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  1. gdias92 | Unable to login the GM account

    SOLVED! You have to add an account with "!" at the beginning. Don't forget to inform the "!" at the login.
  2. What i did: Defined the GM accounts in "Login_Filter_Dev.ini" [IPAddress] FilterNum = 0 Filter0 = 127.0.1 FilterRange0 = 255 [ID] FilterNum = 2 Filter0 = !test1 Filter1 = !gmdias92 Created a staffmember. DECLARE @RC int DECLARE @id varchar(13) DECLARE @pw varchar(13) DECLARE @depart varchar(32) DECLARE @class varchar(12) DECLARE @name varchar(12) DECLARE @birthday varchar(10) DECLARE @grade int DECLARE @subgrade int SELECT @id = 'gmdias92' SELECT @pw = '1a2bd6er5' SELECT @depart = 'none' SELECT @class = 'GM' SELECT @name = 'Dias' SELECT @birthday = 'None' SELECT @grade = 255 SELECT @subgrade = 255 EXEC @RC = [rf_user].[dbo].[pInsert_Staff] @id, @pw, @depart, @class, @name, @birthday, @grade, @subgrade DECLARE @PrnLine nvarchar(4000) PRINT 'Stored Procedure: rf_user.dbo.pInsert_Staff' SELECT @PrnLine = ' Return Code = ' + CONVERT(nvarchar, @RC) Created a normal user (test1). My normal user account is able to login but unable to execute commands. And i am unable to login using the GM account. I get the maintenance message using The Ron's Launcher. Am i missing something ?
  3. gdias92

    RF-Dev Discord Server

    @Ron The invite is not working anymore.
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