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  1. besingamkb

    Change max gold point

    woow thank you so much this is very helpful for me. will try later
  2. besingamkb

    Change max gold point

    yes but im really new on rf dev can tell how can i make the offset work?
  3. besingamkb

    Change max gold point

    what do you mean by protection? sorry Im really new so some terms is still unknown to me. btw I only have the server on my local using One click server setup by likertuban
  4. besingamkb

    Change max gold point

    hi did you manage to do it? can you share it to me how?
  5. besingamkb

    RF Account Manager

    Can't make it work. I already change the LConnection=Server= name to my server name. I am using local only. LConnection=Server=.\SERVER_NAME;Database=RF_WORLD;Trusted_Connection=True;
  6. besingamkb

    Developer Launcher - Binary & Source Code

    rf_online.bin was not running on the taskmanager. but I have fixed it by putting the launcher on a playrf client. thanks. this should work on visual studio community right? or no?
  7. besingamkb

    Cash Shop and Cash Coin for

    I have tried this on my local PC but now I got stuck at `waiting for server response` .. what did I do wrong?
  8. besingamkb

    Developer Launcher - Binary & Source Code

    I have use this launcher but after I got authenticated it just exit the window. no server selection and the game window never showed. any thoughts about that? btw what is the version of visual studio for this?
  9. besingamkb

    RF Online DB for

    I am following this thread "Collection of Guide/Release to Build RF Online" and on the part that I backup the database i wasn't able to backup the BILLING table. but I have backup this table instead `RF_RusBill` is this okay? and on the pdf where I need to run a sql query it gives me an error because the BILLING table is not existed. so I alter the query into this. USE RF_User GRANT EXECUTE TO rfrusaccount, rf USE RF_World GRANT EXECUTE TO rf, rfrusworld USE RF_RusBill GRANT EXECUTE TO rf is this okay? I am planning to run my own server locally only. this is my first time
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