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  1. New Item Error

    you need add new two file (server side) cloaKItem.dat cloaKItem_str.dat
  2. New Item Error

    make sure you add new _str file
  3. RF GameCP V2

    # Administrative Options $admin = array(); $admin['super_admin'] = 'Admin'; $admin['allowed_ips'] = ''; // Usage: $admin['allowed_ips'] = ',,96.00'; \includes\main\config.php
  4. Your opinion

    What game did you take that armor ?
  5. how to cal Defense Success Rate ?

    thank bro.
  6. how to cal Defense Success Rate ?

    i want to make program cal Defense Success Rate
  7. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    What is function use talk npc get buffer?
  8. check your message for answer. @kindland
  9. ok, you need to add modifier list-> skin(delete old skin) and edit envelops or wait me make sample .
  10. i know , sorry i using max2015 can you export mesh file and send me again?
  11. Can you send file armor to me ? i'll try to fix it.
  12. Help add new map

    thank you . I know my problem offset bin is wrong . Now i fixed offset .
  13. Help add new map

    Map.edf / NDMap.edf / TotalMap in rfonline.bin 3 file to edit ? i think my strs file is don't work for edit Map and NDMap .
  14. Sword NoName