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  1. LewS


    Dev-breaker (https://www.dev-breaker.com/)
  2. LewS

    Normal account

    Using BILLING Roslaw ? This usually occurs when the login is not in billing, when using roslaw.
  3. LewS

    CashCoin Regent /Level / Map

    Does anyone have the query to create the RF_LogTime? -- Executing Procedure RF_LogTime to Update Log. EXEC [RF_WORLD].[dbo].[RF_LogTime] @USerial = @GSerial, @UTimePlay = @GPlay, @ULevel = @BLevel
  4. LewS

    Texture/Glow Tutorial

    How can I get the X, Y and Z? to desired position of the effect on the item
  5. LewS

    Model Editing

    Does anyone still have the skeleton character files to re-upload? Tranks ?
  6. LewS

    Cash Per Minute Per Map

    Error : Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Procedure RegenCash, Line 28 Incorrect syntax near 'END'. In the last query
  7. LewS

    set see dist 900

    This only appears when you have a gm account, you have no reason to take it off.
  8. LewS

    [Request] .pdb AgeOfPatron

    Time ago only the .exe of AgeOfPatron was released, but nowadays dev-corp has made module to use client age of patron.
  9. LewS

    [REQUEST] RF Online Client 2.2.3 BSB

    I found the client in one of my mega.nz accounts, all the links on the internet are broken. Download Client ReactorRF : @Ron You can close the topic, thank you.
  10. Does anyone have a clean 2.2.3 (BSB) client link available? Preferably ReactorRF Thank you very much in advance.
  11. LewS

    Game Guard Free Source Code

    Erro :
  12. LewS

    Game-CP v2

    Did you run gamecp querys?
  13. LewS

    You are not qualified to do the quest

    Solved, the problem I was putting just in the condition of bellato in QuestNPCEvent. @Ron you can close the topic.
  14. Hi, I'm having trouble with quest linking in NPC (QuestNPCEvent.dat), it's just running Bellato the quest, the other races are giving trouble: "You are not qualified to do the quest". I did the same process with the quest bells just exchanging the LinkQuest and NPC code, has anyone ever had this problem?
  15. LewS

    Tool rate!

    Post of @Killerwoody .
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