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  1. lothan3rd

    Put Item in Bank Visible to All Race

    Good Day, someone can give me clue how to edit put item in bank visible to all race , excample if we put item in bank with race cora, and then we relog and play acc .. we can't take the item from bank because different race. and from that, how to make other race can take the item from bank ? thank you
  2. lothan3rd

    GM Observe ALT+B

    i tried already but it doesnt work , show notice in chat bar ERROR (command)
  3. lothan3rd

    GM Observe ALT+B

    Hello Everyone, Someone can tell me how to fly with ALT+B use GM account without use any 3rd software ? and how to use Observe mode with ALT+B correctly ? Thank You for your reply and info
  4. lothan3rd

    How to change Skill Effect

    Good Day, I need help to change skill effect , example want to make bash skill like presurre bomb .. what i need to edit for doing that ? and also change the effect .. example skill increase speed.. i want to change it to increase crit.. anyone have value for skill effect ? thank you and huge appreciate for any reply
  5. lothan3rd


    quest.dat server side and class.dat
  6. lothan3rd

    Custom Launcher for Age of Patron

    well , so we can't use source code launcher here , maybe @Ron can make the source usable for aop version ? .. thank you for your time @iMod
  7. lothan3rd

    Custom Launcher for Age of Patron

    well , but what is the different with source code launcher available here @iMod ?
  8. lothan3rd

    Custom Launcher for Age of Patron

    Hello Everyone, is it true for playing Age of Patron version, we need to use custom launcher and can't with 2232 launcher ? and is there someone here who wants to share the source code launcher for the AOP version?
  9. lothan3rd

    NPC Quest

    maybe to share it with the community would be better
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