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  1. Hi Everyone, I tried setting up my server in my local and it doesn't work. Emulator settings is good. The client patch works but when I'm logging in it's just saying "waiting for client message" . Same settings work from my VPS. Is this a network issue?
  2. rfjahz

    Setup RF Web Emulator with AppServ #1

    Can someone please re-uplaod the patchinfo.z https://mega.nz/#!WA93EDwC!1kMSlIfeuKGbTOdfhdqm7d3nJq6e8pcSRFKwnsBgtL0 is dead
  3. rfjahz


    https://rfraze.com Server Features Rates Non-Premium/Premium: EXP: x250/x350 Animus: x250/x350 Skill/Force/PT: GM Gold Points Buy Premium Items Exchange for race Currency 1GP / 300k Exchange for Gold 1GP / 10Gold Upgrade Rates Safe upgrade +1-4 Chance of destroy item for+5 Max upgrade +6 (Slim chance but possible CCR Rates) Relics can be upgraded Functions Battle Dungeon: OFF 4 Golden Pigs • Saint Armors and Weapons • Doping Potions (Gold Point) • Perfect Elems (Gold Point) 65 PVP Gears HQ Vendor (Palmas Equips and 65 Relics) PB Scrolls @ Foreign Vendor Drops Elan PB: 45-47 Relics Draco: Gli with chance of Keen talics Lazhuardians: Ore(1,2,3) (T1,2,3 Gems) Naroom Captain: +5 Gold Point Capsules
  4. rfjahz

    Making a New Server

    You may want to start here. I just did the same and my server is now online . https://rf-dev.net/starter-guide/
  5. rfjahz

    Unable to buy items (NO stock)

    Any idea how to fix this? It seems that the items from the golden vendors have limited count. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GaeJSQkA4QZ0R1ob75O0ve6oV3a1cgJj/view?usp=sharing
  6. rfjahz

    Can't create talic chips. (Need help)

    Fixed it myself hehehe Cosca655-659 edits assigned to wrong race Thanks!
  7. rfjahz

    Can't create talic chips. (Need help)

    Choice with currency = Yes after confirm I get " Incorrect Combination" Files in here : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/n0ovz9knrbgojvc/AAALK3FO-F5JIAYkhnNwmMtna?dl=0 Thanks in advance
  8. Hi everyone, Newbie here Server Details Server Files (RF Online Server Files - Version, Golden Age) Client: PlayRF 2232 (from here https://rf-dev.net/topic/542-rf-online-game-client-version-2232-golden-age-global-ccr-playrf/) Just learned how to edit the item loots Now my problem is that when combining talics and gold catalyst I get "Incorrect Combination" Anyone know how to fixed this? FYI I've been working on this server for 4days and was google all the time ? (Please don't flame me) Thank you in advance.
  9. Newbie here, What's next? I've setup the server config and was able to run Account and Login servers. How do I setup the client? How can I connect the launcher to my server?
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