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  1. StepUpZ


  2. StepUpZ

    Yorozuya Guard [Question]

    sure ? "open_world_wait": 10, "step_delay": 1
  3. StepUpZ

    Yorozuya Guard [Question]

    Can use with out problem(crash zone)? anyone can tell me ?
  4. StepUpZ

    Client Side Quest.strs and 2.2.3

    thank sir
  5. StepUpZ

    Quest.strs For Client Side

    sry i found it
  6. StepUpZ

    Quest.strs For Client Side

    Anyone Here Have Quest.strs For Client Side ? Please Share
  7. StepUpZ

    what is ExcuteService ?

    thank you alot.
  8. StepUpZ

    what is ExcuteService ?

    In WorldInfo.ni ExcuteService = false if set true zone not work.
  9. StepUpZ

    New Item Error

    you need add new two file (server side) cloaKItem.dat cloaKItem_str.dat
  10. StepUpZ

    New Item Error

    make sure you add new _str file
  11. StepUpZ

    RF GameCP V2

    # Administrative Options $admin = array(); $admin['super_admin'] = 'Admin'; $admin['allowed_ips'] = ''; // Usage: $admin['allowed_ips'] = ',,96.00'; \includes\main\config.php
  12. StepUpZ

    Your opinion

    What game did you take that armor ?
  13. StepUpZ

    how to cal Defense Success Rate ?

    thank bro.
  14. StepUpZ

    how to cal Defense Success Rate ?

    i want to make program cal Defense Success Rate
  15. StepUpZ

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    What is function use talk npc get buffer?
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