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  1. Eae tudo beleza ? Me manda seu contato no PM.
  2. Really transferwise is better and for those who really want to use the product, paypal frees up a lot for scammers.
  3. Odin Secure, recommend 100%. @FelixBeta
  4. Only solution is not to use Yozura, own experience. There are many unknown problems, random crashes, problem use potion, spam chat siege mode, etc.
  5. To make autoupdate work properly. First follow this tutorial: The only change you will have to make regarding this tutorial is in update.dll (www) : [Update] NewVersion=1 UpdateFileNumber=2 UpdateFile1=Update/ServerConfig.dat UpdateFile2=Update/Update1/PatchInfo.z ServerNumber=1 Server1= And use the launcher that Trirozhka made available in the \RFPatchMaker \Launcher (Tutorial Update) : 1. Put your .bin + datatable in !PatchFiles(Do not put your launcher and other files listed by trirozhka, will generate an error when opening the launcher.) 2. Star
  6. Dev-breaker (https://www.dev-breaker.com/)
  7. LewS

    Normal account

    Using BILLING Roslaw ? This usually occurs when the login is not in billing, when using roslaw.
  8. Does anyone have the query to create the RF_LogTime? -- Executing Procedure RF_LogTime to Update Log. EXEC [RF_WORLD].[dbo].[RF_LogTime] @USerial = @GSerial, @UTimePlay = @GPlay, @ULevel = @BLevel
  9. How can I get the X, Y and Z? to desired position of the effect on the item
  10. Does anyone still have the skeleton character files to re-upload? Tranks ?
  11. Error : Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Procedure RegenCash, Line 28 Incorrect syntax near 'END'. In the last query
  12. LewS

    set see dist 900

    This only appears when you have a gm account, you have no reason to take it off.
  13. Time ago only the .exe of AgeOfPatron was released, but nowadays dev-corp has made module to use client age of patron.
  14. I found the client in one of my mega.nz accounts, all the links on the internet are broken. Download Client ReactorRF : @Ron You can close the topic, thank you.
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