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  1. cybercyber

    Pack RF Online Development

    can you upload it again? it seems the link died
  2. cybercyber

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    lol why ppl so hostile, go measure each other dicks and be done with xD. goodwin just asking for proof, and roslaw provide it. and i think its always good to have a feedback, especially a bad one bcs then we knew what went wrong like goodwin said least we can do is providing bugs, a few ppl can actually code, and looking into release section this is the most active thread that going on. so lets keep this civil. gw sendiri juga engga kontribusi cuma bisa download doang. and i just want to thank you for you guys that contribute, pls dont make a bad comment stop you for contributing
  3. cybercyber

    RF Editor project *store edit* 2232

    thank you so much for sharing the tools
  4. cybercyber

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    nice one thanks!! i tested it and works like a charm. however, i use 255 for grade and subgrade for GM id to be able to be GM and able to hit chip with another zone. what i have to change to be a GM and able to hit chip with this zone?
  5. cybercyber

    Disconnect after hit a lot of mobs

    thanks @LewS it's the lootrate indeed, after i edit server rate more number of mobs can be hitted altho after a certain numbers it will start dc again. thanks @Ron for the tips, i will edit itemloot.dat on server side, do i need to edit on clientside too?
  6. cybercyber

    Disconnect after hit a lot of mobs

    you guys know how to fix that? or do i need to decrease the loot? but the thing is the client get disconnected before the monster died and drop the loot. the client disconnected after the first aoe hit, even the exp manage to increase but after that its disconnected straight away
  7. cybercyber

    Disconnect after hit a lot of mobs

    Hi guys, i got strange problem. when i gather mobs, lets say 10 monster and hit it with area of effect. i got suddenly disconnected. im using gigabyte zone server and also using another zone server ud_64. its just disconnected but my zone server did not close. did you guys experiencing this problem? thank you guys.
  8. cybercyber

    RF Tools 1.5

    thank you man, really appreciate it. this make things easier!!
  9. cybercyber

    RF EDITOR 1.4

    indeed you should!! thanks man, i really appreciate it.
  10. cybercyber

    RF EDITOR 1.4

    anyone got rf editors 1.4? the software goes by the name rf fucking tools. all links i tried to search are dead. such as http://forum.ragezone.com/f479/rf-editor-1-4-customize-961467/. ttp://forum.ragezone.com/f479/release-rfedit-960402/ http://forum.ragezone.com/f479/release-rf-editor-1-2-a-945873/ if you got the 1.4 costumize version that'd be great. thanks guys. if this thread inapropriate im sorry the mod can delete this
  11. cybercyber

    Cash Item List

    yes sir, client and server already running. though billing and cash shop still not run. so ended up no cash point. for example this link http://forum.ragezone.com/f479/release-cash-shop-script-item-927487/
  12. cybercyber

    Cash Item List

    yup, really i'ts been a long day, and when i found this website. i scrape rf files from ragezone + bogspot with many deadlink. and finally i found this website lol. i hope you guys soon released server files and client rf dev repacks. just wanna play it with my self.
  13. cybercyber

    Cash Item List

    NVM guys, i have found the complete one. from prince ray. dumb me. thanks
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