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  1. Tuksor

    Link quest to npc

    Is this data type correct ? Shoulden't be "double" for time values instead "dword" ? Update: Nvm, I was looking in the wrong place:
  2. Tuksor

    ServerConfig.dat / Emulator and Client issues.

    Hey man, I have the same "serverconfig.dat showing OLD IPs from a previous configuration I had". Im testing this on a hamachi network.... You ? Maybe we can figure out together.
  3. Tuksor

    Link quest to npc

    Thank you for that. What about quest to particular Hour or Day of the week ?
  4. Tuksor

    [REQUEST] RF Online Client 2.2.3 BSB

    Thank you for this. (I can't give more reactions.)
  5. Tuksor

    [HELP] Problem with gold box mining! Yorozuya

    Are you working on the same script folder ? I mean, inside "ZoneServer\RF_Bin" have you placed the "zone" or do you work with individual folders for any zone/protectión you testing ?
  6. Tuksor

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    Off-Topic: @g00dw1n , do you have a paypal account or something like that? I would like to support your work through donations together with other people in the community who think the same way. It would be a way to thank you for the hours already invested in this, and maybe encourage you to guide us on the right path to continue giving life to this project. I hope this does not goes against the rules of the community
  7. Tuksor


    Hello Guys, A small developer here from the 2.1.5 era, getting back to the scene after 10 long years. I am a informix's programmer and now learning c++. Let me know if you need hands to continue the path establishe by g00dw1n.
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