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  1. RFAMPZ RF online (Age Of Patron) ASIA (SEA) - +8:00 GMT (language English) Server Age: 1 MONTH(20-30 AVERAGE PLAYER) Website : http://game.rfampz.site Registration: http://rfampz.site Download : https://www.mediafire.com/file/hn9mj2n6obbsgz2/RF_Online_Full_Patch.rar/file SERVER INFO: -LEVEL CAP 55 -EXP Rates x 10000(max less than 30mins) -Animus Rate x 10000 -Drop x 100 -Dual Client login Enabled -New Age Of Patron Armor and Weapon -New Register 30days Premium + 1k cashpoints(2x benefits from normal) -Max Dalant 4B Max Gold 4M -GM PT,GM SKILL, No Masterskill -Buff duration 10000 and Class Skill duration 3000 (extended) -CASHSHOP Enabled Cashshop points REGEN while online -PVP point Can be Farm at (Settle Guards) -All Class with Buff Speed(Bell,Cora) and Acretia All 2ndclass with Buff NJ -PVP points & Cash Points can be Farm -Unique Armor Color Code each RACE -Bellato(RED),Cora(GOLD and Acre(Black) -Archon Armor Enabled and Mail Disabled -FireGuard and Hachshield(with Protection) -NPC with unique names (JUST FOR FUN) -Launcher Auto updater (enable) THANKS
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