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  1. map files. just like monster spawns.
  2. Register Script for PHP 5.3+

    The antiinject logic from the old gamecp days in there isn't really needed when you use parameterised queries already. Plus no exception handling, html in backend and oldschool for submit/post instead of ajax is bad practice these days. I uploaded a cleaner page top git a while ago for people to build more advanced scripts on top of it - i just had 3 fields in there for the core.
  3. Party Exp Offset

    Zone part is easier with ida - because you still got the debug database in most releases.
  4. Not going to happen. There is MUCH more code behind those ui settings - likely both client side and server side.
  5. BILLING in which tbl_UserStatus

    Had this one around, not 100% sure if it's the correct one you need - wasn't going to restore it to check. BILLING.7z
  6. Anyone know the code for MAU holding web?

    I think it didn't work wit hall the 2ndary weapons. Likely it doesn't have that ammo type allowed.
  7. Party Exp Offset

    There is a more complex formula that also considers party size and the level of you and other people in party. So it's not going to be a single offset/value. Looking at alpha, it's: {1.0f, 1.25f, 1.5f, 2.0f, 2.5f, 3.0f, 3.5f, 4.0f}; for party size. levelSum is sum of all player levels in party. Final formula per player is: partyMod * (playerLevel / levelSum). With 8 same level players in party = 0.5x With two it's 0.625x But that also changes if you are lower than the others or higher. A level 60 and 50 in a party would be(rounded): 50: 0.57x 60: 0.68x This is for the kill xp. So you will get less xp than solo - but you kill faster and no killstealing. And powerleveling lowbies does give you a boost. CPlayer::CalcExp
  8. How to change the current RF Online scenario?

    Plus the copyright regulations/risks of running private servers is much higher outside Asia.
  9. Account Server Commands Broken

    the 0 is the zoneserver index it's there in case there is a multi server setup.
  10. Nj/velo on potions? Or NJ for xClass

    If the goal is to have permanent speed buff for everyone - why not just increase the base char speed - charachter.dat i think?
  11. Nj/velo on potions? Or NJ for xClass

    You can just create it as a new skill - just use the same effect type/value etc.
  12. Nj/velo on potions? Or NJ for xClass

    Technically should also be able to add it under basic skills - instead of force. Everyone gets basic melee/ranged.

    try to not use curse words, it likely went against mediafire TOS.
  14. Temporary point share to all party members

    This cannot be done with a SQL query. This requires custom hooks in zone to add custom logic in right places.
  15. Inserting Items to database

    DCK is used to disable the inventory - basically a soft delete. So the characters can be restored.