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  1. All Race Tax Rate always at 10%

    you could use the sql profiler to see what it gets from database/what requests are made when you start the server. it might use wrong stored procedure that might ruin the data. Or the HBK/history path being too long (best to have them on the drive root - like C:/History)
  2. All Race Tax Rate always at 10%

    I recall having this ages ago, can't recall the solution - it may have been database related - the tabel that holds history info for tax.
  3. Request Emulator launcher

    There should be working links under release section already. Not sure what bugs you are talking about.
  4. RF Loot Percentage Calculator

    Or if you do not want to use the tool - use excel and basic math: "=round(2147483647/100*10)" - where 10 is the percentage value you want. The value is used as int so theoretically 100% should be 2147483647.
  5. Offset to fix GM access backdoor

    Most editors should have goto offset option, just use it without the 0x part.
  6. Offset to fix GM access backdoor

    Up. Seems to me some people have again fallen victim to this.
  7. Weapon Damage Error

    DO the damage numbers on weapon info change ingame when you edit the client side?
  8. Weapon Damage Error

    And restarted the server? The dmg numbers in combat do not change or on the item?
  9. Weapon Damage Error

    Did you also update client side values so there is no visual mismatch - it does correct damage but shows wrong numbers.
  10. RF Editor project *store edit* 2232

    I have no idea what your error is. Need more information. Also make sure you have .net runtime version 4.7 installed.
  11. Share new chip

    The ini sets which model is used for the chips. The StoneMonsterCode0 1 and 2 - one for each race.
  12. Share new chip

    Did you restart the server?
  13. C# Store edit tool sourcecode

    Updated info, if it does not build for you, install the required packages in NuGet package manager - they may not have installed automatically.
  14. Resource.strs [ CLIENT ]

    I assume 2232, but would be nice to specify version when you ask. Luckily resource.edf has remained mostly unchanged between versions. See if it works, cannot confirm, don't have 2232 files around right now. Resource.strs
  15. C# Store edit tool sourcecode

    This is a sourcecode/project for the tool i released a while ago: I am no longer developing the 2232 branch of it (i have worked on alpha branch but not on the store part - rather on a new way to read/write all the dat files but it's incompatible with the 2232 branch of the project). I have also moved to trying different base/languages/options for projects with better UI design options. So instead of leaving it and letting it die, i release it as a separate project. Feel free to make changes, fix it and improve it - and make a merge request in gitlab for those changes. It is based on latest C#version and windows 8 SDK, used WPF and XAML for UI with a material design library. May need to install the Nuget packages if IDE does not do it fore you on build (check package manager in VS). You are NOT allowed to sell this as your own - it's provided for free and everything made with it should be shared for free. You can find this from gitlab (register an account first): https://gitlab.com/Tamm/2232_store_editor Or from the RF-dev gitlab group: https://gitlab.com/rf-dev You can also visit our Discord for questions: https://discord.gg/KNqWYJN And feel free to donate bitcoins if you find this useful: https://www.blockchain.com/en/btc/address/1G9xF4Vfzz51GeSU8Q7m7PyuyEtweaJzeG