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  1. Wade

    Dual Login Offsets for RF Online.bin (ID)

    Thank you it worked
  2. Couldn't find the offset for https://mega.nz/#!qFEAEKJB!qGWPrgy6OqRRZ10sqv9UzN9UEPhMolCEtwaTD0Hs0Vk this file This file is rfonline.bin indo version
  3. Wade

    Issues HP Limit

    I don't think you can go higher then 65535
  4. I'll give you an example I deleted everything inside quest.dat then i make the file same size as it used to be (6,255,996 bytes). Tested with different zoneserver. None of them give error. Worked normally but when i use yorozuya's zone it crashes cause it sees an unusual file unlike the other zones. ( in my opinion ) So the best thing you can do is use clean files always. Do not delete anything directly inside of script files. If you delete something and try to trick the yorozuya's zone with simply adding byte is not going to work. It'll crash. If you want to edit something. Use working structure, edit carefully and always use datcutter. If you use clean script files you'll see the difference.
  5. This never happened to me. But i figured it out what is happening with Yorozuya's zone. Yorozuya's zone is very sensitive about script files. I've tested some other zone files. Sometimes zoneserver just ignores corrupted script files ( extra bytes or empty script files etc ) but yorozuya's zone is not tolerating any errors so i fixed script files and almost 5 days my zone never crashed.
  6. My zone is crashing lately since i've been editing script files. Do you want to check .dmp files yorozuya ? I cand send it to you if you want. I've got two .dmp files right now each one is 3.7GB
  7. /RFBin/Initialize/ActionPointSystem.ini Open it select all and change with this. Then restart your zone. Reason is your gold point system is closed. 2 Reason. Your action points are not active or you have been passed the end year. I think this will work. ;0 ќчки обработки ;1 ќчки убийства ;2 «олотые очки [Action_Select_0] Use = 1 Reset = 0 Action_Code = 0 BEGIN_YEAR = 2010 BEGIN_MONTH = 10 BEGIN_DAY = 01 BEGIN_HOUR = 12 BEGIN_MINUTE = 00 END_YEAR = 2036 END_MONTH = 01 END_DAY = 01 END_HOUR = 00 END_MINUTE = 00 [Action_Select_1] USE = 1 Reset = 0 Action_Code = 1 BEGIN_YEAR = 2010 BEGIN_MONTH = 10 BEGIN_DAY = 01 BEGIN_HOUR = 12 BEGIN_MINUTE = 00 END_YEAR = 2036 END_MONTH = 01 END_DAY = 01 END_HOUR = 00 END_MINUTE = 00 [Action_Select_2] USE = 1 Reset = 0 Action_Code = 2 BEGIN_YEAR = 2010 BEGIN_MONTH = 10 BEGIN_DAY = 01 BEGIN_HOUR = 12 BEGIN_MINUTE = 00 END_YEAR = 2036 END_MONTH = 01 END_DAY = 01 END_HOUR = 00 END_MINUTE = 00
  8. Wade

    Monster accuracy and dodge

    Is it possible to increase accuracy or dodge of a monster ? If its possible. Are there any information about monster accuracy and dodge inside monstercharacter.dat ? Im using this structure . [filemask="MonsterCharacter.dat"] struct MonsterCharacterFile { u32 MonsterCharacterBlocks; u32 MonsterCharacterColumns; u32 MonsterCharacterBlockSize; Child MonsterCharacter [count=MonsterCharacterBlocks]; } struct MonsterCharacter [preload=1] { u32 m_dwIndex; cstr[len=64] m_strCode; cstr[len=64] m_strName; cstr[len=64] m_strEffectCode; i32 m_nMobGrade; i32 m_nRaceCode; i32 m_nMobRace; i32 m_nKillPoi32; i32 m_nToCombatTime; i32 m_nPincerCnt; i32 m_nPreAttRange; i32 m_nMinMoveDistance; i32 m_nMaxMoveDistance; i32 m_nMobAlienation; i32 m_nMinMoveArea; i32 m_nMaxMoveArea; i32 m_nGuardRecallTimeMS; i32 m_nGuardingArea; float m_fTarDecType; i32 m_nAPTime; i32 m_nAPReset; i32 m_nUglierType; float m_fLevel; i32 m_bMonsterCondition; i32 m_nCriticalTol; i32 m_bExpDown; i32 m_nUpLooting; i32 m_nDnLooting; float m_fExt; float m_fAttFcStd; i32 m_nAttack_DP; i32 m_nProperty; float m_fAttGap; i32 m_bAttRangeType; i32 m_nAttType; float m_fMinAFSelProb; float m_fMaxAFSelProb; float m_fAttSklUnit; float m_fDefSklUnit; float m_fWeakPart; i32 m_bUseDefence; float m_fStdDefFc; float m_fDefGap; float m_fDefFacing; i32 m_nShieldBlock; i32 m_nBlockPer; float m_fFireTol; float m_fWaterTol; float m_fSoilTol; float m_fWindTol; repeat 15 { cstr[len=64] m_strSPCode; } float m_fForceLevel; float m_fForceMastery; float m_fForceAttStd; cstr[len=64] m_strAttTechID1; float m_fAttTech1UseProb; float m_fAttTechID1MotionTime; cstr[len=64] m_strAttTechID2; float m_fAttTech2UseProb; float m_fAttTechID2MotionTime; cstr[len=64] m_strAttTechID3; float m_fAttTech3UseProb; float m_fAttTechID3MotionTime; cstr[len=64] m_strPSecTechID; float m_fPSecTechIDMotionTime; cstr[len=64] m_strMSecTechID; float m_fMSecTechIDMotionTime; i32 m_nInjuryLimit; float m_fMaxHP; float m_fHPRecDelay; float m_fHPRecUnit; float m_fAttSpd; float m_fAttMoTime1; float m_fAttMoTime2; float m_fCrtMoTime; i32 m_nViewAngle; i32 m_nViewAngleCap; i32 m_nCapacityValue; float m_fViewExt; float m_fAttExt; float m_fMRefExt; float m_fCopTime; float m_fMovSpd; float m_fWarMovSpd; float m_fScaleRate; i32 m_bScaleChange; float m_fWidth; float m_fWaitTime; i32 m_nAsitReqRate; i32 m_nAsitAptRate; i32 m_nAsitType; repeat 3 { cstr[len=64] strChildMon; i32 nChildMonNum; } float m_fEmoType; float m_fOffensiveRate; i32 m_nOffensiveType; float m_fDamHPStd; float m_fEmoImpStdTime; float m_fGoodToOrdHPPer; float m_fOrdToBadHPPer; float m_fBadToWorseHPPer; float m_fEspTFProb; float m_fTypeCompTerms; float m_fPSecTechChat; float m_fPAttTechChat; float m_fEmo0Chat; float m_fEmo0ChatProb; float m_fEmo1Chat; float m_fEmo1ChatProb; float m_fEmo2Chat; float m_fEmo2ChatProb; float m_fEmo3Chat; float m_fEmo3ChatProb; float m_fEmo4Chat; float m_fEmo4ChatProb; float m_fAsitReqSteEspChat; float m_fAsitReqSteEspChatProb; float m_fAsitReqSteHelpChat; float m_fAsitReqSteHelpChatProb; float m_fAsitReqSteCopChat; float m_fAsitReqSteCopChatProb; repeat 5 { i32 m_nEmotionCon; i32 m_nEmotionClass; cstr[len=64] m_strEmotionCode; } i32 m_nAttEffType; i32 m_nDefEffType; }
  9. Im an amateur. Using whatever i find on the internet. So for me editing script files with structorian is like a torture cause i have to edit everything one by one. Some files can be edit on excel that gives me a lot of free time but the others is so bad. Of course there are some programs on the internet for sale. You can edit script files so much quick with those programs. Messing with script files doesn't give any value in my opinion. Value comes with great service but region is something we cant deny here. I never see fully english server with good active players in a long time. But so much active servers from russia and indonesia. Not just all of them great. They just can reach their local players.
  10. Wade

    Removing Returnee's Weapons

    I found it. Thank you.
  11. Wade

    Removing Returnee's Weapons

    I was trying to remove lvl 1 rewards like iwrtn01,02,03 ( Returnee's Weapons ) i looked into Class.dat but couldn't find it. Class.dat contains some reward items and i removed it all but still a new mage character gets 2 force spells and returnee's weapons with 40,45 weapon boxes. Am i missing something in that file or should i look another file for this ?
  12. https://github.com/Omashu/Addon_DynamicRate https://github.com/Omashu/Addon_LootExchangeExtended just saw on github. This guy made something for your project
  13. Pre-release version 1.4.1 Something interesting happened to me. If i use any class skill . It fails then i have to wait for recast. This only happens when you use the class skill for the first time.
  14. Ok everything is working perfectly with exchange loot function.