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  1. Wade

    Dragon Armor Attributes

    pm me what kind of set effects you want with details.
  2. Wade

    Dragon Armor Attributes

    your setitemeffect file is not edited i dont see any dragon armor set bonus in that file ? can you show me where did you edit in setitemeff
  3. Wade

    Dragon Armor Attributes

    can you share setitemeff file ?
  4. Wade

    Dragon Armor Attributes

    Make them grade 7 armor script files. Add set bonuses into setitemeff.dat sync with client item.edf and ItemSetEffect.edf
  5. Wade

    About Launcher

    remove those links thats it.
  6. Wade

    About Launcher

    DataTable/en-gb,en-id,en-ph...etc/LauncherMessage.ini Check this file
  7. Wade

    [HELP] Removing Stocker Lava

    cauldron01m56.dat Just edit this.
  8. Wade

    CEO Ring error

    can you log into same character again ? If no this is probably some missing client files issue. Check ceo ring model code both server and client side. Also if you pass 1000000 gen attack or force attack your client might close aswell. So first open a new char without using any weapon just put 1 ceo ring onyourself see if you're gonna get the same error.
  9. Wade

    RF editing Parser

    0201 means 2 items gives you 1 effect. Make it 0202
  10. Wade

    New online database of RF Online

    KindClt : What kind of item ( for example 9 is ring and 10 is amulet ) FixPart : Socket ( Where do you put that item to use it ) For example ammo slot is 200 IsAbr : 2 Different value. 1 or 0 If its 1 that item has durability just like siege a kit. EffState : Dont know IsUseableNormalAcc : 0 or 1. Mostly its 1 if its 0 only gm can use. Im not sure they might be wrong. Also you may find something in this link.
  11. You didn't do any changes with them so they all skipped. You already got the files you needed.
  12. Wade

    Game Guard Free Source Code

    Probably rfdg.dll caught something else. It doesn't scan whole disk. Reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages may fix this. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/error-messages/tool-errors/c-runtime-error-r6002?view=vs-2019
  13. Wade

    Game Guard Free Source Code

    This gameguard originally made for mu online but they are pretty much all the same so you can use this for rf online too. The reason i put this here because i see so many servers are running without any protection. So this work is simple yet it can prevent baby hackers from using hack tools. Codex V5 by VertexBrasil Features: - Easy ON/OFF switch to all features on START.cpp - Splash Screen on start. - Hack detect splash screen = english, portuguese, silent, Message with hack name that was detected, browser website that register user IP - Server name easy configuration for all splash messages - Hack detect Log generation = Gameguard/Log.txt (For configuration purposes only) ========================================= Hack detection: - WN-Scan - Window Title scan. This one close Game window. - WN-Close - Same detection as WN-Scan (empty hack database). This one close hack window silently, if can't close hack window, close game. - CN-Scan - Class window scan close Game window - CN-Close - Same detection as CN-Scan (empty hack database), this one close Hack window silently, if can't close hack window, close game. - D-Scan - Dump - Entrypoint + 8 hex Dump - Feature to disable Windows Address space layout randomization (ASLR) included. And switch that add token privileges for Widnows XP, Detector works on Windows XP. - PID-Scan - Process ID - H-Scan - Heuristic - Bad Words - HW-Scan - Heuristic - Windowtext Bad Words, Detect any "bad word" on WindowName, object and parent. - HC-Scan - Heuristic - Classwindow Bad Words, Detect any "bad word" on WindowClass, detect any "generic" WindowsForms - HNC-Scan - Heuristic - Bad Words Non-case sensitive - HT-Scan - Hide tools - Detect generic Hide Tools like Cheat engine, Hide Toolz, etc. - VM-Scan - Virtual memory - Detect virtual memory block changes ========================================= Speed detection: - ST-Scan - Detect game speed and system freeze by Tickcount - SP-Scan - Detect game speed by hardware performance ========================================= Anti-Injection: - I-Scan - Detect dll injection using dll illegal names blacklist ========================================= Ban: - Hardware Ban (FTP) - Server side blacklist that ban Users hardware: Mac adress, hard drive serial, computer name or computer user name - Hack detection log file upload (FTP) - Upload file when size are more than "x" lines - Server Ban (PHP) - Server side protection, ban user account or character using SQL database. Protect Anti-Hack from bypass or kill process ========================================= Files protection: - L-Scan - Launcher alwais ON check - FN-Scan - File name Scan - Check file folder names existence - CRC-Scan - CRC files scan protection: Source : http://forum.ragezone.com/f508/codex-v5-source-code-1066322/ Download : Mega.Nz Older Versions : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_Egyrtvw6vAZHFzTG52RDNLcEk/view With a little tweak i made something but my version doesn't protect itself. If it detects something it doesn't warn you or give any info(silent mode). It just kills the game instantly. You can test it. I added RFPxLoader_Launcher.dll into checker so right now icarus rf online helper doesn't work if you use this guard. If you use no protection at all i suggest you to use this. rfdg.dll ready to use : https://mega.nz/#!VpEHySQS!R2xDA-ZZjIECqRVGggt8elyR6iIwh3oAVra7vNN8eY8 rar pass : rf-dev.net How to use : Put rfdg.dll into main folder and hook into RF_Online.bin thats all.
  14. Wade


    Check launchermessage.ini [URL] GREETING ="http://" NOTICE ="http://" TEST_NOTICE ="http://" BANNER ="http://" HOMEPAGE ="http://" MOVIE ="http://" SMS ="http://" SERVER_GREETING_HEAD ="http://" DEFAULT_TITLE ="http://" SERVER_GREETING_IMG_HEAD ="http://" BILLING ="http://" JOIN ="http://" GAMEGUIDE ="http://" MAINBANNER ="http://"
  15. Wade

    Lv50 Damages want to be Balanced

    If you give away high elems + end game weapons, people start to 1 shot each other. So if you do this you gotta check the whole defense system. It effects pretty much everything. If you edit armors you need to edit mau tower animus traps lots of things. Keep everything clean don't edit anything. Just do not give easy access on end game weapons. Make upgrading hard thats all you need.
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