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  1. Agony

    RF Editor project *store edit* 2232

    You need to update both client and zoneserver for store to work.
  2. Agony

    RF Loot Editor - All Versions

    Percentage is per row. It will choose one random item from that list. Repeat count means how many times this row is repeated. You can have 10 rows at 100% if you want, they don't have to sum up.
  3. Agony

    Registration page/script

    Check if the db connection info is correct and matches your setup.
  4. Agony

    Which graphics engine does RF Online use?

    It's a rough descendant of quake2 unreal engine but heavily customized.
  5. Agony

    Problem with Particle.ini

    enum EFFECTWAVETYPE { NONE=0, ENV=1, SCROLL=2, ENVWAVE=3 } [filemask="*.eff"] struct EffectFile { calc FileSize [value=FileSize]; calc BlockSize [value=SizeOf(EffectBlock)]; calc BlockCount [value=FileSize/BlockSize]; child EffectBlock [count=BlockCount]; } struct EffectBlock [preload=1] { u16 Size [readonly]; u8 [tag="version"]; cstr [len=20] TextureName1; cstr [len=20] TextureName2; cstr [len=20] TexturePath; u8 [tag="EnvMapping"]; u8 [tag="GlassEffect"]; u8 [tag="Wave"]; u8 [tag="Wave2"]; u32 [tag="WaveDelay"]; float [tag="BlendFactor"]; float [tag="WaveSpeed"]; u8 [tag="SwapTexture"]; u8 [tag="TextureAlpha"]; u8 [tag="Light"]; enum8 EffectType1[enum=EFFECTWAVETYPE]; enum8 EffectType2[enum=EFFECTWAVETYPE]; float [tag="x ID1"]; float [tag="y ID1"]; float [tag="z ID1"]; u32 ParticleID1; float [tag="x ID2"]; float [tag="y ID2"]; float [tag="z ID2"]; u32 ParticleID2; float [tag="x ID3"]; float [tag="y ID3"]; float [tag="z ID3"]; u32 ParticleID3; float [tag="x Entity"]; float [tag="y Entity"]; float [tag="z Entity"]; u32 [tag="EntityID"]; float [tag="FlickerFactor"]; cstr [len=20] ObjectName; u32 [tag="---"]; }
  6. Agony

    C# Store edit tool sourcecode

    Did you run publish? I don't think normal debug build would use this.
  7. Agony

    Sprite Images

    The problem was with the spr tool tool - it doesn't update the spr size info/header. It just repackages it as it was before.
  8. Agony

    Modifying Armor/Weapon stats on client

    Client side edits are visual - so they may see 10k while they actually did 1k.
  9. Agony

    Skill's problem bug?

    If you look at the chat - i think it should show when skill gains PT - does it show anything?
  10. Agony

    Zoneserver Error

    init failure usually follows with some other errors if dat has extra data at the end after saving.
  11. I assume you are trying in localhost? That error code is usually related to bin not getting a response from the zoneserver. What did you set as gateip? and to which ip is the launcher connecting to?
  12. Agony

    NPC items

    Did you check if the file is there? i don't see it in the folder you have open.
  13. Agony

    source code Giga3 by SkyMD

    The only source that exists is an early alpha version. It is incomplete and needs a huge amount of work to even get it running.
  14. Agony

    Skill's problem bug?

    You likely have too high PT rate so they maxed out to 99pt before they could level up skills.
  15. Agony

    Simple Registration

    Don't use the outdated registration scripts. Please look at sticky posts under releases.
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