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  1. xIANx

    Edit board teams

    yep, its need to reboot. a big problem
  2. xIANx

    Edit board teams

    its work with me, account get buff btw use sql querry for it
  3. xIANx

    Edit board teams

    you can use RF Tools 1.5 or you can edit database manual, go to rf_world database and open table tbl_patriarch_candidate then edit class type Class type info : 0 = For Race leader 1 | 5 = Consul 2 | 6 = Strike Team 3 | 7 = Deff Team 4 | 8 = Support Team
  4. xIANx

    2 machine 1 account and login

    Thank's ErlBinry Agony PrinceRay #Close Topic
  5. xIANx

    2 machine 1 account and login

    i look that 1 machine 2 zone, i mean 2 zonerserver and 2 machine, and just use 1 account and login server.
  6. xIANx

    2 machine 1 account and login

    is possible have 2 servers and only have 1 account and login server? make it show 2 server in 1 launcher
  7. xIANx

    Lua event system examples

    need to restart zone or not if change the code? or lua same like eventset?
  8. xIANx

    Item.strs PLEASE

    here btw wrong room, mod move this thread to support
  9. xIANx

    RF GameCP V2

    # Administrative Options $admin = array(); $admin['super_admin'] = 'Admin'; $admin['allowed_ips'] = ''; after i do this what else? where i can access it? #EDIT Ah i found it, thanks
  10. xIANx

    RF GameCP V2

    i found this but i dont know about it?
  11. xIANx

    RF GameCP V2

    How to add admin to gamecp?
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