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  1. There are 2 formulas to generate guild rate and power Guild Rate : ( (GuildRank*100)/(TotalMember) Guild Power: sum of all member's lvl + (sum of all member's cpt/10000) And these are grade settings Grade = 2 Guild Rate <= 95 and Guild Power >= 300 Grade = 3 Guild Rate <= 85 and Guild Power >= 1500 Grade = 4 Guild Rate <= 65 and Guild Power >= 3000 Grade = 5 Guild Rate <= 35 and Guild Power >= 10000 Grade = 6 Guild Rate <= 15 and Guild Power >= 25000 Grade = 7 Guild Rate <= 5 and Guild Power >= 30000 I changed guild rate formula to ( (GuildRank*1)/(TotalMember) so it generates pretty much below 5 and edited each guild power values. This is the strs file i made but its not good hope someone make it better. https://www.mediafire.com/file/1fb8vz2ieqjef08/Guild_Grade.strs/file Pictures https://b.allthepics.net/NeutralB0000.jpg https://b.allthepics.net/NeutralB0001.jpg
  2. Wade

    Cash Shop Item Price Editing

    Edit DataTable\en-gb\NDItemCash.edf [filemask="NDItemCash.dat"] struct NDItemCashFile { u32 nBlocks; u32 nBlockSize; child _nd_fld [count=nBlocks]; } struct _nd_fld [preload, tableview] { i32 [tag="Price Cash"]; }
  3. Wade

    PotionItemEffect.strs HELP PLS

  4. Wade

    Parser "Class.xlsx"

    class.xlsx-->string[64]-->KorName check this column put english words.
  5. Wade

    Dragon Armor Attributes

    pm me what kind of set effects you want with details.
  6. Wade

    Dragon Armor Attributes

    your setitemeffect file is not edited i dont see any dragon armor set bonus in that file ? can you show me where did you edit in setitemeff
  7. Wade

    Dragon Armor Attributes

    can you share setitemeff file ?
  8. Wade

    Dragon Armor Attributes

    Make them grade 7 armor script files. Add set bonuses into setitemeff.dat sync with client item.edf and ItemSetEffect.edf
  9. Wade

    About Launcher

    remove those links thats it.
  10. Wade

    About Launcher

    DataTable/en-gb,en-id,en-ph...etc/LauncherMessage.ini Check this file
  11. Wade

    [HELP] Removing Stocker Lava

    cauldron01m56.dat Just edit this.
  12. Wade

    CEO Ring error

    can you log into same character again ? If no this is probably some missing client files issue. Check ceo ring model code both server and client side. Also if you pass 1000000 gen attack or force attack your client might close aswell. So first open a new char without using any weapon just put 1 ceo ring onyourself see if you're gonna get the same error.
  13. Wade

    RF editing Parser

    0201 means 2 items gives you 1 effect. Make it 0202
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