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    It had already posted the same. https://rf-dev.net/topic/128-rf-tools-15/
  2. Adding NJ to all ACC Class?

    Class.dat(Server) and Character.edf(Client)
  3. Disable fireguard on zoneserver.
  4. Sorry for reviving the topic @Ron, I was looking for the 2.2.3 files the link is broken is you still containing it? Needed BSB's Cora map.
  5. Remove Loot Penalty

    If I'm not mistaken, this means that even if you are above the level of the mob it will take the same amount of loot.
  6. I want to open a game, where to advertise?

    Yozura's protection is good, but to stay perfect you still need to improve, maybe you can do it by programming it.
  7. I want to open a game, where to advertise?

    Can RF Online make money? It depends on many factors, the population of your server and mode of donation. Many donate at the beginning of the server and when the server is dying it simply asks for a refund and you are in the prejudice. Currently you spend a lot to open a Server as Dedicated + Protection(DevCorp Fedor or Cerberus Vitor...) and if you do publicize this way will raise the budget.
  8. Class question, there are some that are never used and are not as valued in PvP so much they should. Necessary option maybe imposed by some servers is deactivation of the cross class. Does your project focus on RPG?
  9. RF Online really hangs up today, and always with the same problems ...
  10. PVP Points Query

    Maybe in my development packs it contains, but has how to insert via command in the game. % contribute_m X Something like
  11. It's a possibility, some official servers like PlayRedFox have always had large population at the beginning of the server. But in the course of time he goes "dying", and is doing merger and merger ... For example now the European RF is good population. And international Brazilians, Russians etc ... but in the end-game this will drastically fall. Maybe the biggest problem is in the end-game.
  12. Pack RF Online Development

    The link is not dead, when entering the link needs to enter the coding key.
  13. Hello everyone of all rf-dev developers, I do not know if it's only in South America or North America ... RF Online is running out, with low population and servers dying ... I've seen servers staying for over a year with less than 60 players at peak times. We know that there are large populations in Asia and why not in our regions? I've been thinking this over time. I thought about making the game more difficult, focusing on players who have never seen RF Online and bring a new generation. To redo some things from the game, such as Quest's, Items etc or to bring new things into the RPG server and remove the "sameness" that the old players have to always be the same ... I want you to give your opinion, to improve the RF Online scenario.
  14. Zone Exit Problem

    Problems relating to what I've always had were related to folder names.
  15. Changing the left text [ GM ] Costumized

    Never tried, but you must use IDA Pro to make changes to it via assembly or doing as modules in C ++ good example is the Yozura that has in the field of releases.