with low budget cost 👍
  6. file_get_contents($url) Do that, make sure your SystemSave folder is shared with apache
  7. Nope, but you can upload your patch file with correct PatchInfo.z. check forum release/guide for creating patch file.
  8. Update 11/05/2020: SEO Url news page and nav link Update system save load Auto generate notification JS file Web emulator built-in inside web hosting (no more web emulator inside rf server hosting) Launcher version handler Auto generate launcher.exe, launcher serverconfig.dat, and Download path Preview Launcher for testing: download here Place inside rf client and run, it already setup to, you can use this launcher for local connection also.
  9. DeusEx

    Creating my 1st dev server

    i have no idea why you asking for it Click Here for assist
  10. DeusEx


    https://rf-dev.net/wiki/starter-guide/ Here
  11. DeusEx

    Help Newbie here

    Make sure your zone is active "OPN 1-1" and AccountServerSD.exe is connected to zone server. Your client files is not configured properly, check LauncherMessage.ini.
  12. 1. File with protection 2. You can host anywhere as long the license is active
  13. Check your bin and Character.edf
  14. check your web emulator and client files
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