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  1. for complete cleaning, you must also clean tbl_animusdata (this is necessary when changing in other places)
  2. wow, i knew that the project built with /RTC was slower than without it, but I didn't think that the difference would be so big. it is possible that the version of the compiler used is too old for this "shit"
  3. if someone is interested, this speed up was obtained by using a more optimal (for the current server load profile by ram) mechanism for working with memory - large pages (aka huge pages)
  4. I would advise you to start with a server based implementation using a behavior tree and scripts(ie: lua). Server based solution will allow you not to waste time on game protocol, will give you a simple api and access to all information on the server. Development of a neuro simulating is not a trivial task that requires an experienced engineer(coding, algorithms and ML) and an experienced players(for learn). Neuro simulating with limited information (for a more fair game of the bot) its more difficult. ps: I would also advise you to create a new monster and teach him more
  5. I no longer participate in the development of the public version of this project. But anyone can do something useful and make a pull request. I will look at it and most likely it will be merged in master As far as I know @Ron wanted to develop it and move it to gitlab
  6. I know about 2 versions 1 really without pdb 2 with pdb apparently there are more versions, because the hashes of these two versions do not coincide with what was specified by @Pidoraska but in any case I cannot give the version with pdb because I was asked not to distribute these files
  7. Dude, servers AoP there are several versions. What version are you talking about? Would attach at least a hash of server. But I dont recommend using it, because new vulnerabilities have been added, including those that facilitate the conduct of DoS attacks
  8. 1) I dont have paypal 2) I have no desire to develop this project in open source
  9. I can "unzip" repository and give you master if you want to
  10. without offsets for SetItemEffect will be stable critical error, if you actively use items with SetItemEffect I can no longer provide a server for tests. But I'm still interested in finding the truth, for now it looks like a bullshit
  11. you cant, distance for debuff is equal distance for MAU normal attack
  12. dude, open your eyes, read again what I wrote and try to understand. From the fact that you will write another 100,500 messages, the problem will not disappear and I will not solve it faster try using Russian localization for the server
  13. You have problems connecting to the database. For some reason, the necessary structures do not have the necessary information to connect to the database
  14. I did it in the hope that the community will also contribute, but so far no one has done anything for this project, except for the bugs of the reports, they help, but not to the extent that I wanted. The community does not have competent programmers who would like to contribute. Therefore, the project will be closed after the next release. My activity will no longer be, but the code for the latest release will be available In addition, this game has a lot of architectural problems that you need to fix having full source code for the server, rather than trying to do it in dll
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