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  1. How add new Quest Daily

    How do you complete the daily quest editing tutorial? many of them don't tell, but I hope someone is kind enough to give that knowledge! thanks rf-dev.net forum
  2. RF GameCP V2

    What function "event" in menu list
  3. do you have pure rf_online.bin?
  4. Client Side Quest.strs and 2.2.3

    @LewS thanks sir
  5. Client Side Quest.strs and 2.2.3

    @LordMasterAddon is it wrong if i ask? this discussion forum, your brain where?
  6. Client Side Quest.strs and 2.2.3

    how to edit quest daily ?
  7. hii , i question how disable delate charakter rf? thanks you
  8. Auto Cash Regen

    check here : https://www.rf-dev.net/topic/178-cashcoin-regent-level-map/
  9. RF Online Project Document by ODIN Team

    thanks for sharing sir Nuna
  10. RF GameCP V2

    Thanks for Sharing
  11. CashCoin Regent /Level / Map

    in the post I have explained I do not know who made, I just give this, if it is made you please create a new post and create by me, so easy
  12. CashCoin Regent /Level / Map

    above I have explained, I do not know, I am in my friend's love, so I say hamba god, if you are right, no problem, I will be made by princeray, or you yourself make more complete from me
  13. CashCoin Regent /Level / Map

    I will share my files that my friend gave me, I do not know from where, just call her name "hambah allah" Please test, if we have mistakes try Fixing together ! ( google translet ) SQL Query ( Create Regent Base ) SQL Query ( CashRegent ) This MatchingTool.exe converter CashShop.dat final MatchingTool.rar STRS CashShop.dat STRS.rar Thanks for all
  14. Client Protection with Enigma Protector

    yes i know it, and many error playing in windows 8/10 sir, work in windows xp and 7