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  1. Hello, Could anyone please tell me the SQL queries to delete a specific GM account and to delete a specific character? Thanks!
  2. Email me on Skype. I can help you through TV. Then I will describe the solution to the problem.

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      Thanks! I added you

  3. Yes, I'm using localhost. I set every IP to All the launchers I used connect to This is what my Worldinfo.ini looks like [System] WorldName = RF-Dev_2232 ServerType = 0 BillingCode = 32 BillOper = 0 FreeServer = 1 HBKPath = C:\rfhist\Work\HBK HistoryPath = C:\rfhist\Work\History NationCode = TH ;NationCode = RU (дл¤ рус локали) GateIP = Address = [ServerMode] BuyCashItemByGold = false ;—уществует 2шт(Internal и Release) ReleaseType = Internal ExcuteService = false [Rule] CrystalHPMultiple = 1.0 CrystalHPMultiple_1 = 5.0 CrystalHPMultiple_2 = 8.0 CrystalHPMultiple_3 = 11.0 [GUILD CREATE EVENT] Enable = FALSE START_DATE = 20090119 END_DATE = 20090120 I also have not touched the fireguard inis. Are they relevant to this? Another thing to note is that even using wrong login information I get the same error code:183.
  4. Thanks for the replies! My Worldsystem.ini has the appropriate IP , and my worldinfo.ini has the appropriate GateIP and Address value. I also tried using two other different launchers I found on this forum and I still get the same message. One of the launchers even points out to the loginserver and worldserver being online. Is there anything else I could do?
  5. Hello, new user here. I've been using the "Collection of Guide/Release to Build RF Online" thread in order to set up my own RF server. I have been following it as closely as possible, and I am at the point where I try to log in using the launcher. I'm using the one from the "Developer Launcher - Binary & Source Code" thread. I just downloaded, unzipped, and copy-pasted it into the game client folder. Whenever I try to log in with any input, I get the message, "Due to the number of maximum user limit reached or network problem, it is impossible to connect to the server. Code: 183". The only major difference I have from the guide is that I used Windows Authentication instead of SQL Server authentication for the ODBC because otherwise my AccountServerSD, LoginServerSD and zoneserverUD files wouldn't work. They seem to work without a problem, except that my LoginServerSD is missing some lines from the guide's screenshot. This is a screenshot from the guide, the circled lines are missing from my LoginServer. Trying to find a solution, I also tweaked my AccountSystem, LoginSystem and rfacc inis. I tried messing with the port numbers just in case, but I have backups so I can restore them to the defaults. Here are screenshots of them: AccountSystem loginsystem Both my rfacc files look like this: Help is very much appreciated!
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