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  1. Wade

    [HELP] Removing Stocker Lava

    cauldron01m56.dat Just edit this.
  2. Wade

    CEO Ring error

    can you log into same character again ? If no this is probably some missing client files issue. Check ceo ring model code both server and client side. Also if you pass 1000000 gen attack or force attack your client might close aswell. So first open a new char without using any weapon just put 1 ceo ring onyourself see if you're gonna get the same error.
  3. Wade

    RF editing Parser

    0201 means 2 items gives you 1 effect. Make it 0202
  4. Wade

    New online database of RF Online

    KindClt : What kind of item ( for example 9 is ring and 10 is amulet ) FixPart : Socket ( Where do you put that item to use it ) For example ammo slot is 200 IsAbr : 2 Different value. 1 or 0 If its 1 that item has durability just like siege a kit. EffState : Dont know IsUseableNormalAcc : 0 or 1. Mostly its 1 if its 0 only gm can use. Im not sure they might be wrong. Also you may find something in this link.
  5. You didn't do any changes with them so they all skipped. You already got the files you needed.
  6. Wade

    Game Guard Free Source Code

    Probably rfdg.dll caught something else. It doesn't scan whole disk. Reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages may fix this. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/error-messages/tool-errors/c-runtime-error-r6002?view=vs-2019
  7. Wade

    Game Guard Free Source Code

    This gameguard originally made for mu online but they are pretty much all the same so you can use this for rf online too. The reason i put this here because i see so many servers are running without any protection. So this work is simple yet it can prevent baby hackers from using hack tools. Codex V5 by VertexBrasil Features: - Easy ON/OFF switch to all features on START.cpp - Splash Screen on start. - Hack detect splash screen = english, portuguese, silent, Message with hack name that was detected, browser website that register user IP - Server name easy configuration for all splash messages - Hack detect Log generation = Gameguard/Log.txt (For configuration purposes only) ========================================= Hack detection: - WN-Scan - Window Title scan. This one close Game window. - WN-Close - Same detection as WN-Scan (empty hack database). This one close hack window silently, if can't close hack window, close game. - CN-Scan - Class window scan close Game window - CN-Close - Same detection as CN-Scan (empty hack database), this one close Hack window silently, if can't close hack window, close game. - D-Scan - Dump - Entrypoint + 8 hex Dump - Feature to disable Windows Address space layout randomization (ASLR) included. And switch that add token privileges for Widnows XP, Detector works on Windows XP. - PID-Scan - Process ID - H-Scan - Heuristic - Bad Words - HW-Scan - Heuristic - Windowtext Bad Words, Detect any "bad word" on WindowName, object and parent. - HC-Scan - Heuristic - Classwindow Bad Words, Detect any "bad word" on WindowClass, detect any "generic" WindowsForms - HNC-Scan - Heuristic - Bad Words Non-case sensitive - HT-Scan - Hide tools - Detect generic Hide Tools like Cheat engine, Hide Toolz, etc. - VM-Scan - Virtual memory - Detect virtual memory block changes ========================================= Speed detection: - ST-Scan - Detect game speed and system freeze by Tickcount - SP-Scan - Detect game speed by hardware performance ========================================= Anti-Injection: - I-Scan - Detect dll injection using dll illegal names blacklist ========================================= Ban: - Hardware Ban (FTP) - Server side blacklist that ban Users hardware: Mac adress, hard drive serial, computer name or computer user name - Hack detection log file upload (FTP) - Upload file when size are more than "x" lines - Server Ban (PHP) - Server side protection, ban user account or character using SQL database. Protect Anti-Hack from bypass or kill process ========================================= Files protection: - L-Scan - Launcher alwais ON check - FN-Scan - File name Scan - Check file folder names existence - CRC-Scan - CRC files scan protection: Source : http://forum.ragezone.com/f508/codex-v5-source-code-1066322/ Download : Mega.Nz Older Versions : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_Egyrtvw6vAZHFzTG52RDNLcEk/view With a little tweak i made something but my version doesn't protect itself. If it detects something it doesn't warn you or give any info(silent mode). It just kills the game instantly. You can test it. I added RFPxLoader_Launcher.dll into checker so right now icarus rf online helper doesn't work if you use this guard. If you use no protection at all i suggest you to use this. rfdg.dll ready to use : https://mega.nz/#!VpEHySQS!R2xDA-ZZjIECqRVGggt8elyR6iIwh3oAVra7vNN8eY8 rar pass : rf-dev.net How to use : Put rfdg.dll into main folder and hook into RF_Online.bin thats all.
  8. Wade


    Check launchermessage.ini [URL] GREETING ="http://" NOTICE ="http://" TEST_NOTICE ="http://" BANNER ="http://" HOMEPAGE ="http://" MOVIE ="http://" SMS ="http://" SERVER_GREETING_HEAD ="http://" DEFAULT_TITLE ="http://" SERVER_GREETING_IMG_HEAD ="http://" BILLING ="http://" JOIN ="http://" GAMEGUIDE ="http://" MAINBANNER ="http://"
  9. Wade

    Lv50 Damages want to be Balanced

    If you give away high elems + end game weapons, people start to 1 shot each other. So if you do this you gotta check the whole defense system. It effects pretty much everything. If you edit armors you need to edit mau tower animus traps lots of things. Keep everything clean don't edit anything. Just do not give easy access on end game weapons. Make upgrading hard thats all you need.
  10. Wade

    RF Free Interface?

  11. you mean 4.25 update ? I never see any private server with uptade 4.15 or 4.25. Just incase im going to copy paste something. 80 - 90% these are working. //RF2.2.3 Updated RF GM commands //by Me (Philips on RZ, i can retag since i made it no?) //Warning, based on the 2.2.3 server u got, some commands might have changed //some 2.2.3 zone servers got modded commands. //Retested all commands even oldest ones, removed old non-existing anymore ones. //VERSION 223.01 Legend: <123> : means you have to input a numeric value after the command <123%> : means you have to input a numeric value after the command, it will be considered as a percent <RACE_CODE> : means you have to input a race code (0:Bellato 1:Cora 2:Accretia) <USERNAME> : means you have to input a player character name (watch uppercases) <MONSTER_ID> : means you have to input a monster ID code. <ITEM_ID> : means you have to input an item ID code. <EVENTSET_ID> : means you have to input an event ID code. (NO IDEA YET) : Doesn't mean i don't know what is this command, some commands name are very explicit, it's just i don't know the command use syntax (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) : Means i couldn't test because right now i'm on a dev account. ALT+B (Opens observer menu which enables fly/noclip mode.) /add <USERNAME> (Add the user to your player list, only usable in observer mode, must have player targeted when you do it.) /remove <USERNAME> (Remove player from observer list.) /add (Use this command to add a blank button, and being abble to leave the follow mode.) # <text> (Gm chat) $GM <text> (Set GM Welcome notice) $notice <text> (NO IDEA YET) ? (NO IDEA YET) %town (Teleports oneself to Race HQ.) %lv (Sets oneself level.) ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// %* <ITEM_ID> <123> (Generate one or several game items.) %change degree (NO IDEA YET) %respawn start (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) %respawn stop (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) %allmuzi (NO IDEA YET) %xyz (Give oneself coords.) %altexp <123> (Set oneself EXP.) %jump (Teleport to XYZ coords. Ex: %jump Cora 229, 1099,-8551) %pass dungeon (Finish oneself entered battle dungeon.) %transparent (Turn ON oneself invisibility.) %no transparent (Turn OFF oneself invisibility.) %max attack point (Deal on every hit maximum damage of your attack range.) %min attack point (Deal on every hit minimum damage of your attack range.) %normal attack point (Reset your hits to normal attack range.) %matchless (Turn ON oneself god kill.) %no matchless (Turn OFF oneself god kill.) %port <RACE_CODE> (Teleport oneself to a race HQ.) %eder <RACE_CODE> (Teleport oneself to Ether map race camp.) %goto ship (Teleport oneself to Ether ship dock.) %start holy (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) %stone (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) %stone bye (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) %keeper bye (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) %servant (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) %start keeper (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) %goto stone <RACE_CODE> (Port oneself to a race chip.) %beggar (Drop the whole Loot table of the monster you will kill - care!) %no beggar (End beggar mode.) %kick <USERNAME> (Kick player out of game.) %pass quest (Pass oneself obtained quests.) %charcall <USERNAME> (Teleport player to you.) %moncall <MONSTER_ID> <123> (Summon one or several monsters to you.) %goto mine (Teleports oneself to mine's Core.) %copy <USERNAME> (Kicks you out of game, and create a copy of the player character to your account.) %total (Display amount of users online for each race.) %die (Suicide yourself.) %miracle (Decrease oneself HP, FP, SP, and Def Gauge on every use.) %fullmiracle (Restore fully oneself HP, FP, SP.) %neverdie (Turn ON oneself invincibility.) %no neverdie (Turn OFF oneself invincibility.) %upfcitem <123> (NO IDEA YET) %upskill (NO IDEA YET) %upforce (NO IDEA YET) %allskill <123> (Set oneself skills level.) %contribute_p <+/- 123> (Add CP points to oneself.) %contribute_m <+/- 123> (Add PVP points to oneself.) %recalltime (NO IDEA YET) %recallexp <123> (Set oneself summoned animus experience.) %monset <ON/OFF> (Turn On/Off mobs respawning.) %show me the dalant <123> (Give oneself money, or input amount.) %show me the gold <123> (Give oneself 500.000 gold, or input amount.) %full force (Set oneself spells to max level.) %threeseven (Drop 5 bags.) %clear inven (Clear your inventory, exept worn items.) %god hand (Turn ON god upgrade mode.) %chicken hand (Turn OFF god upgrade mode.) %effect time (NO IDEA YET) %effect clear (Clear oneself buffs effects.) %circle (Display amount of players near you.) %fullset (Set oneself forces and Skills to max level.) %dfgrace (NO IDEA YET) %recallattack (NO IDEA YET) %allskillpt <123%> (Raises oneself Skills level percent.) %resurrect (Revive Oneself.) %createfield (NO IDEA YET) %war (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) %destroyfield (NO IDEA YET) %regenstone (NO IDEA YET) %destroystone (NO IDEA YET) %takestone (NO IDEA YET) %getstone (NO IDEA YET) %dropstone (NO IDEA YET) %forcestone (NO IDEA YET) %checkgoal <USERNAME> (Guild related.) %recvschedule <USERNAME> <123> (Guild related.) %recvbattleinfo (NO IDEA YET) %recvtotalguildrank (NO IDEA YET) %recvpvpguildrank (NO IDEA YET) %changetaxrate <RACE_CODE> <123> (Set desired tax rate (%) for a race.) %amp-set (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) %amp-full (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) %servertime (Display server uptime.) %partycall <USERNAME> (Call whole player party to oneself.) %guildcall <USERNAME> (Call whole player guild to oneself.) %cashamount (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) %csbuy (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) %primium (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) %classevent (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) %takeholymental (Give Holymental to oneself. + GM Authority) %Set Guild Grade (Set oneself guild grade.) %Set Guild Grade By Name (Set guild grade.) %Set Guild Grade By GuildSerial (Set guild grade.) %MasterMe (NO IDEA YET) %altlv (NO IDEA YET) %recalllv <123> (Set your current animus level) %AniPow (NO IDEA YET) %AfterEff (Gives Nuclear Debuff Effect to oneself.) %removesfdelay (NO IDEA YET) %utcancellogout (NO IDEA YET + kick you out of server) %utcancel (NO IDEA YET) %chatsave (NO IDEA YET) %setexprate (NO IDEA YET) %gotonpc (NO IDEA YET) %npcquest (NO IDEA YET) %delquest (NO IDEA YET) %drop <ITEM_ID> (NO IDEA YET) %manageguild (NO IDEA YET) %buf (NO IDEA YET) %masterelect (NO IDEA YET) %lua (NO IDEA YET) %oreamount <123> (Set oneself ore amount bar.) %remainore (Display remaining ore.) %serverrate (Display current server rates.) %premiumrate (Display current premium player server rates.) %trapattack (NO IDEA YET) %hitme (NO IDEA YET) %eventset start <EVENTSET_ID> (Start eventset monster event.) %eventset stop <EVENTSET_ID> (Stop eventset monster event.) %temp point <123> (Change Oneself Temp PVP Points.) %new killerlist (NO IDEA YET) %userchatban <USERNAME> (Mute a player for deired amount of time. + GM Authority) %itemloot (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) %minespeed (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) %sfmastery (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) %basemastery (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) %animuexp (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) %playerexp (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) %darkholereward (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) %pcitemloot (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) %pcminespeed (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) %pcsfmastery (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) %pcbasemastery (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) %pcanimuexp (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) %pcplayerexp (NO IDEA YET + GM Authority) %mepcbang (NO IDEA YET) %pcbangitemget <123> <USERNAME> (Gives to player Premium items desired amount.) %conevent (NO IDEA YET) %expirepcbang (Kick yourself out of game after a 300 seconds cooldown.) %voteenable (NO IDEA YET) %voteinfo (NO IDEA YET) %playerset <USERNAME> <123> (NO IDEA YET) %envset (NO IDEA YET) %timeset (NO IDEA YET) %tlinfoset <USERNAME> <123> (Set info for desired player Time-Limit system.) %tlinfo <USERNAME> (Display Time-Limit info for desirec character.) %tlsysset <USERNAME> <123> (Set info for desired player Time-Limit system.) %actpset <USERNAME> <123> (NO IDEA YET) %eventst <USERNAME> <123> (NO IDEA YET) %getboxcnt (NO IDEA YET) %sethp <123%> (Set oneself HP percent.) %lua attach Demo or %lua attach Demo.lua or %lua attach Demo script or %lua attach Demo Demo (first is function name, 2nd is filename) Use dettach command to disable event. But monster wont disappears like at eventset system.
  12. TriRozhka released his work for free. You can edit things much more faster than structorian Download : https://mega.nz/#!TXI2iAbZ!ap_j0G_SMtdEl4A09O6dHFASc9eg9d-DRIbRhuiAB_M ( original work russian language ) His statement : http://dev.trirozhka.ru/showpost.php?p=54&amp;postcount=3 English language pack : https://mega.nz/#!rfo1laTC!VQpVKkfmuJFbnqTsRac-H_dNOwKZK6K--1LY_6vYBw4 ( english version made by Killerwoody and Freedom ) Tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BFVx4QsQNI
  13. Wade


    Items grade's ( server and client side ) must be 7. Check that first.
  14. I wanna tell a story. You can also share if something similar happened to you. I was working for an official rf online publisher from home. Dont want to go into detail. I didn't have an access to the machine cause i dont go to office. I have a good friendship with my manager so he gave me bunch of files to check. We were testing. Project was over and those files were still in my possession. Most private servers have some basic problems for example honor guilds. Honor guilds function was working perfectly. Race leader can change honor guild every day and guilds get money depens on the % of their share. This is actually valuable. Also files come with lots of fixes you dont really need a zone protection. I didn't actually think about giving out or keep it for something else i just deleted all of them. Now im actually a bit sad. I dont care how much those files worth it. If i still had them probably i would leak instead of selling. You dont think that way when you work for the company but when its over things change. Note : Server version was TLDR : I got some valuable rf online documents & files from officials. Instead of keeping them i deleted all of them. Now im sad Lets chit chat about leaks. Its been more than 2 years since the age of patron ( version 4.15 ) came around. Also there are lots of offical servers running around here like ru us ph id tw cn jp kr. I dont remember how many years have been passed between grand update and the leaks of those files but one way or another 4.15 leak will happen eventually we are all sure about that. But when will the 4.15 leaks happen and which country is going to leak those files in your opinion ? Dont you think we have had enough of servers and projects ?
  15. Wade

    Changing Upgrade Rate To Specific Armors/Weapons

    1- Gather those items in the same category ( grade ). Simply make them majestic grade ( red ). 2- Edit red grade upgrade chances ( success, fail and destroy ) look inside zoneserver.exe
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