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  1. AndradeS

    Job update economy_history

    I would like to job to give update economy history every day!
  2. AndradeS

    Change max gold point

    I would like a help how can I increase the amount of Gold Point ...
  3. AndradeS

    Game Guard Free Source Code

    Use DLib Attacher Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zq759dw18m5j6bd/DLib_Attacher.rar/file
  4. AndradeS

    change mssql for sqlsrv

    I would like a help how I can change the GameCP mssql to sqlsrv who can help me please!
  5. AndradeS

    change type price

    thanks help. plis close topic.
  6. AndradeS

    change type price

    hello I would like to change the type of currency that is sold the item on the npc can someone pasar me the codes of coins! thank you very much.
  7. AndradeS

    Bonus player Online

    I do not know how to do it.
  8. AndradeS

    Bonus player Online

    I want a query to give awards to who is online.
  9. AndradeS

    Bonus player Online

    I would like to query for the bonus for all players online on the server!
  10. AndradeS

    [v] - RF-RED-

  11. AndradeS

    [2.2.3]RF New Year

    so I gave the credits only to the author of the post OK.
  12. AndradeS

    [v] - RF-RED-

    so I gave the credits only to the author of the post OK.
  13. AndradeS

    [2.2.3]RF New Year

    -Rates x 75,000; -Drop x 10 (Premium x 20); -Fri, skills-GM; -Turrets, animusy, mines, Mau-relevant; -For 1 murder give 500 PvP points. (Per day 50,000 MAX); -Skills of GU; -Printouts; -The number of bullets in sticking the increased to 30000; Farm: -Flemy-Glu (25kk Stack) -Kaliany-Biim (450kk Stack) -Magmoidy-gold bullion (1kkk Stack) -With Green kepov-op bizha. [Rf-New Year] -With Purple Elf in Ze-Server error 65 weapon. [Rf-New Year] (grade 1, int) -With the big orcs in VC-shemot [Rf New-Year] (2 g, int) -With Goals on Elana-blessing of the UIA. -With Psevdodrakonov on Elana-flakes for turrets. -With the Raptor in the grid-Taliki. -With Gerodianin Dzhetso (Eter)-Boosters for antiquities. -With ELF mages \ shooters in Ze-Dopa 65% DMY; 65% djefa. -With the Raptor in Ze-Crystal taliki. (For sharpening PvP weapons) BOP: Brothers DDD-ddd bizha (Reinforced) -Psevdodrakon (MS)-potatoes, resalki. -EAB-Box [Rf-New Year] -ZJePB-Infinity [Rf New-Year] (3 g, relics) -With Pb-Zapechatanyh NG bizha. -With Bel'fegora-Pojuchki -With Sotrjasatelja-Boxes with potatoes, boxes with resalkami. -With the Torah, Aizen-premium box [Rf New-Year]. -With Golden pig masks [Rf New-Year]. -With the droid in the center of the grid-potato, resalki. -Axe-PvP cloak. -At Elana, Teleport with kaliany mobile Armored Jelektropauk-Part SP set. -At Elana, Teleport with akulojashhera, Polyana near the heads, mobile Devastator of Bulgaria-Kraft chips chips to DMY NPCS: -NPS Cash Shop-Kzt5, KESH dopa, banks, patrons at snezhkomjot, etc. -NPS Coordinator movements-Bizha adventurer, TP all BOP, genes, capsule, capsule Prof change recovery experience 100% etc. -NPC Merchant int arms-Krims weapons LVL 65 (dmgu as LVL 65 but LVL 1). -NPC Merchant verse. bizhej-Verse fashion jewelry. -NPS Pvp merchant-Elf puhi, Hawaii, DMY 1-1, n-VA under Klas. -NPC Merchant for GS-Masks for GS, genes for GS, PvP weapons for OO, Antigravy 99 rank for OO. -NPC Hero-Architect Seth for OO. -NPS Sandri-landmines, turrets. Kraft: Craft stones on! \ def: 20 Red chips with shaman + 1kkk racial currency = 10 Blue Chip 20 Blue Chip + 1kkk racial currency = 10 Orange Chip 20 Orange Chip + 1kkk racial currency = 10 Yellow Chip 20 Yellow Chip +1 KKK racial currency = 1 Stone lol \ djefa. 1 Stone gives 15 lol \ 10 djefa. A maximum of 10 work pieces. Craft Weapons Of Infinity: Let's say we want to skraftit' a relic of dvuruk ... Take 4 dvuruka Pvp 7 holes + 1.5 KKK racial currency = 1 relic dvuruk 7 holes. Farm points Hunt: All mobs in Ze/VK-500 points hunt For finishing off the chip-50.000 GS, for finishing off the EAB-20.000 GS, for finishing off the 150.000-ZJePB GS, for finishing off the DDD-50.000 GS. PASSWORD: rf-dev.net https://www.mediafire.com/file/cjpcq4ti2niuvv5/[2.2.3]RF_New_Year.7z/file BY Allianz
  14. AndradeS

    [v] - RF-RED-

    [v] - RF-RED Client - Rates - x25 / x28 (normal / prem) Loot - x10 / x13 (normal / prem) PT GM Extend professional buffs to 500 sec. • Rire - 4k. Drops from the flems, the loot is cleared. • Glu - 15kk Falls from the Kalian, the loot is cleaner. • Gold bars - 55kk (Deadly Reaper, Junior Reaper 1 and 2 floor labs) • Gold capsules - 10 gold points you can find in the territory of Elan. (Gold points are an important game currency). - 45 relics fall PB in the General Staff - Crystal talis from Pseudodracons on Elan - All types of talis fall from moths and from foot soldiers in a lab - Stones t3 and t4 fall out from goblins and from mutant plants in a lab from 2 floors - Chips for installing turrets falls from scarabs in VK and in a large number from Varas - T5 drops from the heads on elan - With EPB you can get 55 relicts (in level of attack equal between 60 and 65 ints) - With DDD you can get DDD jewelry and boxes with arches (arches can put an officer on level 60 and higher, according to the protection indicator, 65 Intu # Screenshots will be a little later #) - With Jetso, who are in the network desert at the raptor site, you can get antigravs 50 level and boosters to improve them. Changed the system of rank antigrav: - Weapons and Armor 1-5 Level 5 you can purchase from standard NPC Gold Pigs are changed, now you can purchase from them: For racial currency: - Armor 57-65 - Weapon 60-65 - Shields 57-65 For Gold Points: - Useful doping - Elemental jewelry - Snow guns At the PvP merchant you can purchase: - PALMAS gear - Leon Weapon - Citadel Jewelry Box - Server Shield - Irritation Generator At the Movement Coordinator, you will be able to purchase the necessary teleports for you. With the premium manager, you will be able to purchase: - 40% dope - Some Shop dope - Shop jewelry PASSWORD: rf-dev.net https://www.mediafire.com/file/us6bv5o0oyqist7/Server_Base-_RF-RED.7z/file BY Allianz
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