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  1. LewS

    Game-CP v2

    Did you run gamecp querys?
  2. LewS

    You are not qualified to do the quest

    Solved, the problem I was putting just in the condition of bellato in QuestNPCEvent. @Ron you can close the topic.
  3. Hi, I'm having trouble with quest linking in NPC (QuestNPCEvent.dat), it's just running Bellato the quest, the other races are giving trouble: "You are not qualified to do the quest". I did the same process with the quest bells just exchanging the LinkQuest and NPC code, has anyone ever had this problem?
  4. LewS

    Tool rate!

    Post of @Killerwoody .
  5. LewS

    Tool rate!

    Once I tried to use this, I needed to change some things in the zoneserver have the offset here in the forum in the launch area to make it work correctly.
  6. LewS

    Quest Development

    After the server did you also make the necessary edits on the client(quest.edf)?
  7. LewS

    Store_trade in StoreList.dat/Store.edf

    @Nuna Trank You =).
  8. Does anyone know how to modify a Store_trade? I have a problem in Store_Trade: 18 Teleport Tickets only in Item1 that will have 100 of quantity but from 2 to front if insert another ticket item it will be only 1 quantity...
  9. LewS


    There is no cracked version as far as I know, just some people who have the license file.
  10. LewS

    Bank dupe error

    Then recommended whenever you change some fragile table that can bugar accounts by ex the tbl_general make a backup. Inves you give given drop table, you should give update and after that give update to existing data. As I did some time ago I had to update the maximum level so I changed the max level in tbl_general after the update in the existing characters to not give error character selection. As the bank logically is for 3 races it is like bug all the accounts, certain would be to recreate the account if it had local testing. Now as it is in production it is difficult to think of a solution after deleting all the data.
  11. LewS

    Bank dupe error

    I've never altered this table in the database, but it always occurred to me when I edited tbl_general with an existing character, sometimes I had to re-create the character from the change or gave update to all the data contained in the modified table. Maybe because it's something related to bank, try to create another account.
  12. LewS

    Bank dupe error

    Did you make the character after running the query or was it before? Try clearing the npcdata table in rf_world.
  13. LewS

    (HELP) Adding new skin ".msh"

    From what I see it will replace already existing certain, then change the ex code: 000,001 by another number and enter in the resource.edf and take as an example the codes of the 000,001 already existing in it. See these topics can help you understand. resource model code info.txt
  14. LewS

    Client Side Quest.strs and 2.2.3

    It is only enable Repetitive Time of it, the last quest.dat if you view are of this type.
  15. LewS

    [HELP] DDNM Issue

    Do you have the error print?
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